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List of items I need for my 240Z

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This is a list as a reminder for me of what parts I need to get for my 240Z project. :)




fuse block

Heater fan switch

temperature regulated switch for my electric fan

Blue LED light strip to run as sidemarker lights around my headlights. (looks so cool)

Turn signal relay (mine sucks, it only works half of the time)




More bondo to finish paint prep

Polyurethane enamel paint (cool vanilla and black)

Filler Primer- high build

Wet sand paper; 180,220,600,800,1500

Fender mirrors

Painting supplies ie; acetone, thinner, any other paint additives needed.

Compressor with regulator

Safe place to spray the car and let dry overnight




Seat covers

Cleaner for the plastic and vinyl

Rear interior side panels

Dash repair kit


I know there are more things...but I will have to add them later as I remember them.

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I will be replacing my turn signal relay with Napa auto parts 522 universal relay for 3.00. If that don't work, then I will switch to an electronic relay.


I am running LED turn signals now and the thermal switches don't always work well with them. ;)

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Today I cleaned the contacts on my turnsignal switch and got her to work! :) Now I just have to figure out why I don't have power to my brake pedal switch. :(

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Yay! I still don't know why I don't have power to my brake pedal switch...so I rewired the whole thing and got it to work. I now have both turn signals and brake lights.

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I re-routed the wire mess under my fuse block and secured the loose ends with electrical tape. The electrical system seems to be in good order now.


Now off the get the paint done. ;) I plan on getting the primer soon and the paint.

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