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  1. Does anyone own my old Z?

    Man, I miss having a Z. That's too bad about the rust. I never actually had any of the body panels off except for the hood. I'm glad it didn't get sent to the crusher.
  2. Does anyone own my old Z?

    Have you done anything with it?
  3. Does anyone own my old Z?

    Hey all. I've been feeling all nostalgic and regretful... Anyone here still own HLS30-17955? I hope it's still alive somewhere. I forgot who bought it.
  4. Centerforce Dual Friction

    I have a USED centerforce dual friction clutch for sale. Probably about 20k miles on it. Very good condition. I never raced on it. Nice smooth engagement, no chatter. I repainted the pressure plate because the cleaner I used started taking the paint off, and I'm neurotic about that sort of thing. I'm asking $100.00. Buyer pays shipping. Thanks. This is for the NA flywheel.
  5. 71 240Z roller for sale

    The car has sold to Owen. Thank you everyone for your interest.
  6. 71 240Z roller for sale

    How is that possible? The VINs and date's are consecutive. I thought it to be impossible to have an earlier prod. date car with a higher VIN. Looks like someone is either playing around with VIN plates or door plates. And mine has the vents on the hatch, not the C pillars and not tool box doors. I've always been envious of the tool box doors.
  7. 71 240Z roller for sale

    The car is definately a series one. Production date 12/70
  8. 71 240Z roller for sale

    I'll have her keep her eyes open. See ya at nyzcc
  9. 71 240Z roller for sale

    Hey Clive, How's it going? Yup, pretty much everything. I still have the Centerforce clutch that nobody seems to want. I'll own another one when the money situation gets better. My mother is moving to Texas this summer, so I'll have someone down there to find me a rust free one when I'm ready. The Z is pretty much sold. I'll let everyone know if the sale falls through. Thanks
  10. 71 240Z roller for sale

    Hi all, I've finally decided to let her go. 71 240Z HLS30-17955 Early 71- Vents on hatch KYB struts MSA springs ST sways Good seats No dash Various poly bushings not installed, not sure if they're all still there Mustache bar for R200 Rewired with Painless kit Hella H4 headlights No motor or trans. Mild rust in the usual places (doglegs, around hatch, couple of small holes in driver's side floor) Dents in driver's front fender (not bad, fixable) Good doors Overall good condition I'll throw in all my spare parts $500.00 firm Location: Mystic, CT I can be contacted at 860-912-4685 Please leave a message Thanks, Brian
  11. Throttle linkage for my Weber IDA conversion

    Okay, nitrous or vacuum lines?
  12. Amazing color on a 240z

    Porsche 911 has 4 seats too. But that's not a sports car right?
  13. Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    Why doesn't anyone just get what's available and have them painted or powdercoated to your liking? And besides... $750 for custom wheels? You could always pay triple and get them quickly elsewhere. Not to sound like a jerk.
  14. 40 mm DRLA & IDF Velocity stacks, fit weber 40 DCOE??

    I don't think Dellorto stacks will fit Webers. Don't the Weber stacks sort of insert into the venturi?
  15. Sidedraft help?

    Are you running a return line? My Dell's will pour fuel out of the chokes without a return fuel line. The floats shouldn't be the problem if it's only pouring fuel from one choke. Maybe you have a vacuum leak on that cylinder. If you don't have a strong enough vacuum signal, the fuel won't be drawn down the intake.