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  2. 1988 300zx turbo partout

    bump Still have Complete Engine with turbo/PS/AC/alternator, efi harness, ecu, maf, brakes. Stub axles and companian flanges. ( could be adapted to s30 with work ) front spindles, 5 lug hubs (bolt on for s30 5 bolt conversion) digital dash with power supply, front spindles, T tops and much more!
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  4. Just wanted to add in: If anyone is looking to do this upgrade but doesn't have the right outlet fittings: Flyin Miata makes a M10x1 inverted flare to 3x8-24 one piece adapter. It's pricey but it's one of only two that I know of. https://www.flyinmiata.com/npt-to-metric-flare-adapter.html
  5. vintage air drain hose

    Hey man, my apologies. I ended up having to send that evaporator back (it was the wrong unit). I should have it back next week. Here is an image I found on google, I added an arrow to the drain location. If you take a pic of the bottom of yours I can point it out.
  6. vintage air drain hose

    hey could you get that picture?
  7. Confirming that these items are now sold. I really appreciate the inquiry and PMs. Happy Thanksgiving and holidays, be safe. My best- Yasin
  8. Been busy with my kids' sports and family visiting but here is at least a picture of my setup. This all is mounted in stock location. The feed hoses are 3/8" and the outside return lines are 5/16". Removed both G3 filters.
  9. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    I know the rear hatch has some nasty bog patches on it, so I am not holding my breath. Hopefully I will strip down the body tomorrow, but I am reasonably confident that is pretty good.
  10. EZ POWER STEERING works great!

    $1500, shipped in about 4 days. They will send a link that allows you to pay with a debit/credit card.
  11. Turbo Manifold Designs

    Nope, that's basically it. However, as long as the wastegate can flow enough to perform it's function of controlling boost pressure, then how it is mounted doesn't really matter. Also, you could make up for a sub-optimal mounting position by upping your wastegate size.
  12. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Hopefully that's the last of the major rust repair.
  13. Thanks for the inquiry, these items have been tentatively sold. If things change, I will contact you. Warm regards, Yasin
  14. Datsun s30 3 Piece Spoiler for 240z 260z 280z

    Got any 1 piece spoilers available?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Datsun s30 3 Piece Spoiler for 240z 260z 280z

    I pm'd you
  17. S30 front sway bar mounts

    Hey guys, long time I don't keep up with everyone here..looking for a pair of perfectly round pair of s30 front sway bar mounts let me know by text I can paypal you in seconds. 813-766-5261.
  18. Are you sure this will fit an s30 76 280z? Please text me I' intersted. 813-766-5261
  19. I'm not seeing a price anywhere. How much does the kit cost?
  20. http://www.ezpowersteering.nl/ The electric power steering from this company works great in a 1976 280Z. Direct swap with zero modifications required. Highly recommended.
  21. http://www.ezpowersteering.nl/ The electric power steering from this company works great in a 1976 280Z. Direct swap with zero modifications required. Highly recommended. D374F924-A3A4-481A-B580-46EF26E66686.MOV
  22. Auto Zone Speedi-Boot! 03670 is a perfect fit on a 1976 280Z steering rack. Cut one step off of the big end and you are good to go. Use a wire tie on the big end, but keep it off of the little end. This allows inner tie-rod adjustment without twisting the boot. Allow the boot small end to cover the threads of the inner tie-rod. see images of full turn condition
  23. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    New hardware. 3/8-24 3/4 inch with grade 8 jam nuts and red lock tight torqued to 50lbs.
  24. Drive shaft shop CV conversion doesn't fit!

    New hardware. 3/8-24 3/4 inch with grade jam nuts and red lock tight torqued to 50lbs.
  25. I installed an OBX locker in my R200 a few years ago and never really liked the spline engagement to the output shaft stubs. The shafts don’t appear to be worn (fit great in the OE carrier) but they have a fair amount of slop with the OBX unit (both rotation and side play). I was thinking this may be a good time to ditch the OBX but I have actually been pretty happy with the performance other than the clunky sounds when not loading the diff. How much slop are others seeing with their OBX? How bad of an idea would it be to use some Loctite 660 to fill the gap? Mike ’77 280Z - LS1/T56
  26. Came into this with negative thoughts about another youtube series which is more about videography then actual work. I watched all 5 episodes and was pleasantly surprised! Subscribed. I must say this is some of the best instructional series i've seen in a while. Despite the sound being a bit low, I can't critique much. Great job, i've already learned lots!
  27. 5.0 T5 shifter location

    No go on a T45. Completely different bolt pattern. That's what I'm running behind my Mod motor. Why do you want the production dates on 91/92 Crown Vics? They only ran an automatic behind them, and are rated almost the same hp/tq as a 5.0HO.
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