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  1. Today
  2. Looking for some 240/260/280 Parts

    Still looking for everything but the headlight assemblies!
  3. I may have missed it previously, but curious to why you chose to use cam towers instead of just caps?
  4. Which vac hose to tap for boost gauge? (with pics)

    @Chickenman You are the official winner!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Auxiliary Water Pump

    I’m looking for ideas and suggestions for an auxiliary electric water pump for my RB25 swap. The engine comes with an oil-water cooler that circulates engine coolant routed towards the heater core. I’d like to run a separate water pump and front mount heat exchanger to run cool water just for the oil cooler and for the turbo water lines (perhaps for expansion to other fluid-fluid cooling options later, like a diff cooler) looking for ideas for a small electric water pump to circulate warm coolant, a couple gpm is probably ok.
  7. The Infiniti rear does afford a small amount of toe adjustment.
  8. Finally got to drive it. I chose to do this swap because I had the parts, and my stock differential was shot, and I broke a stub shaft. The infiniti brake calipers are far superior to the 79zx calipers, the infiniti rotors are dimensionally identical, but use a drum style emergency brake. The infiniti differential is 3.9-1, the stock is 3.7-1. It widened the rear hub to hub by about 2”. I plan on building another zx, but I plan on using the j30 underpinnings. I doubt this is a swap that would be worth it to anyone who didn’t have the parts on hand and easily accessible.
  9. Greddy RB25 Intake Manifold BRAND NEW!

    BUMP! come on guys, I still have this.
  10. L28 cylinder head

    Pm'ed you
  11. Looking for l28et

    I've got a turbo manifold if you're interested.
  12. WTB SU Carbs working

    still looking. anyone have a set of z therapy for sale?
  13. I had a 72 L24 pickup and an 81 280zx l28 non turbo pickup and both were the same.
  14. Gas Monkey 280z at SEMA

    Very nice station wagon indeed!!
  15. FYI that pic is from where I picked the car up from.
  16. Thank you all so much for the advice. I’m glad you posted this pic cuz I don’t want to have th fuel cell that low. Here is my current situation, it’s a blank canvas lol. The body kit isn’t mounted it was just hanging on there. I’ll post more pictures once I organize the garage!
  17. infinity g35 brembo brakes

    thanks man! ill take a look at the faq's and see what i can do. i just thought i could get them to work cause they are about a 1000 dollars in brakes, and im getting them for free. figured it wouldnt hurt to try and make them work if i get them for free lol.
  18. I believe the only different pickups were with the Turbo variant of the L28. I don't know which design is which though.
  19. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    I ended up winning the P4 class for the year in the Miata! Philo was a great time, and the weather was incredibly good. The only problem I had was that CXRacing exhaust manifold. Several of the welds completely failed, and now I need to make a new exhaust for the Racing Beat manifold I bought to replace it. The $400 one lasted one race, and a friend has been racing for two seasons on the $150 RB model. Figures. Now that the season is finished, I'm working on minor prep jobs ... like heat/defrost, winter tires, etc. The real goal for the winter is to finish up the box truck and get the Datsun ready to race in Spring.
  20. Gas Monkey 280z at SEMA

    Vibrant uploaded this to their Youtube page today. I hate Richard Rawlings, but I have to admit that I love this car. The only thing I am undecided on is whether I would prefer a rear bumper on the car or not.
  21. 1971 Datsun 240z Supercharged V8

    You still have it for sale?
  22. Last week
  23. The slippery slope

    Porsche Aqua blue Mettalic M5R
  24. Starting RB Swap

    hahaha yes! Trust me it was so worth it!!
  25. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    This week I have been back at it, cutting rust out of these doors. I am quite happy with how the repairs are coming along, but it is so time consuming. https://youtu.be/y9y4rWSP_OY
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