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  • driver side view
    driver side view
    90% of the engine is behind the front wheels, which made exhaust and steering very difficult!
  • t-45 tranny
    t-45 tranny
    This clutch slave did not work.
  • Brake master 3
    Brake master 3
    No boost......:(
  • 460z Early
    460z Early
    The front of the car is supported by a single jack stand on the original crossmember. The engine is mounted on custom crossmember/engine mount
  • A dork in his shop
    A dork in his shop
    The engine is running using Megasqirt 2.0 with circuit board 3.0 which I soldered up myself. It has 4" intake tube into '96 Mustang Cobra intake manifold. The engine I pulled from Pick n Pull.........

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