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  2. gmorrone1214

    S13 Throttle Body TPS issue

    How would I wire this to Megasquirt? The middle pin should be the signal wire, but how do I know which pin is the ground and the other power?
  3. Bigstauf

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    New to the S130. Sorry, no pics yet. Post soon. Just got an 81 280ZX smooth top 2+2 with 79K on the clock. Not my favorite Z but..got it cheap. Also got an option of a donor car with an SR20DET motor w/Garrett T, 5-speed, 5-lug spindles/ brakes and coilovers from a 300Z. So...anyone done S13 suspension conversion on an 81 2+2? Any gotchas on the SR20DET and Tranny swap?
  4. Today
  5. malibud

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

    Bump surely there is one out there some where
  6. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    I’ve finally picked a color..... going in the shop in June and hope to get her back August 1.
  7. Villeman

    center console harness 280z

    Hey, does anybody have a spare 75-76 280z center console harness? Its the one with the 3x3 hazard switch plug and the black radio connector. Don´t want to butcher my one since somehow a 77-78 got in there which is in far too good condition to modify. Its the one from the two black plugs (C10 and C11) to the radio, hazard etc. Like this one, only with the 3x3 connector. thanks
  8. Villeman

    75-76 Hazard switch

    Yes, the 3x3 one! Do you also have the small piece of harness running from the 2 black plugs (C10 and C11) to the hazard switch? would buy both switch and cable
  9. joyce_mor

    A little help with parking lights / headlights

    Will it be better if you seek a help from a pro?
  10. seattlejester

    Measurements for CD009 and R154 and trans tunnel

    The black sensor on the passenger side is the neutral position switch. I think it would be safe just to cut the plastic and the tabs off. Reverse switch is on the driver side and is a light blue color. Drive shaft yoke apparently is a Spicer 3503-323 (only online verified, I'll have to ask at the drive shaft store) Energy Suspension GM style polyurethane mount should work, may require a bit of filing for the spacing. 3.1108R or 3.1108G is almost 2 inches tall at 1 15/16 inch. 3.1158R or 3.1158G is the same mount but lower profile and comes in at 1 5/8 inch tall. There is a 3.1142R and 3.1142G, but it does not have the diagrams. Additionally you can apparently use the Z32 (300zx) style mounts. Those are more interesting in that it is a plate with side rubber forward and aft. Or you can stick with the stock mount. Example of the shortened stock shifter. You can't do more without changing the selector shaft to receive like a ball and socket for the pivot action.
  11. Hope this helps. Using a Test light or Multi-meter: Check for power at the fuse block(see diagram of fuse block), both ends of the fuse should have power. Power on one side and not the other means bad fuse or fuse connection. Check to see if you have power (from the fuse box) on #2 in diagram (Grn/Blk) wire at the connector on the column that leads to your Combo Switch. If so, Jumper #2 to #1 (Grn/Wht) which leads to the marker lights and your markers should light up. If lights work with jumper but not when plugged back into switch and in on position then switch is the issue. (1977 280z Wiring)
  12. supershanesta

    Just Vinyl Wrapped my 240z... Here are my thoughts

    Thanks for the responses guys. I appreciate it! My car did look like shit for sure, but turned out okay. Wrapping the z is doable with patience's. If you paint it in good shape this is a good option for sure. I actually was just speaking with a guy who finished a 240z and he only charged 1500 which included the vinyl. I was thinking next time I would have them do it. It turned out great. Anyways here the final results!!! The hard part was taking off all the locks, windows, door handles, and finding the same bolts to put it back together.
  13. As a side note, I replaced my turn signals with LEDs as well on my 77 280z. I didn't use any load resistors. I simply replaced my flashers with electronic ones from Rockauto, Oreilly's has them too. They've been working great for a couple years now.
  14. Hmm the bending in the fuse means it was using quite a few amps of the rating. Question is was it going to blow and something else went first. Continuity setting is your friend in tracing wires. If I knew more about the 280z wiring harness I would offer advice. On a friend's honda, he installed an LED backwards for one of the interior lights and shorted his entire interior light circuit. We replaced the fuse and it blew again. Found the bulb, flipped it and it stopped blowing.
  15. Paint scraper I think is the go to. Usually made out of stainless so it is pretty hard, angle it so it acts as a ramp. Employ two, one on each side and push the upright down. Heat can make them a bit more pliable, but really you don't want them to deform. If that doesn't work you can shave a little bit off. The arms can come in a bit if you tighten it, but you have to make sure you don't take too much off or it will want to bind the sleeve to the pin.
  16. yes. you got it right. adjustability. and behavior under compression.
  17. Art Morrisson CNC bent. Wouldn't do it again. They did a great job but we ended up cutting them anyway to improve footwell space. Would have been easier just to start with raw steel. But they did fit the Z06 front end for me according to specs- so some convenience. Ha! rear suspension. yes. crazy. I did it for fun. Totally not necessary. But cool.
  18. Anything else I should check before laborously tracing wires around the car looking for frayed insulation/shorts?
  19. Today I finally did this and it came out within about 5 minutes. Now I'm fighting the new bushings that are slightly thicker so they don't want to fit over the spindle upon reinstall. I think I saw some people freeze them or something to shrink them and get the control arm back in place? Are there other clever tricks for this or should I just sand a milimeter or two off the bushings? edit: here's a couple images of what I'm talking about
  20. maximus35

    Tons of body kits for sale!!

    Body kits:Jim Cook Racing CAL-Z Wide Body Kit x2: $600 each, some cracks but in good usable shapecomplete 940Z kit: $800 nice kit in good shapekaminari kit: $800 new, never mountedIMSA kit with G-Nose: $1000 good usable shapeIMSA front and rear fenders: $700Whale tails x3: $200 eachWhale tail and hatch x2: $500 eachComplete GTO Velo Rossa kit: $4000 never mounted on a car with no cracks at allMisc mold-on fender flares set of four x3: $75 each, various condition some have minor cracksrear 3 piece spoilers x3: $75 each, various condition some have minor cracksFiberglass Hoods x10: most of these hoods are unique, but i have cowl induction hoods, stock style hoods, and one-of-a kind hoods. Each are $300 and are in good shape and mountable with no major damageMSA Type 1 like style Air dams (Ducted) x8: $100 each, these are also slightly different but the same style, although a few are the flexible urethane typeThere's probably some kits im forgetting but this is the bulk of them, i will be uploading pictures soon but if youre interested in any of the kits or are looking for a specific kit please dont hesitate to call me at 770-361-8955 or if i dont answer call my friend at 770-722-7250 and i can tell you what we have and send you pictures. Parts are located in Auburn, GA at my shop
  21. Yesterday
  22. Intake leak = lean sag upon opening throttle. Fix the leak first. Assuming you have SU carbs the fuel bowel float settings and mixture adjustment are important. Many many recent posts on the problem you are having. Research SU carbs and search Hybridz for your carb issues.
  23. ScramblerX

    Quafe R200 LSD install

  24. JMortensen

    Quafe R200 LSD install

  25. ScramblerX

    Quafe R200 LSD install

    Thanks for the link - i did read that process but its a little over my head. For one - i am not sure what "backlash" is? I was hoping there was something with pictures or diagrams or a tutorial for the diff newbie. thanks,
  26. Neverdone

    Does anyone know this kit?

    That's a photoshopped 370z.
  27. JMortensen

    Quafe R200 LSD install

  28. ScramblerX

    Quafe R200 LSD install

    I just picked up a 76 r200 and a brand new quafe LSD. I've never opened up a diff before - any recommendations? Can anybody point me to a how-to? thanks
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