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  2. 280zx ignition module with Megasquirt - is it necessary?

    Advantages to running an external Ignition Module: 1: Ignition modules are noisy electrically ( EMI ) . For that reason, some builders of MS prefer to keep the high current Ignition coil drivers ( BIP373 IGT) outside of the ECU box. Or they build a Faraday cage around the Power Transistors. An external Module, be it a Nissan Matchbox module, aftermarket Ignition amplifier, such as a Bosch or DIY Quadspark unit or even a CDI box, will be isolated outside of the ECU as far as EMI noise is related. Very few manufacturers such as Haltech, Link Adaptronics, or AEM, ever include the High Amperage draw IGT drivers isiden the ECU. They all use external modules to reduce EMI. Logic coil drivers are not the same thing. They are low amperage circuits and don't produce the EMI that the IGT BIP-373 coil drivers Advantages of BIP 373 drivers ( IGT ) 2: The BIP373 drivers are cheap ( $8.50 each ) work well and provide a slightly cleaner install over external modules. We are referring to dumb coil packs of course. Logic coils such as LS2 do not require IGT coil drivers. Cons of external Modules. 1: More cost if one has to be purchased. Can be quite expensive if going more than a single coil. You need at least a 3 Channel coil Module for a 3 Coil Pack Wastespark system. That can be fairly expensive. Although you can sometimes find used 3 Channel Bosch modules for a reasonable price. . Audi V6 and BMW inlne 6's prior to about 2000 had these. 2: Additional wiring. The Nissan matchbox module would have to be re-wired to use the Programmable Timing curve features of the MS. And the distributor would have to be locked out. Not really a Module issue, but rather a choice of distributor type. Cons of Internal coil drivers. IE ( BIP-373 IGT coil drivers ) 1: They produce an ENI field. Nota good thing to have inside an ECU with very sensitive micro-orocessors. 2: They get hot. The more of the BIP-373 drivers you have, the more heat is pumped into the ECU case. Heat is not good for electronics. Worst case scenario for an L-6 would probably be three BIP-373's firing 3 x Waste-Spark " dumb " coil packs.
  3. No Power to Half of Each Injector

    the second side is GROUND from the computer to complete the circuit.
  4. Gas Monkey 280Z

    They used many of our SR20DET swap parts with a Wiring Specialties harness. Mack
  5. 280zx ignition module with Megasquirt - is it necessary?

    Shielding should only be grounded inside the ECU. The other end should never be grounded to anything....
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  7. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    Hopefully someone has some information on that carbon fiber option. Urethane and the temps that we experience here in NM just doesn’t make too much sense to me.
  8. L28et Dizzy no rpm Ms2extra

    I think Issa has a faulty CAS sensor as well. Trigger and Tooth logs are all over the place and intermittent. Car ran great one run, then as I watched in real time, the Tooth logs took a dump and the car died. Trigger logs and Tooth logs were very broken up. Think CAS said.... Buh Bye!!
  9. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    Does anyone know where they sell a type 1 ducted in carbon fiber? I love the look of one I found on Instagram, but can’t seem to find somewhere that sells it.
  10. New front speaker.. Installed 2 speakers in the rear. Waiting on interior carpet.
  11. MS2 3.0 w/ MS2extra No Spark

    +1. With a brain like an encyclopedia he's a great and knowledgeable helping hand in the community that's for sure!
  12. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    https://skillard.com/products/240z-turn-signal-plates These?
  13. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    That one is the one I have. I bought it on ebay, don't remember which is cheaper right now. Ships in a full size box so it's not folded up. Fitment is good, you just have to ignore the recessed bumper areas on the air dam. They don't go as far back as the recesses on the headlight buckets. Just line it up from the wheel wells and center the middle with the point of the hood and you're good. Skillard developed some turn signal backing plates for this stuff and I didn't realize why until I had it. The 240z turn signals barely have any material to hold onto. That's the only complaint. Buy the Xenon 3124 wherever it's cheapest and add the skillard plates and it'll be perfect.
  14. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    I like the lights in the box roof. Right now, there are 21ft of LED strip in there, of which around 15ft still work after being abused quite a bit. I had always planned to update the wiring for them when I removed the plywood on the walls, so I only did a temporary zip-tie installation. Instead of updating this installation, I thought I'd go for something a bit more modular ... and add a bit more lighting as well. Fast-forward a bit of measurement and math, and I've spent around $50 buying lighting replacements. The end result is 10 1meter strips that fit together pretty much perfectly. The aluminum channel acts as a basic heatsink, the lights are insulated from shorting out on it, and the light is diffused (not a lot, but it's enough). The aluminum channel makes them rigid enough that they could easily be moved and installed elsewhere at an event. I still need to consider how I want to mount them to the roof spars (ideally to the canopy, on jackstands, etc as well), and solder on the XT-60 connectors I've standardized on ... but this represents a serious lighting upgrade. To support that upgrade, I've added another group65 battery to the box truck. Each group65 battery is rated for 85aH, so that's around 2000 watt-hours (not counting the box truck primary battery or generator for recharging). With all of these lights running at the same time, they draw a little under 200w ... giving me around 10 hours of continuous use. I'm definitely planning to run some other accessories on these, so the generator is still a must-have, but that's pretty promising. That 365mm is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Is the 205mm the lowest surface of the corresponding front mount?
  15. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    Anyone have any experience personally owning this one? https://www.amazon.com/Xenon-3124-Brake-Ducts-Urethane/dp/B0007Z6LXI
  16. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    I was looking at fiberglass for the added rigidity. I can always reinforce a urethane one I guess. So the xenon has pretty good quality and fitment? Thanks for the input!
  17. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    If you're going ducted, buy the urethane one directly from Xenon. Fitment is great and it doesn't ship folded over like MSA mails them. If you're looking for the fiberglass ducted then you're out of luck, MSA seems to have notoriously poor fitment on some of their fiberglass parts. I thought Retro-spec might make one, but they only have the non-ducted type 1.
  18. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    That’s what I was afraid of. I have previously emailed ztrix and was told by them that their quality was comparable to MSA yet were significantly more expensive. The guy wasn’t doing a good job convincing me to go with his product...
  19. MS2 3.0 w/ MS2extra No Spark

    I would just like to express my thanks for Chickenman's help throughout his whole process of making sure my wiring was correct to getting the car tuned and running. He went above and beyond to help me sort things out (we have over 50 emails back and forth ) and I would recommend his help to anyone who needs a good baseline tune and some help understanding how tuner studio works. After 2 calls with him, my car is running well! I would highly recommend contacting him.
  20. L28et Dizzy no rpm Ms2extra

    Softopz, It was related to my second faulty CAS sensor. I replace it and I got rpm signal with zero drops. Thanks, Shane
  21. 280zx ignition module with Megasquirt - is it necessary?

    Do you know how to create a log file? Start it and runit for a while and then send it to me. Also include the tune. I can see if I have the time to take a look. I am doing fuel only with my (non turbo) setup. It's the first step, once that is working you do timing. Are you sure your MS is driving the timing? I will do what Chickenman suggested as well, but I will probably buy the Quad Spark module and maybe the IGN-6.
  22. I don't get the reply option under threads under the FAQ section, using opera on win10, specifically miscellaneous tech.
  23. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    I have the MSA front spoiler and the quality is garbage.
  24. To bore or not to bore

    At the end of the day do you really want to cheap out on something that could potentially cause premature failure, breaking down on the side of the road and possibly hundreds/thousands in fixing it again?..... Spend the $40 a cylinder and get it taken care of by the shop ... Just my personal experience and opinion.
  25. Anyone in DFW know where I can find a driver side door for a 71 240z? I'm not finding any luck on craigslist and the original Z junk yard seems to no longer have Z's?
  26. I have an early 260z project that I’m working on. After some research I decided to go with the marugen shoukai special type zg fender flares. The next hung I’ve been looking at has been a type 1 ducted air dam. It seems that MSA is the most popular choice. Are there other choices of a higher quality and with better fit/finish? Star road seems to be an option but Is the price (~$900) really justifiable? Also any thoughts on the highest quality higher style bre rear spoiler option available?
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