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  • DSCN0720
    How is this tubular setup working for you? Did you fabricate the center piece holding the diff? Love your work.
  • IMG 0338sm
    IMG 0338sm
    Vitaloni Baby Tornados
  • I could have had a V8!
    I could have had a V8!
    I am looking to remove the push button hatch button and make it flush. And i am interested in how you modified the lock for your pantera hatch. Do you have any pictures or notes?
  • IMG 0338sm
    IMG 0338sm
    Looks nice, super clean, what mirrors are those?
  • DSCF3963
    I will as the work progresses - might take some time though, don't get a lot of spare time but just built myself a rotisserie so I don't have to scramble about on the floor to do the underside

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