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  2. where to get OEM parts

    thank you, i kinda forgot about that place but i have seen them before.... since black dragon went out of business ive been really trying to make sure i get some OEM parts i may need 20years from now since my car has been in the family since new, it obviously isnt going anywhere ever. i bought couple pwr window motors and headlight/turn signal switches, things like that. they may not be around someday. the custom stuff i can deal with in the future. thank you, this forum has been a blessing to have!!!
  3. Today
  4. Picking out a clutch

    I have the roll pin. I ordered 2 by accident if you need it. My one concern is the 400-500hp on a t5. Maybe a WCt5 or a t56 can handle that but also think about the rear end. From what I read the r180 is good for stock v8 but for more powerful builds you might want to get the r200. Also, if I remember correctly, i used the slave off a 4.3 s10 because it come with a bleeder valve and the camaro did not. It's the same size and everything. I've been using it on my t56 for 4 months with no problems.
  5. Picking out a clutch

    I used a Centerforce dual friction clutch on my build. Centerforce claims these are good for 600ft lbs at the crank. It was quite the PITA to get proper disengagement from though. I used a WC T5 out of an 89 camaro with the stock bellhousing. The slave cylinder has 1 inch bore so I used a 1 inch bore master. A 1 1/8 master may have worked better though with the Centerforce DF clutch. Wilwood makes a nice compact sized master. We also had to lengthen the master cylinder rod to the clutch pedal and lengthen the slave cylinder rod.
  6. Picking out a clutch

    Okay cool, looks like ill be getting the Wildwood MC. Thanks for all the help!
  7. 280z upgrade to a 300zx starter?

    Got the 280zx starter in over the weekend and it's working great!
  8. Yup, it was the brake booster. Replaced it and everything is good now! Thanks guys!
  9. t-top weather stripping

    I do like the idea of just separating the leading edge to get paint just a little underneath. Very good thank you! I will keep in mind what you said about the glue too
  10. Yesterday
  11. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    The Z's first race weekend with me is over, and it went great! The car had no issues, it ran great, and I had an absolute blast learning about it! The welded rear was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to learning how to make one work. The road gearing is a bit wider than ideal but very usable, and once I started double-clutching The gearbox worked very well. I surprised a lot of people with the car's pace, including myself! I can't wait to get the car out again as we continue to make improvements. Photos coming soon!
  12. Donation not showing up.

    Same here, donated before the thread on possibly shutting down Hybridz. Thanks
  13. I am trying to set up a series 2 Skyline RB25DET with a SDS EM4. How does the CAS wire to the SDS EM4? the CAS has a 4 wire plug (#1 is +120 degs, , #2 is +1 degs, #3 is power supply, #4 is earth) which wires go to SDS and which pinout(s)? In the distant past, I had read some places the SDS doesnt talk to the CAS and other places that only use one of the signal wires. After recent searching I cant find anything on this subject. I have an email request into Ross at Racetech but have'nt heard back.Any and all help would be appreciated. Can I not wire to cas and get good timing function? Hair all pulled out. hep me hep me ahhhhhh!
  14. Duffy's 71 Series 1 240z build

    I am also trying to find a chemical to soften them. I read a lot of articles, but most people say they just need time.
  15. WTB auxiliary air control valve

    Thank you please let me know
  16. WTB auxiliary air control valve

    I've got one but off of a zx- have to see if their the same . I believe they are , but the ZXT might have had more plumbing
  17. Top chop update

    Thank you guys. And still under construction.
  18. Picking out a clutch

    Wilwood or Tilton 7/8 clutch MC works with the stock Camaro T5 slave cylinder. I have used both. I prefer the Wilwood MC as it is more compact. The Camaro slave cylinder uses a roll pin connection to the hydraulic line. Summit/Jegs etc sell a roll pin to AN adapter so you can connect stainless braided -3 AN hose to the clutch MC.
  19. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    Fair enough, I'm still on the fence, I think I am going to pursue the idea to completion before I really take stock, I feel like there is something there that might be kind of neat. I don't really recall the brand, I followed the link and just ordered it off of amazon from the poster on here since I wanted the option to return it if necessary. Wired it up last night, and goodness these are great. They throw a really good beam, so lighting I think is not going to be a problem now. The vinyl get's blown out on camera, but the car does look quite angry which is what I was going for. Yea that is the guy, I couldn't remember his name. I think he called them zombie eyes. When you look at them from the front on a white car though to me they look like panda eyes They have a standing meet on Saturdays. I mean the storage isn't cheap, I think it is $200 a month on top of a membership fee and initiation fee. Assembling the clear turn signals, then I'll update with a picture. The clears really clean up the front end in my book.
  20. I'm trying to finish up my 83 280zx turbo rebuild and need a working auxiliary air control valve.
  21. Picking out a clutch

    Yeah thats what I was thinking. As for the master cylinder, it actually doesn't have one. I'm also converting the car from auto to manual, getting tired of the th350. Any master cylinder suggestions for use with a 400 - 500 hp clutch with t5 trans?
  22. Picking out a clutch

    Thank you!
  23. L24 turnkey drop out $1800 obo

    Who rebuilt it? What was done? Receipts?
  24. Duffy's 71 Series 1 240z build

    Looks great! I think there was a recent topic here or on facebook where someone had talked about a fix for the door slamming with the door seals. I'll see if I can find it sometime soon.
  25. My new 1975 Datsun 280z project!

    That's often a sign of a dead battery or dirty battery cable connections. You should be more descriptive than "clicks then stops".
  26. where to get OEM parts

    Zcarsource is your best bet like Miles said. I wouldn't recommend them for anything that you don't actually care about being OEM though, since their stuff is OEM and EVERYTHING is priced as such. Gets expensive for more basic things that are as good or better from basic aftermarket suppliers.
  27. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    Some nice progress! I'm assuming you got the painted covers idea from the Mr. Vengeance Z? I remember you mentioning that when we were talking cheap paint jobs that didn't look terrible haha. That shop looks neat! If they ever have another meetup of some kind let me know. I'd love to go check out their stuff. It might be a nice way to get my Z up here faster if I have a safe place to put it. Currently I just have too many sitting at my place here. I have the G37, the hardbody, and my 240 parts car. Need to finish stripping out the parts car so I can clear out some space.
  28. L24 turnkey drop out $1800 obo

    up for sale is the complete L24 I6 engine with 8k miles since the rebuild and 5 speed trans from my Datsun 240Z has plenty of bolt ons and some engine workCannon intake manifoldWeber DCOE 42mm carbsMallory Unilite DistributorPacesetter 6-2-1 Headers.20 overnew starter and alternator from autozonenew voltage regulatornewer valves for unleaded fuel engine sounds amazing with this intake and carbs setup will come with everything you need to put into your 81-84 Nissan Maxima or 70-78 Z cara 5 speed out of a 78 280Z along with the driveshaft for a complete drop in turn key swap Not willing to part out unless parts of the packaged deal are spoken for Local pick up is preferred but shipping can be arranged at buyer's expense located in Reading, PA i have other parts available, feel free to ask
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