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  2. Exposed's 1jz Build

    silly question but would either of these work? I've normally see it run to where the air filter would go but I was thinking of running a turbo-guard filter.
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    same here
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  5. 280zx ignition module with Megasquirt - is it necessary?

    With the ground shield it must not be connected to the engine block or Chassis. Only to the inside ECU ground. Having grounds at both ends can induce an offset voltage into the ECU sensor ground circuit. You don't want that. Messes up sensors. I've heard of MS custom builders using a separate box outside of the main MS ECU box for exactly the reasons stated above. To reduce any internal EMI created by the Power transistor ( BIP-373 ). Very good idea with WasteSpark or COP coil drivers that would have multiple BIP373's. The Nissan Module could certainly be triggered and controlled as a Single channel dumb coil driver. That's exactly what it is. Be sure to mount it to a good heat sink though. Those modules get very hot. The distributor body acts as a heat sink from the factory. If not mounted to a heat sink it will fail in short order. The Nissna " Matchbox " module is pretty stout all by itself. You can use an old AMD style CPU Heatsink and fan to keep it cool. Fan may not even be needed. Make sure you use a good thermal conducting compound between the Module backing plate and the Heatsink.
  6. Wizard makes some great products. Any issues with fitment, or did it bolt right in?
  7. Ross' Sleeper Z

    Your Bad Dog frame rail looks like it fit much nicer than mine did...Great work, Can't wait to see the finished product!
  8. Possible mismatch of clutch parts e.g., 240z - 280Z throughout bearing components. Do a Google search or HybridZ and search for 280Z transmission swaps. Also, this issue has come up before so there should be some info here or at one of the other Z blogs. Check the FSM for a 240Z and 280Z transmission.
  9. 280zx ignition module with Megasquirt - is it necessary?

    hey chickenman. for the CAS shield, I grounded it straight to the engine block, at the same ground location as the engine. next time I'm in there, i'll ground it to pin 2 on the MSII connector... I'll also make certain I actually make a good connection to the shield; that's what I did... rather quickly.. And thanks for the answer about advantages and disadvantage. it's super complete and very clear.. Just quickly, is there a reason why the BIP-373 (which seem to me like they are mosfetts) couldn't be housed outside the MS box, like in the relay box, if you have one? Could that be used as a home made ignition module, driven by the MS, allowing the battery 12v (or ground, is it?) to go to the coil (or something)? this is a purely theoretical question.... as a side note, I have the modern turbo dizzy with optical CAS and ECU controlled advance, so the module does not have to be reprogrammed.. yay that! Thanks guys!
  10. This is a warning for newbs trying to remove a head with ARP studs: Remove the studs first using an allan wrench and then the head. Otherwise the studs will scrape the head and you will get a nice pile of aluminum shavings in bores, oil gallary or coolant passage. Its also very hard to remove the head with studs in place. Also dont drop stuff into the coolant passages, very interesting exercise to get them out... (I should write a datsun for dummies book, you have no idea...)

    Looking for 70-73 headlight bucket will take fiberglass or metal Paypal ready thanks
  12. LS/T56/240z Project Mentor Wanted

    Building custom containment seat.
  13. 72 240Z LS1 T56 full suspension upgrades and 17X9&9.5 with fuel cell. 2500lbs wet. 2700 50/50 balance front rear and crossed with me in it.
  14. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    IMO the rear end is a little too plain without a bumper.
  15. Gas Monkey 280Z

    Beautiful car and well executed.... I’m just not a 2+2 fan in general
  16. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Glad you guys are enjoying it. That is one of the reasons I don't swear in these, as lots of guys watch it with their kids. I think I am going to go somewhere inbetween, and keep the bumper but make it sit a bit tighter and smoother.
  17. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    My 10 year old son and I are loving your videos. His vote is for a rear bumper but I'm liking your metal work skills and think you should go the shaved bum route...
  18. Revisiting the line lock

    Having blown out one of my lines, I completely agreed having a mechanical secondary would be nice. Granted kind of a make do with what I have situation at the moment. Nice to know this isn't a novel idea in our application.
  19. ignition switch?

    I had to disconnect the battery and then connect it back. I am replacing the ignition modual electrical portion.
  20. 280z Rolling Shell -no title MI

    Interested. PM'd you.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Now, on your transmission does your shifter slide in and out, like on the video in the first link I posted? Or does yours stay in place? Mine is coming out like a piston and I've wondered if it is indeed a pin missing that is supposed to stop that from backing out like it is, which would make sense why I can't even touch the 2nd, 4th, and reverse gears. I can;t even grind the gears, it's not engaging at all when I am able to shift into the area they're supposed to be. This piece, I've attached the picture showing the place where it slides in and out inside the circle, the arrows demonstrate it's movement.
  23. I'll double check the clip btu If I remember correctly it is the right pin. and (Ignore the caps lock haha) I ACTUALLY just REPLACED THE BUSING TO MAKE SURE THAT WASN'T IT EITHER, SO NO GO THERE. BUT THERE IS DEFINITELY A TON OF WIGGLE ROOM THAT HE talks about in the link you posted, my shifter will go left to right the entire width of the shifter hole. At least that's how it was before I changed the busing, it's a little less now but still a lot. That once again points it to that shifter limiter thing. I'll double check that and if that isn't the case I'll look into the fork. Bummer haha!
  24. 460ZGT Project Build

    Oh, and for my own note, the belt (Continental/Goodyear PN 4080685) fitment is for the following vehicles: INTERNATIONAL 3200 2004 INTERNATIONAL 4400 2002-2005 INTERNATIONAL 4400LP 2002-2005 INTERNATIONAL 8500 2002-2005 KENWORTH 22-210 1989 O-ring setup took a bit longer to design than I wanted, but size restraints, thermal expansion concerns for such a long cooler tube etc. all added time in. -126 & -123 o-rings will be used.
  25. Anyone have a datsun comp steering wheel they are willing to sell ?
  26. Midnight Madness 560z...

    Not really, got side tracked with another project and life and military stuff. It's still a go, I've been working a little bit on some cad stuff with the transmission and bellhousing but nothing substantial.
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