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  2. Pharaohabq

    Fuel tank cleaning

    Good info here. My 70' 240 tank has sat since 1990 out in a field. I'm sure it's filled with sand if not rusted. There's no holes that I can see, but I'm certainly going to drop it for a look before trying to put anything in it. I've used phosphoric acid for rust before, and I'm going to use a lot of it for the body. that redkote sounds like it should be a standard procedure. I'm going to try what you've posted here and I'll let you all know how it works out. Likely this weekend I'll drop the tank. Phar
  3. Pharaohabq

    Dash repair 78 280Z

    My Dash is at least as cad if not worse on both my cars. One has complete splits and the other has ruptures that are raised easilly more than an inch. I've seen people try these repairs, but fragility is an issue, as is later cracking in the hot sun. It looks like you've use Great stuff for the foam repairs, but what about underneath, has any repairs been done to the underside to help stabilize the dash on the frame? I like how the bedliner looks like it's coated very well. The Just dashes guy wants near $2K for a new dash, but that includes a full rebuild and vaccuum formed overlay.
  4. Neverdone

    Dash repair 78 280Z

    Do you have a link to what the "carbon fiber vale" you used?
  5. NewZed

    Can i fit a fs5w71g in my 74

    Your local Nissan dealer could probably tell you if it's a G or E or H or C. Even though the letter, as you're finding here in your thread, won't help you much.
  6. NewZed

    Can i fit a fs5w71g in my 74

    In one of the threads on this site we went through the years of the 71X transmissions. Only the later year 71C's got wider gears. But they all had larger countershaft bearings.
  7. NewZed

    Can i fit a fs5w71g in my 74

  8. MerloZ

    Can i fit a fs5w71g in my 74

    Okay thanks. And so will a 4 speed bell housing still work with machining?? And i believe im looking at a 71E now. Both sites ive found for rebuilds say its a 71E it was just confusing. And so that one would still be strong enough also. I beat on my car but this tranny will probably never see more than 350 hp and im not even close to that yet
  9. NewZed

    Can i fit a fs5w71g in my 74

    The transmission rebuild industry seems to have gotten some bad information many years ago and it persists. The 280ZX never had a 71C for example, and the 5 speed is a FS5W71B, not 71A. These errors are found on many rebuild parts suppliers' sites. Like any other project, the best you'll do is to get close, then have to take measurements and check that what you're doing will work. You're not going to find the final answer out here on the internet. Good luck. Edit - and Xnke is very very often right in what he writes. He doesn't seem to visit the site much anymore but he generally steers people the right way and has done a lot of work on these Z's. If he says the G is the same length as the B then it probably is. Use the Service Manuals to determine what's a G or an H. They label them in the MT Chapters.
  10. SH4DY

    '77 280Z - wonky doors

    Just a quick update: after looking at the alignment of the inner portion of the door compared to the opening (all factory) - the gaps were all over the place on the passenger side. Driver's side was even all around. I'm wondering if the door had been previously altered and I didn't catch it before I started working on it. Either way, I ordered an unmolested passenger side door off e bay. Should be here in couple days. It'll be the test about whether its the chassis of the door that's screwed up.
  11. Thanks for that. I haven't done almost nothing in past year, because depression. But, i have a feeling that maybe something is coming next winter....
  12. MN280z

    Midwest Barn find 76 280z

    Might part ways with a 76 280z I recently picked up. Was sitting in a dry cement floor pole building since 1997. Ran when parked situation. Even had old receipts and change in it from the last time he drove it to the parts store in 1997. 8x,xxx miles, Original Florida car then found its way to WI/MN. This thing is very original down to tires and wheelcaps. Interior is pretty decent and the body is pretty good for up here. Very repairable rust that started in spots. Middle of frame rails need some work but all other typical spots are solid including floors. I was going to use this for just the body, but it's so original I'd rather someone who cares more for that has it. What do you guys think she's worth? Mainly in a Midwest market, where this is really a hard to find gem!
  13. Before I started on the hood repair, I seam sealed the fenders. Both inside and outside of the front of both fenders were seam sealed. As the rear bottom of the fenders had major corrosion problems, I decided to perform extra work to prevent future corrosion in the these areas. view of repaired lower rear fender section. A 1/2" rust proofing hole is drilled in the lower portion of the fender. Rust proofing can be shot into this area after the car is painted. Note-This area was seam sealed to direct any water and debris though the lower fender mounting hole. Without this passage, water and debris would get stuck between fender and reinforcing panel and cause corrosion. This backside view also shows the improved drainage method. Paint stripping of the hood was started by using wire brush on a 4 1/2" right grinder. This is what factory original paint plus three other paint jobs looks like after stripping. . Made the paper template for the hood repair. The spot welds around the hood area were drilled out for removal of the section. The hood section to be repaired was marked for cutout with 4 1/2 grinder.. Panel cut out and removed to allow panel repair. The hood edge was straightened using a 1/2" steel square bar and couple of c-clamps. The top of the hood panel was straightened with body hammers and dollies. The repaired section was fitted on hood many times to check "fitness". 1" strips of sheetmetal was installed on the hood to provide support for the repaired section to be welded to. Weld on primer was used to prevent corrosion on hood ribs. The repaired section welded to the hood. The completion of the hood repair was delayed as my mig Tweco gun went bad. The trigger switch was the problem but it was not available anywhere so I had to order a whole new Tweco mig gun. I am trying to do a McGuyver repair so I can at least finish the hood so I crossing my fingers!!
  14. Chickenman

    Can i fit a fs5w71g in my 74

    I think it's one of the more accurate charts out there. By a company that sells rebuild kits, so they have to have a pretty accurate Data Base. Did you go to the Details Page? I didn't have time. It's got a very good break down. http://www.drivetrain.com/parts_catalog/manual_transmission_overhaul_kits/nissan.html I your original post you were asking about an FS5W71G... you said it was a 2wd. Parts Chart doesn't agree with that. Shows all the G models as 4wd. Now you seem to be saying you are getting an FS5W71E. That would make sense for a 2wd. Which is it G or E ?
  15. It gets worse nearly every year. 20 Years ago it was like heaven compared to today. And then there are people who will do anything for money. The english translation would be something like "allowance at discretion".
  16. Jboogsthethug

    Arttu's 240Z Never Ready

    Man I don't know how I've missed this thread all these years! this is awesome, you are a talented fabricator, can't wait to see the finished project!
  17. MerloZ

    Can i fit a fs5w71g in my 74

    Compared to the reasearch ive done this chart seems incorrect it says 240sx has a fs5w71h and the truck id be getting has a fs5w71e. Ughh i hate when info doesnt match. I always thought the 240sx was fs5w71c and the truck was a g boy oh boy. Sooo if the truck has a e will it fit and still be as strong. Also if theres a code to what each letters and numbers mean that i dont know please chime in and tell me
  18. Anyone got pics of zcardepot r200 mustache bar on their S30 chassis? How do you like it?
  19. DaEvil

    Fresh Air Elbow,

    WTB Fresh Air Elbow, 240Z RIGHT SIDE
  20. Techno Toy Tuning is a dealer and they are well known for good customer service
  21. MerloZ

    Can i fit a fs5w71g in my 74

    Okay great and the gearing should be what you posted earlier right?? Now correct me if im wrong but my 4 speed trans housing will still work with machining correct? I hope. The article i read was unclear. Only mentioned 5 speeds
  22. Yesterday
  23. grannyknot

    Dash repair 78 280Z

    That is probably Vintage Dashes? They have a nice product but for me on the other side of the continent and a different country the price is... a lot. I think that layer of carbon fiber is going to make all the difference, a few guys that have followed similar dash repair procedures are starting to see cracks along the old cracks. I'm planing on using a weave carbon fiber so those valleys never show up again. Who has the ugliest dash?
  24. jthom5147

    Modified Stock Transmission Mount for RB25 5 speed

    A quick way to tell: look at the shifter housing. If it is parallel to the tail shaft then it’s a 71c (commonly known as rb20 trans, but found on RB25DE). If the shifter housing slopes back toward the ground then it’s an RB25DET trans. Side by side the difference in size is obvious, in photos alone not so much. you could swap your RB bell housing onto a 240sx 5 speed from a KA car and it’ll move the shifter back.
  25. So if it is so hard to build a hot rod in Germany, how come there are so many of them?
  26. 15x9 with no rolled fenders? What is the rim offset and do you have any pics? This I have to see...
  27. Thanks and believe it or not, I'm one of the few human beings remaining who doesn't use FB. I love the bumper stickers I see while driving on the 101 freeway in Silicon Valley "Delete Facebook" lol.
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