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Son of a [insert word here]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, I just figured out where my paycheck is going to be going. Struts? Nope. Springs? Not even. Tires maybe? Not that. Then what you may ask? A speeding ticket that's what! How disappointing this is...and I have only myself to blame. Early this morning on the way to meet up with a friend. Traffic was cleared because most people had already made the commute to work. I decided to open her up a little. I get it up to about 100mph and then let up and begin to creep down to about 80. Then I look behind me and I see the damning lights of a motorcycle highway patrol tailgating me. He cites me a speeding ticket for 100mph and tells me that my car is a piece of junk and he's surprised it was running. I grin in berret and reassure him that "I just bought it a few days ago". I'm sure he figured otherwise and proceeded to have me pop open the hood and bitches at me for my intercooler, aluminum radiator, crankcase breather, intake, exhaust etc etc. I play dumb but it didn't work (wasn't expecting it too). So he proceeded to give me a fix it ticket for the intake and exhaust and tells me I have to go to the BAR and get it signed off. What the hell have I gotten myself into?

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The one thing that kept me from moving to CA is the rediculous laws. It's my car and I will do what I want with it!

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CA sucks and many people are abandoning it. I heard Arnie wants to sell it to Mexico to pay off the deficit. Go here


http://www.escortradar.com/ I have an 8500 off of ebay. Has saved my ass plenty. Don't fool with the other crap out there. This will tell you he's there before you can see him. Of course nothing will save you when he sneaks up with radar off.

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