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  1. vg30et parts!

    got a aux air idle control?
  2. vg30et parts!

    u got a vg30et oil pan?
  3. wtb stock 87 turbo

    Doing a NA2T and the turbo I have is too big and I am unable to fab a motor mount so in the mean time I want to put a stock turbo on so i can atleast drive my baby.
  4. wtb 87 motor mount turbo inlet

    I'm looking for a driver side motor mount that allows turbo inlet through the mount needs to be close to 4" diameter. 87 z31 Email or pm [email protected]
  5. turbo inlet NA2T

    I have seen that done in my case I'm not running an intercooler yet I had thought about putting it between the turbo and the throttle body. There's just not a whole lot of room I have been considering a 90 degree coupler off the turbo to a pipe to the maf. I've been looking at a few different setups on redz31.net with a possible different motor mount but I'm unable to make something like that.
  6. turbo inlet NA2T

    Explain blow through maf. Like just let it sit without plumbing it
  7. turbo inlet NA2T

    Pics and right price?
  8. turbo inlet NA2T

    Ok so I've been working on my 87 NA2T swap for a while I have hit a snag bc my turbo has a 4" inlet and I need to find a pipe with about 2.5 - 3 inch length before it makes a 90 degree bend to clear the motor mount any ideas?
  9. wastegate test

    probably a dumb question but i think i f'd up my external wastegate by bending the actuator where it goes in the housing. my question is would it be ok to blow a small amount of air through it with my compressor
  10. oil pan

    i am getting ready to tap my oil pan for a oil return. i was wonderiung if anyone could provide the measurments for the location of the return? i figure i could fill it with 4 qts of fluid and tap above the fluid line.
  11. Train-wreck from under the hood

    hows your a/c? cant hurt to check compressor make sure its charged.
  12. How do I adjust the idle speed?

    on the ECU? uh huh
  13. 280zx turbo downpipe

    towing cost money i dont have i have the cast elbow. i just thought it could replace the elbow. either way you say the bolt patterns are difrent so oh well. figured it was a dumb question
  14. 280zx turbo downpipe

    this post probobly doesnt go here but what the hell. i wanted to know if anyone knew wether a turbo downpipe from a 280zx would fit a 87 300zx. i would be using the garret stock nissan 7 bolt flange to my turbo. the Z store has one My link its probobly a dumb question but i can get one ofe these for 20 bucks so if it fits sweet if not im screwed. i cant weld my own and i cant drive it to my local shop without a downpipe. so thanks in advance guys
  15. WTB turbo exhaust

    im looking for a 84-89 turbo front exhaust tube. this would be the pipe between turbo elbow and the cat. also known as a downpipe