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  1. looking for coilover suspension. Prefer completed assembly in used condition. Let me know what you may have available. Not really looking for a kit but would consider at right price. Used SCCA ITS suspension would be best.
  2. race needles...You have to take the needles out and measure the diameter at various intervals. If you give me your data, I can tell you if you have modified needles. Note that needles are only part of the equation. The quality of the seat needs to be considered. Not something that is usually replaced in a rebuild. Since you mention that they look fatter leads me to believe that they are not race needles. In any case, the video you posted looks very much like a lean condition at quick throttle apply. I assume when you mention happening at mid RPM, you are punching the throttle and get the hesitation/backfire. "race" needles should help with this vs the other way around. The second reason I think it lean is again your comment on the needles begin fat, which supports you having a lean condition at quick throttle. My question is what oil are you using? I would expect that the piston is moving up too fast and causing the lean condition. In essence, you have "disabled" accelerator pump design of these SUs (the "accelerator pump" is built into the design of the movement of needle and piston) That relationship is critical for good response. On another note, these SUs are happier if you run slightly rich, so tune them that way.
  3. Having trouble accesing private messages

    Does seem to be running slow.
  4. I'll post a pic when I get it off the car. We had a 110v welder that I was able to tack it so could drive the car on trailer. The welder wasn't powerful enough to penetrate. Give me a few days and I'll post
  5. anyone have experience racing with the billet axles? Did anyone decide to use the 300M for road racing? They're all pretty expensive vs using the 280z with regular inspection. Broke mine at VIR and trying to decide what to put on the car for the next races.
  6. Hello all, sorry to raise this topic back up. I recently have the same problem on the road race car. Same separation with 280z stub axles. Wondering if anyone has tried to improve the strength. I have thought about welding each on both sides. Any experiences? Has anyone switched to billet in order to eliminate the issue?