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  2. 280ZX at Bathurst

    Still has semi trailing arm rear suspension.
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  4. Hybrid Z Wind Tunnel Test

    Can't recall if there was a complete summary of all the results plus conclusions made of these tests but something like that would be gold. Apparently Freddy at Top Stage AU has done some wind tunnel testing of aero bits for a time attack S30, pretty outrageous compared with the old school race aero.
  5. RB/SR/VQ/VK swaps for 280ZX (s130)

    Just an observation, the 280ZX is a bitch to fit a V engine in, well a LS anyway. Specifically the exhaust, much custom $ work.
  6. 2JZ GTE VVTI 280Z swap/build questions

    Nope, I just bought the bracket. When you buy the AEM coils they come with plug kits. I'm building my own harnesses so this was better for my situation. The plug wires are from a MSD universal kit.
  7. 2JZ GTE VVTI 280Z swap/build questions

    Geno750, Just to get this straight, you are using the IGN1A kit from Induction Performance correct? If so are you using their coil kit harness as well? Coils will need to be addressed eventually on my build and your feedback is valued by me.
  8. 2JZ GTE VVTI 280Z swap/build questions

    I've been down your exact path for the most part so I'll share my findings. 1. Turbo choices are abundant and you're on the right path. Personally if you're after a response monster, EFR7670 will be all the turbo you'll need, you could even go 7163 and hit 500whp. The costs are even between them and the GTX mostly due to internal gates on the EFR making manifolds cheaper (Suprastore) and you don't have to buy an EWG. 2. Your transmission and rear end choice match very closely to the 350Z so no worries there. Clutch options are cheap too. 3. ECU choices are usually no longer limited to the engine but what your local tuners are proficient with, unless you're tunning it yourself. Also I wouldn't over think the body wiring too much, the cars are simple electrically and a painless/ez wire kit can take care of everything. 4. Go with stainless steel internal (E85 compatible) Bosch EV-14 type injectors, tons of companies offering them. I have donkey power (yes really) 1300cc injectors. DW are fine and have come a long way, I'd buy them if I was in the market. 5. This kinda ties into the ECU deal as well, but yes DBW eliminates the need for an IACV. The trick is getting the pedal and throttle to work with the ECU. Drift motion has this down pretty well if you go with an AEM infinity. Not sure on ECU Master's. 6. I'm using IGN1A's, they're awesome. There's a Facebook based company that makes a bracket for mounting them that comes with hardware. The induction performance one doesn't but McMaster Carr solves that problem.
  9. EZ POWER STEERING works great!

    is the new column still collapsible in a crash?
  10. We made a few races this year. Ran at the Historical Hutchinson Island raceway and the Roebling Road course. Both in Savannah Ga area. Here are the links for some of the races. We got an extra set of Z32 wheels so we can have street tires and track tires. Track tires are Pirelli P Zero 225 front and 245 rear. Of course the added traction changed the whole reaction of the car.
  11. Ms3x install

    AARRRGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! This IAC is PITA--OMG, ready for the BFH. After getting on the forums at EFI and doing some board changes I got the stepper to operate. Now much of this was my fault because I had a broken pin on my connector and wouldn't you know it was one of the coil sides of this stepper. The guys on the MS forums help me thru that crisis, but still can't get it to operate the way it should. Basically it is working the opposite way I want it too. It idles faster as it gets warmer. Can't tell if it's tuner studio or wiring. I don't think MS does very well explaining things on setting up these IAC's. Jeep IAC madness.msq
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  13. Invincible extremes 240z chevy v8 350 pro-touring build

    Completed the 4 speed conversion and took it out for a spin. Absolutely love it. Wishing I had more traction, but I can't risk breaking the stock stub axles.
  14. 1980 280zx

    So, little update from my last post. I did get the bumpers painted and back on. I also got a 79 slick top parts car and I'll be swapping the manual window doors over to my car before the next paint job. I picked up these legit fender mirrors from DATSMO and put them on this past weekend. I also picked up this Nardi wheel and custom shift knob from Nostalgic Grains. The parts car came with some electric fans and a Palnet fuel rail, so that's on mine now. I got a bolt kit from ZSpec and installed my newly powder coated valve cover. I'll leave you with a couple cool shots I got before I put the fender mirrors on.
  15. Megasquirt Relay Board with Bosch 044 fuse blowing

    ^ It's a very well proven design by Integrated Engineering. No reported issues that I have ever read from BT Audi/VW forums.
  16. So yesterday i got the box with parts back from the plating company. Everything got cleaned, zinc plated and yellow passivated. The colour is slightly different then last time (more redish). Probably due to the changed regulations for the mix of chemicals used for this procedure. Still quite happy with the result. Took me a while to sort through all the parts, but mostly figoured it out by now Started with the re-assembly of some parts. From this... To this (Hose brackets) From this... To this (hood closing mechanism..) This (the other part of the hood closing mechanism... (x2) And then finally got all the parts ready to re-assemble the shifter with the new bushings and some bushing grease. Before... After. And because fun, i decided to test-fit the Kameari Z-Shift knob as well. Thiss will be a perfect match once it's in the car Still have some parts to sort through and a lot to assemble. but need some pre-work on some parts first...
  17. 76 280z seat mount location/specs

    Right, forgot about that. Yeah, that hump is gonna have to go. I have a '76 as well, and I've been thinking about how to best deal with that. I think I'd probably try hammering it out first before cutting and welding.
  18. Looking for a really good alarm and electric locks. Searching for top quality brands. Thanks
  19. 76 280z seat mount location/specs

    Get the seats first; If you"re 6'3 test your but in the seats you are thinking of, alot of them are VERY narrow. You will find that the big tunnel bumpout, will be where most of your work will be concentrated. In order to get the seat low enough - and toward the center of the car... So the door will close.. If I was doing it again I think I would cut that whole shaped section out, and replace it with flat material.
  20. 240z Rear Beaver Panel

    I can get one. How do you plan to ship? Shipping will be a real bear since that is an oversized item. It is easier to get ahold of me via email; [email protected] Thanks, Daniel P.
  21. Megasquirt Relay Board with Bosch 044 fuse blowing

    That is a very small surge tank.
  22. 2jz or LS3

    First off welcome to the forums. 2nd, we don't really use the word best here, in fact it is a forum rule/guideline take a minute and peruse it, you will find a more intelligent discussion if you can phrase the question more precisely. One could make a numerical argument for something over the other, but best is a matter of opinion and is highly subject on purpose, use, budget, place in life, location, etc etc etc. There really is no best, semantically there can not be a best of two options, one can only be better then the other, once again still highly subject. They are very different engines that deliver power differently, it will be up to you to decide what you want. An LS3 could probably be pushed to 400 or so HP NA I imagine. Linear torque curve and all. The 2jzgte can hit 400 on the stock twins which are a sequential setup, a 2jzge NA-T could hit 400hp with a small single turbo. An LS3 swap may be easier to start, as the 2jz option only has one really good option for an off the shelf kit, which will set you back quite a bit more compared to an LS swap kit. The 2jz can be easier to add hp depending on your turbo selection and injector size it would be a matter of turning up the boost. Where as on the LS you might have to start considering forced induction if the power bug hit you. Does it have to be manual? The 2jz manual options can be pricey. The V160/161 occupying over half of your budget with a good clutch. The CD009 while being much cheaper is still quite a bit in the conversion/adapting hardware. The R154 while also substantially cheaper with upgrades and a twin disc is still a good amount of your budget. The W58 can be a very cheap option, but also is known for not holding too much torque and power, not really a long term option. Easiest I imagine would be going from chevy to chevy. Someone else might be able to chime in regarding the mounts and stuff between a 350 and an LS. Any reason you don't want to push the 350 to 400hp? That seems like a lot of money to save a bit of weight with the LS if that was the route to go. I imagine new heads, different intake, maybe even a supercharger or blower would put you in that range with very minimal work.
  23. WTB tokiko shocks

    So these are the tokiko a made for the Z no t the mr2 tokico ? Can u send me sum pics.
  24. 76 280z seat mount location/specs

    If you're going with racing seats, and you're a tall guy, you may as well ditch the stock brackets, which you don't have anyway, and just weld some tubing to the floor to mount your brackets to. This has been done, and you should find some info on doing that in posts by John C.
  25. Hey Gang, So finally got around to clearing everything out from inside the 76 280Z. I knew that he did some work on the floor pan, and I also knew he threw out the seats. What I did not know was that he did not save the seat mounts from the floors. That dick bag. What do I need to do? Fab the mounts? That’s my thought. I’m gonna get the racing seats from MSA in the long run, and and they have the bracket that I can purchase and use that as the template for making the mounts. I would only then need the location narrowed down. I’m 6’3 so space is kinda tight, can’t really afford to give much of it away lol.
  26. 2jz or LS3

    I currently have a 73' 240z that I bought with a chevy 350 already swapped in. Currently this car is my daily driver and I'm looking for another engine to swap In. I think I have decided that i should either get the LS3 or the 2jz. I'm looking for about 400+ horsepower and I would like this car to be somewhat smooth and daily drive-able. I have about 12k to spend on the whole swap including the tranny and all the extra accessory pieces needed. I probably won't autocross or drag this car and it will just remain as a street machine. What setup do you guys thing would be best?
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