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  1. 240Z Turbo

    Bigger Air Filter = Better?

    As a rule of thumb the filter flow, in cfm at standard pressure drop, should be ~1.5x the hp it is supporting. This means for 500hp you want a filter to flow 750cfm. That doesn't mean you can't make the same hp with a smaller filter, but you will have a higher pressure drop. Whether turbo or NA, pumps don't like restrictions on the suction side. K&N doesn't list flow numbers on their site, but if you call they will provide.
  2. As previously stated, you "cut down the backside of the outer portion of the pulley" so you don't get into the bonded section.
  3. On a lathe I cut down the backside of the outer portion of the pulley equivalent to the thickness of trigger wheel. I then secured to the outer pulley by drilling/taping 3-4 holes and using locktite. I searched for pics of my old setup, but couldn't find any. Below is an example, but not mine.
  4. If the trigger wheel is larger in diameter vs the pulley you can machine the backside of the pulley to attach the trigger wheel. This is how I did it several times in the past with no issue.
  5. used L4N71B on a for drag racing and went ~129mph in the 1/4. Tranny held find, but due to excessive pressure it pushed out the front seal so definitely needs some additional case breathing. Biggest issue was getting someone to build a good converter and options were few and far between. Here is a link to the valve body mods. http://www.eng.famu.fsu.edu/~jthagard/4n71b/
  6. 240Z Turbo

    05L head use

    I also have an O5L head that I plan to use for my son's build so thanks for posting the pics. If you can provide some wall measurements for the intake & exhaust ports that would be great. I was the one who posted P90 cross section pics and the link is below. http://www.eng.famu.fsu.edu/~jthagard/3liter/pics/P90/
  7. 240Z Turbo

    Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    Nice results TimZ!
  8. The car actually made more torque, probably over 550ft-lbs @ wheels. The dyno graph below was running 28psi balls rich with no nitrous. At the track I would run ~20psi and spray 125shot. I ran it like this for many years with no issues, but you need to make sure the car is not detonating or it could be disastrous.
  9. I ran race prepped (peen & polish) 240Z rods making over [email protected] and trapping 134mph in the quarter. Stock prepped rods are suitable for your goals.
  10. Purchased a decent 1971 for $1500. Going to build this car for my son who is currently 13yo, which is about how long it has been since I sold my last 240Z. I will start a build thread when the time is right, but expect it to be turbocharged and likely a hybrid of new school and old school parts.
  11. 240Z Turbo

    L28ET custom exhaust manifold experiment

    1.06 a/r T4 TS from ATP on the current setup. Keep in mind that ideally you should pair it with a TS header with dual (separate) gates. You would need to measure exhaust back pressure (EBP) to understand if the housing is sized appropriately for a 2.8L, but for sub 600hp I think it would be a good option. I think ideally you want to see 1.5x boost pressure when measuring EBP. As a note, the new TS turbine housings from Honeywell are actually sized to have equivalent cross sectional area to an open scroll. So a 1.01 a/r T3 TS would have the same flow as a 1.01 a/r T3 OS.
  12. 240Z Turbo

    L28ET custom exhaust manifold experiment

    Yes, the EVO manifold is sch10 from Treadstone. The advantage is that you have the ability to get tight radius bends that are not otherwise available with standard 0.065" stainless. For an L28 manifold it would be more suitable since there are space constraints. I also found that short runner manifolds do hella-good for spool on a street car where response is critical. I may suffer on the topend vs a long runner manifold, but I really like the boost response. On my 2L I make 27.3psi @ 3848rpm with a GTX3576r and 27.4 @4351rpm with a GTX3582r both logged in 3rd gear.
  13. 240Z Turbo

    L28ET custom exhaust manifold experiment

    Sweet looking manifold and the design is unique. As others have stated put the slips on the straight legs after the 1-2 merge and 5-6 merge. A single slip can have leakage, but it is not typically audible and more so that you can see carbon blow-by over time. I personally prefer a double slip over single just because and that is what I use on manifolds I fabricate. (sorry Tim ) As a note, the welds look hot so if you didn't use a flux paste or purge you could end up with cracking regardless of slip joints. Also, if this is 0.065" it should be 321SS and not 304SS or it will likely crack. FYI, this was the first 0.065" 304SS twinturbo manifold I made back in 2002, which ended up cracking. So we all learn from our experiences over time. This is a manifold I made for my EVO in 2012 and it is still going strong after 40K miles. Thick walled 316SS twinscroll with double slip joint.
  14. 240Z Turbo

    L6 turbo tube header

    FYI, just some pics I saved in the past of various L28 turbo headers. Contact Walker @ www.MPFAB.com and I am sure he can design/build a header for this application for less than $2500. http://www.eng.fsu.edu/~jthagard/Zturboheader/