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  1. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    yeah took me a good 25 minutes to get it running last. but then again it was 35ish degrees
  2. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    I know how what its like lol. My Acura starts up every time. I can sit there turning the Z over for a good 5 minutes sometimes.
  3. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    Yeah i'm 17 as well and i've learned most of my knowledge from my dad. I find my auto class at school a joke. I got my Z from my uncle after it sat for 15 20ish years in his garage so i got it back to running condition about 2 years ago and i just find the dual carbs and the L24 to be too unreliable for me and too expensive to upgrade.
  4. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    Oh ok that makes alot more sense.
  5. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    Yeah i wouldnt consider myself an auto mechanic but i know enough to do the swap. I'm familiar with my Z only and not the differences between years so that is why i asked. I wont be doing it by my self either i've got a friend that has done ka24 and sr20 swaps and hes going to be helping me with this.
  6. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    Hey Pat1 i was thinking about the trans mount for the swap im guessing your 280z had the manual in it, so i was just thinking, would the trans mount from the auto/manual 240z be the same? I'm not familiar with this as much as other things and if nissan was smart enough they would've produced the same trans mounts for the auto and manual for production costs but i could be wrong because i do believe manuals are smaller in size.
  7. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    Hey Apex944 its cool it actually helps me out as well for when i do my swap.
  8. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    Oh alright, will consider that then when i get it.
  9. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    Alright sounds good. Ill keep in touch for i will be ordering my motor within a week or two (hopefully). Thanks!
  10. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    Hey Pat, since you have done this swap into you Z, i was wondering if you would be able to help me out with swapping one into mine (information wise). How much do you charge for building the oil pan?
  11. S30/RB20 swap motor mounts

    And the weight distribution is good with this? What did you do for a drive shaft?
  12. Hello, I am planning on doing a RB20DET motor swap into my 72 240z from a 92 R32 GT-S. I have seen a few of these motor swaps into a S30 and i really enjoy the sound of 2.0L Inline 6's. So, I am wondering if anybody knows where i could get a hold of motor mounts and/or transmission mounts for a RB20/S30 swap. Thank you!
  13. Vote for the 240Z to appear in Forza 3!

    I own Forza 3 as well. The Z in the game is not a 240z, it is the 432 Fairlady Z. They are basically the same car, but in japan the "s30z" (70-73) came with different engine options unlike how we just got the L24 (70-73). Im not sure why they would put a second s30z in the game but hey it would still be cool.