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    Nice 280zx! what size wheels are those?
    Dec 16 2004 10:53 AM
    Speedlines .. 18x9 in frt/18x10 in rear ...They came off my friends '96 Supra
    they look great on your 280zx. i hope you don't mind but i some questions for you. how do they fit? as in like do they rub? did you need spacers? what backspace are you running? did you roll the fenders? did you have to modify anything to make them fit? what size tire do you have? is the ride bouncy or is it better or worse than stock? sorry for all the questions just im looking at getting some 18's for my 280zx and i want to get as much info as i can before i decide if i do get 18's or not.thanksalex
    Dec 21 2004 12:09 PM
    how do they fit? -- they fit great !! do they rub? -- no they don't rub did you need spacers? -- yes, I'm running 33mm spacers all around from toytunning.comwhat backspace are you running? -- running 35mm b/s in front and 40mm b/s in reardid you roll the fenders? -- yes, I had to roll the fenders did you have to modify anything to make them fit? -- no mods at all what size tire do you have? -- 245/35/18 in front and 295/30/18 in rear is the ride bouncy or is it better or worse than stock? -- the ride is not bouncy at all ... to my opinion the ride is better than stock but again I was running factory shocks which were long gone. what size the wheels are ? -- 18x8.5 in frt and 18x9.5 in rear. NOTE: this is my second car .. I dont drive it regulary ... let me know if you have any other questions ... I know it is .. it took me a long time and research for the wheels ...
    thanks for answering my questions. just a couple more. can you stick a bigger tire in there without rubbing, or is that the biggest tire you can fit. because i wanted to have something like a 245/40-45/18 in the front and 295/40-45/18 in the back. also do you have any more pics of your car? looks greatthanksalex
    Dec 21 2004 03:47 PM
    that's pretty much as big as you can go ... I think that the 40 series will rub when the car is lowered ... provide me w/ an email address and I'll send you pics ..
    thanks for the quick reply... I'll have to talk to my body shop and see how hard it would be to modify the wheel wells so they would fit without rubbing. my e-mail is nycuban28@aol.comthanksalex
    Awesome stance on your zx!! Look really stout! I got 2 question?(1)The wheel adapters your using.Are they 4-lug to 5 lug? The wheels look to be a 5-lug wheeel?(2) I could not find a company on the net called toytunning.com Are they out of business or do they have a new web site....Thx ZXjuiced
    Jan 06 2005 08:43 AM
    they are 4 to 5 lug adapters 33mm thick all around sorry the website is technotoytuning.com
    Hello- I didn't quite understand,are they 18x9/18x10's or are they 18x8.5/18x9.5's?Just to clarify and thanks for the info, has been a BIG question of mine for a very long time now.