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  2. The letter on the spacer has to match the letter stamped on the hub casting. Assuming that the casting is original, look around the hub casting (see picture). Once you have the correct spacer, assemble the spacers and bearings per the FSM for the year strut you have.
  3. Today
  4. 1976 280z 5.3 TR6060 Build

    Well I haven’t had time to hit up the local pullapart and after doing more research I wound up finding a diff online. Thru 11/06/06 Explorer/Mountaineer rear differential. It was what I was looking for and I eventually picked one up for $115 shipped to the house. Granted it’s 3.55 and an open diff but lockers are cheap compared to r200 stuff and it’ll be brand new. Axles from the same place were $41 each shipped. As you can see from the pictures they are quite a bit larger in diameter and have enough room on the dogbones to shorten, mill and respline to 300zx turbo axle spline specs. The picture is comparing 8.8 axles to my spare 300zx turbo axles. So for $197 I now have my diff and axles. And gearsets are cheap ($200 or less) if I want to change them. While I was at it I drilled holes for my victory spoiler to be mounted, reinstalled the new futofab door handles (awesome fit btw) and installed my zcardepot chrome metal mirror replacement since mine broke.
  5. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

  6. Does anyone know what size gasket goes on the collector of the JTR headers? And which is the highest quality gasket to get? I have one that blew out, and need to replace it.
  7. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Top 7 in autoX today. Car performed great, new parts made handling a dream. Driver screwed the pooch on this one. I only posted 2 times and had to DNF’s. Looking forward to wider rear tires. I lack so much mechanical grip it’s easy to over drive the car. I’ll try to post a clip soon.
  8. Hi , putting 280z rear stub axels in my new technotoy coilovers, got a question my cylinder spacers are both B one of the axels is Y and the other one is a U any issues with that? Can I drop these in?
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  10. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Started it up today! cant wait for the snow to disappear.
  11. Exposed's 1jz Build

    I ended up switching the gasket on the mishimoto thermostat and its fixed my leaking issue for the time being. For anyone thinking of using a mishimoto thermostat check your gasket height. I bought a different gasket from the local parts source, its a "Fel-Pro" gasket and the part number is "16325-62010". Mishimoto thermostat with Mishimoto gasket Mishimoto thermostat with Fel-Pro gasket
  12. 240Z VQ37HR Swap

    I see a lot of the old images I used to link from facebook aren't visible, maybe one day I will clean that up...but I did manage to get something else cleaned up. Not the full motor as I am not rebuilding it completely. But the most visible aluminum pieces have been cleaned up using some dry ice and some sandblasting. While its apart, got a Z1 motorsports clutch/steel flywheel, heavy duty clutch slave going on. JWT C2 Exhaust Cams, ATI Crank Pulley, new oil galley gaskets. The goal is to have 400 crank horsepower but just be reliable and maximally responsive. Was not originally going to do one, but a simple roll bar that is safe for mostly street use is going in soon. The front upper radiator support is going to be modified to be bolt in/out for much easier engine install and service. Most of the exterior body work is done now. But once the metal work is done things will start moving quicker. We have the roof in slick sand and other areas will follow once the metal work is completed, then it can sit around and shrink for a good long while before being properly sanded down.
  13. Transmission options for 300hp

    Take this with a grain of salt, since the engine was different. I had put a tremendous amount of miles through a FS5W71C with a 320hp SR20. Now when I switched from a GT28R to a GT3076R and put down 531hp I blew up three FS5W71C in 4 months.
  14. Nelsonian 240z

    It looks like you are pursuing the same basic vision as I am...you are just much further along. Looking really great. What do you think of the basic quality and fit of the Ztrix parts? I am torn between the IMSA kit, the YZ kit (like yours), or the Pandem kit. I like the looks of the pandem kit the least, but being Japanese it is probably of very high quality. Do your strut tower bars tie into the dash bar, or ? And do they eliminate the possibility of using wipers? I still haven't decided how I am going to handle doing that portion of the cage. I admire the dedication of your fab guy doing the stitch welding for you. I did it on my own car and thought about killing myself a few times. It really is a sucky job, particularly if done thoroughly.
  15. 1978 280z 3.1L Turbo LDS Parting Out

    I'm interested in downpipe and exhaust if available
  16. Minnesota Bodyshop

    Hello Guys, stangely I was asked for a bodyshop recommendation in Minnesota... don´t ask me why anyways, the car is american muscle out of a field, in need of large bodywork. Car has sentimental value to my friend and he wants it done in 18 month. Lower 1/3 needs replacement, panels can be bought. So: Can anybody recommend a shop willing to take it on for a reasonable price? (he got quotes around 100k ) thanks so much guys!
  17. Nelsonian 240z

    The new tires came in and had them mounted at the end of last week. This has me motivated to make some progress with the build. I called my old friend Tho Chung who has previously done the majority of fab work on the car, to see if I can get him to finish up the stitch welding in the front and rear of the car as well as cut out the rear floor with the spare tire well. Still waiting to hear back and plan accordingly.
  18. Exposed's 1jz Build

    what happened with your boost solenoid?
  19. Decided to enlarge the booth size from 1 1/2 car to 2 car size for various reasons: more room to paint, left side curtain closer to fan and easier to use. Also, now the garage door does not have to be closed to utilize the curtains. The next 3 photos show the improved booth design. After trial fit, the curtain was trimmed 24". About 6" was left to provide attachment point to 2 X 4. Right side curtain folded. A 350 motor on stand is blocking the curtain but is being sold. Left side curtain Made a duct out of scrap sheeting to connect fan to curtain. No sure how to attach duct to curtain. Might try putting the duct hose into another hose section attached to the curtain.
  20. Strut tower brace

    The strut brace is sold. Thx, DAT240z; and thx to others that expressed interest. r/John
  21. Strut tower brace

    Thanks jhm! I definitely appreciate the opportunity. I'll keep looking for one 😭.
  22. Strut tower brace

    I sent you a PM with my phone number. There's something wrong with my account I have to reset my Password to log in every time.
  23. Last week
  24. Car is sold. Thanks to everyone for the interest.
  25. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Ha thats what im using. Should have no issues I’m running it on windows 10
  26. Strut tower brace

    DAT240Z, I have a shipping quote and tried to PM you again, to no avail. Got the same message "DAT240Z can not receive messages". If email or cellular text will work better for you, send me your contact info. Thx.
  27. OEM springs - FREE

    I have 8 OEM springs, absolutely free to anyone willing to pay shipping and Paypal fee. Four are from an early-model 260, and four are from a late-model 260....I honestly couldn't tell you which springs came from which car. They're all roughly 15 inches total length; and they're all roughly 12 mm wire diameter (except for one that is approximately 11 mm wire diameter....weird). Post here or PM me if you're interested, and thanks for looking.
  28. Strut tower brace

  29. WTB Obx r200 hlsd

    looking to buy an obx center or entire r200 shipped to 95430 or picked up in norther to middle california. thanks for looking
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