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  2. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    My 490 ISKY pulls hard to 7000, but I can’t be specific about the cam timing . My head is shaved over 50 thou without using shims and have my cam advanced 8 degrees. I didn’t degree after the last 20 thou shave , but with 30 thou cut the cam almost cam in too late . The other factor was I went from triples to n42 injection ( Megasquirt) . If that graph was accurate then it would seem that it wouldn’t be as user friendly on the street at low rpms. My ISKY just puts along at 1500 rom in fourth around town without a jug
  3. Single Modern Motorsports 27 Spline Stub Axle

    dibs you got pmd.
  4. Exposed's 1jz Build

    Thanks, thats good to know, I'll need to verify the part number for the thermostat I used. Hopefully that's what the problem is.
  5. 280z rear stub axels

    Yup, I was wrong...
  6. 280z rear stub axels

    s30 280z are different from 280zx
  7. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    yeah both of those cams are well suited for higher revving engines. Which is the only thing holding me back from the Don Potter cam. My pistons are still cast so my engine won't see much action above 7200 rpm. The clearance issues that Steve mentions are to the pistons. A higher peak lift will not affect valve to piston clearance as much an earlier and later closing valve. The higher lift will still require custom springs and valve seals. Personally i am leaning towards the 63DE (.487 lift, 279 duration)cam from rebello, it won't make as much peak power as the DP cam but much higher torque until 5200 rpm. Peak power will be around 6500. Plot shows both cams with 3 degrees advance. I would probably retard the 63DE which increases top end power. Retarding the DP cam really kills low end torque and the peak HP only slightly increases. Rebello also has a very attractive price for the cam, lash caps and springs (outer only required) as a kit.
  8. L28ET, FricFrac Harness, MS3.

    I would like to see the pictures & is the price still $120.00? Where are you located? Ship to 85645 $$$$?
  9. 240z / 280z Parts for sale

    No real damage, could use a little cleaning though.
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  11. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    My understanding from Steve Bonk- who sells these - if I understood him , was that the shorter duration helped with clearance issues even with its high lift . But don’t quote on me on this
  12. I need a stock 280z exhaust manifold and down pipe. so the car will pass smog. Must be in good shape. call me at 951-304-930zero or cell 951-704-414two
  13. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    sent you a PM
  14. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    This is front and back of the 84T.
  15. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Mine on my 88T works, I just can’t increase the idle with the screw. If I unplug it (the 2 prong connector on the fart left of the pic you posted) the car just dies. I never tested the 84T when I realized it was different.
  16. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Were you able to test the to see if the valve would open at all even not connected to manifold or are the part numbers the same for the aac valve?
  17. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Gotcha. For what your doing the year differences shouldnt matter. Im working on using the entire 88T harness stand alone so I can test a Z31 motor out of the car before I pull my bad motor and then use it on 240z on my turbo block.
  18. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    I currently use an '82 280zx Turbo harness, but I am in the process of building my own custom harness that's a lot less bulky.
  19. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Curious. Are you using the 87T harness too? It it was a different design. For what your doing it shouldn’t matter.
  20. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    I would think the only downside with higher lift is it harder to build. More thought need to put into drivetrain stability and piston to valve.
  21. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    After a couple years of not having a smooth idle, you think a different way. Sent an email to you for some pictures of the unit.
  22. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    I plan to adapt that assembly to my L28 by using the EGR block off plate and use it to control my idle with my '87 T 300zx ecu. If I could figure out of the 300zx ecu can control other AAC valves which is all I need. The FSM states it uses a 160hz signal. What was it about the 84 compared to 88 that was incompatible?
  23. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    What year is your car. I pulled one off an 84T hoping it would fit on my 88T and they are differnt. That is turbo right? Also if you get one ask to see if the idle screw is frozen. That was why I was after one. I tried and tried to get mine unstuck.
  24. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    Lol. Yep I wonder the exact same thing. They end up using the screw on the TB to up the rpm and then have to grind the TPS holes bigger to adjust it.
  25. Wako 75S cam

    If I recall Eiji from Datsun Spirit runs the cam on his Orange ITB car.
  26. Z31 300zx idle air valve assembly

    I have one that has been taken apart and cleaned with new gaskets made. If you would like to see what I have email me at [email protected] for a couple of photos. People removed these from z31 intakes and for the life of me I don't know why.
  27. Wako 75S cam

    Duration 315?
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