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  2. 76 280z seat mount location/specs

    If you're going with racing seats, and you're a tall guy, you may as well ditch the stock brackets, which you don't have anyway, and just weld some tubing to the floor to mount your brackets to. This has been done, and you should find some info on doing that in posts by John C.
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  4. Hey Gang, So finally got around to clearing everything out from inside the 76 280Z. I knew that he did some work on the floor pan, and I also knew he threw out the seats. What I did not know was that he did not save the seat mounts from the floors. That dick bag. What do I need to do? Fab the mounts? That’s my thought. I’m gonna get the racing seats from MSA in the long run, and and they have the bracket that I can purchase and use that as the template for making the mounts. I would only then need the location narrowed down. I’m 6’3 so space is kinda tight, can’t really afford to give much of it away lol.
  5. 2jz or LS3

    I currently have a 73' 240z that I bought with a chevy 350 already swapped in. Currently this car is my daily driver and I'm looking for another engine to swap In. I think I have decided that i should either get the LS3 or the 2jz. I'm looking for about 400+ horsepower and I would like this car to be somewhat smooth and daily drive-able. I have about 12k to spend on the whole swap including the tranny and all the extra accessory pieces needed. I probably won't autocross or drag this car and it will just remain as a street machine. What setup do you guys thing would be best?
  6. 1974 Turbo 260z $4800 Kansas

  7. Kinda big....imo See enclosed pic, this is what I have. ( carbed L28, dual Webers) good torque, I can cruise at 5th at less then 40mph at just over 2200 rpm Explosive mid range, starts off at 3300 rpm+- and doesn't quit. wouldn't consider or want anything bigger for street use but that's just me. With your triples...I would be afraid that it will not be very street friendly.
  8. 1974 Turbo 260z $4800 Kansas

    Well. It's sold. I'll be back. Not sure when but I will.....
  9. S30 front sway bar mounts

    Are these the pieces you mean? These are off an early 260Z Dave
  10. Yesterday
  11. 240Z speedo is off

    Phone seems to be easiest I wish I could just add an correction-adjuster inline in the wire going to the speedo like you can on newer cars.
  12. 240z Rear Beaver Panel

    Thanks for the reply @Neverdone. I have already bought those panels a while ago for my other Z, unfortunately they will not do for the Z I'm currently working on. I'm not looking for a NOS replacement panel (unless someone has one...), I'm more looking for a car that is being parted out or has been in a front end crash that the owner would like to make an easy $300 - $500 USD on. Cheers, Rick
  13. Sakura Garage Stance USA Coilover Kit

    Sorry, I haven't checked this in a while! I've PM'd you Albatross. Also, our website is actually broken. It was built with WordPress years ago and we're not smart enough to keep it updated properly. Their last update made the website unresponsive. We were a little slow finding that out. Right now we're looking at the option of either repairing the old site or building a new one. In the meantime, email us at [email protected]
  14. Thanks, The worst part....I was just starting to set up the new diff housing today....and it is going to require completely different shims than the prior one. Starting completely over, but I guess that should not be a surprise.
  15. Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Yeah, except I'm not a fan of q45 or z32 parts, their strength or their pricing... I like the pricing of their backing plates front mount and mustache bar, in theory someone could just order those and the axle conversion they sell and get away with it on the cheap... except they'd be stuck building a strut. So more or less you're stuck paying the full asking price of the kit, which btw isn't cheap. And still need to source the short nose r200, and axles and brakes. I don't know know man, it just doesn't sit well with me. I like the idea that someone could buy some backing plates, a diff mount, and custom length axles and some cheap $250 coilover struts and be on the road with a setup that can handle 800hp...
  16. Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Techno Toy Tuning did exactly this but used Q45 or Z32 diff, CVs, axles, and brakes. Very cool to have more options out there.
  17. This is the biggest sale we've had all year - and will probably be the biggest sale we have until next Thanksgiving. Use coupon code BF2017 to receive 10% off, starting now through November 28th. This code is good for anything in our inventory - MSPNPs, solder it yourself kits, the MS3Pro, Racepak or Aeromotive products, anything! Promo code cannot be used in conjunction with other codes or offers, cannot be applied to previous orders and expires automatically at midnight, 11/28/17 EST. Shop now
  18. Drive shaft shop CV conversion doesn't fit!

    Probably a silly question, but can you just flip the bolts? So the nuts are on the other side?
  19. That sucks man. Of course the thread gets boogerd the very last time it comes apart... Figures. Getting a threadsert in dead straight is not easy. The car is looking great. Keep it up.
  20. 240Z speedo is off

    I got a phone windshield mount and a GPS speedo app.
  21. ANOTHER Datsun Z/LS3/T56 Swap Thread

    Yeah, turbo skyline and Silvia guys abuse those r200 diffs all day, should be ok, just don't get greedy with the power.
  22. Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Yes, it will all revolve around a custom knuckle. Just like the intrepid based setup, and just like the r230 z32 knuckle from Arizona Z car and so on. The key difference is the hub, brakes, and struts will all be off the shelf, keeping costs down for everyone, including me. No boring out a wilwood rotor hat or anything like that. Just off the shelf bolt on and go brakes, crack a rotor? Go buy one and be driving the same day, don't like your spring rates? Go order a different wrx strut and bolt on and go...
  23. I got pretty lucky for sure on the lack of rust. I gave the car a very thorough inspection prior to buying, after looking at several cars in which the floorboards consisted of hardware store galvanized sheet metal held in with rivets or duct tape. But I bought the car in Palm Springs, and I think it spent its entire life there. I would imagine most Southern California cars have little or no rust. As far as the diff, I am planning to use the TTT rear end conversion kit, which is designed around Nissan components, so I was not really thinking Ford. Also, the short nose came with a 4.08 on the 300ZX....all the other R200 diffs had ratios in the 3.XX range. Turns out I am using a 4.6 gearset from the front of a Pathfinder, which if I understand Nissan diff interchangeability at all would not work in a longnose R200. I just hope the diff is beefy enough for a 525 HP LS3...as it did not come on any Nissans with anywhere near that output. But all the advice I got from people who claim to know this stuff said that it should be fine. Besides my only stronger Nissan option was the R230....which comes with something like 3.5 gearing....not good for my purposes. And AFAIK there are no other R230 gearsets available.
  24. Gas tank and fuel system restore

    Great write up! This what I did to my tank, add chambers with gates to create a surge camber that have two walbro 450lph. The other chamber has fuel cell foam to keep the fuel from sloshing around. The center chamber is still open so I can have to stock fuel gauge sensor.
  25. Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Isn't this almost exactly how the last 8.8 project started? Deja vu...
  26. Sakura Garage Stance USA Coilover Kit

    You know, it didn't work for my email. I see your @ but did not get an email. I think that notifications have to be set to get emails. You might send him a PM by hovering over his avatar.
  27. Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    So would you be fabricating a custom knuckle that the S30 transverse link, the Subaru Strut, and the Mustang Hub and brakes can all bolt to?
  28. Sakura Garage Stance USA Coilover Kit

    Ah thanks @NewZed it does work, but maybe not when I paste his name in after the "@" symbol rather than type it. I'm used to long lead times for custom parts, but the fact that their website has been down for a while now is disconcerting. Hope I can get a response!
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