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This was my 2nd lap in the Sept Arkansas SCCA event in my 1979 RHD 280ZX. It was my 1st time driving on slicks as I just bought the Hankook Ventus soft 245/40/17's. I liked them a lot but don't have anything else to compare them to race tire wise. The SR is near stock with only an underdrive pulley kit and a lightweight flywheel. I have the Tokico HP suspension with new poly bushings and a KAAZ 1.5 way diff and 82 zx cv's. I also had my race ready open in front of the cat and muffler so it's not totally quiet. I also just got rid of the ZX seats and put in a pair of Corbeau's, which I had to massage the seat rails to not put my head against the roof. I run in the XP class for the swap and really suffer on the pax times, but really enjoy the driving anyways.

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