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  1. Mishimoto VS Champion Radiators

    95 ford tarus fan on champion 3 core shroud just needs trimming, fits and works great.
  2. Edelbrock Estreet EFI Review

    Its an external pump.
  3. Edelbrock Estreet EFI Review

    Yes the pump came with the kit. Pump is mounted below lowest point of the fuel cell, so is the fuel line from the fuel cell to the fuel pump and filter.
  4. Edelbrock Estreet EFI Review

    The tach issue was fixed after I installed a accel ignition. The fuel pressure issue is still going on, I purchased their returnless kit and installed to the specs in their instructions. I used both of their supplied fuel filters in the required locations. They latter told me that they stoped offering the returnless fuel system, due to issues with it. They expected me to shell out money and pay for another compatable fuel system, I think it was above 350$. The fan issue was due to fauilty ecu drivers, the fans are supposed to turn off 15 degrees below the turn on temperture. The negitive signal would flicker on and off, rather than staying soild like it is supposed too. Yes the ecu and relay grounds were verified to be sufficent.
  5. I purchased the returnless kit, which is no longer offered. I installed the system, which was pretty easily. The car would not start, after calling tech support through Edelbrock and buying a ignition box, because a stock HEI modual doesn't emit a strong enough signal that the ECU could pick up. It would have been nice if that was mentioned in their instructions, as I did read them completely before installing. The system finaly seemed to work, after driving the car for a couple of weeks I started having problems with the electric fan outputs causing my relay to click on and off at a annoying rate (every second or two). I checked all wiring and tried differn't relays, to no avail. The tech support always took my information telling me that the problem was weird, and they would have their engineers call me back on two seprate occasions, but they never did. The other problem I had was fuel pressure fluctuations while I would drive it, errors would constantly pop up (FUEL PSI HI) (Fuel PSI LOW). Tech support offered to sell me another fuel system which is really ludicrous, considering I paid a lot of money for a system that they discontinued (returnless). When the system was working throttle response was awsome, along with power, but this system obviously has many issues, fuel economy was adversly effected. The included tablet is very cheap looking and seems to be from china. I wish I could return it, I guess I will call tech support again and see if they will fix these problems.
  6. Los Angeles area transmission guy

    I bought an level 2 from bowtie overdrives, they do very good work. I have 10 k on my trans. I learned along time ago to never trust transmission shops. Call them and ask how much they would charge you.
  7. Thoughts on sound dampening, mat or spray?

    I went with Fatmat, I doubled up on the floor and doors, it works as advertised. I would try lizard skin if I had to do it again, just make sure you get all of the areas, and to wipe everything with paint thinner to promote adhesion.
  8. I am running a 15/16 master cylinder with no booster, stock front and 280zx disk in the rear. pedal effort is increased, but as said before it feels right, it matches not having power steering. Brakes are much more predictable and provide better feedback, you can still lock them up but it is very hard with 245s all around. I am running a V8, stock pivot point, stock mount hole, and a shortened rod out of the old brake booster. It has worked flawlessly for a street setup.
  9. R200 stock rubber 1.045 average, R180 solid I shaved my mount down as it was too tall, it is now 0.900 and worked okay. I hated my old solid mount, I went the Ron Tyler route, and love it. I am curious why you are designing a solid mount?
  10. Basic questions

    The 4 center bolts are angled vertical, an older intake will work, but the center holes will have to be drilled, also the ports on older intakes are smaller. any vortec intake will work. I have an 88 tbi motor in my car, professonial products hurricane intake for vortec heads bolted right on, ports are very close too.
  11. Silver mine

    I bought a set of wheels from him, no problems.
  12. Tips for a z v8 build

    I am running a hurrcaine manifold with jtr mounts I have about 2 1/4 in clearence from the carb till the hood, I had a lot of trouble finding an air cleaner, I am running an 1406 carb with an drop base trick flow air cleaner pn xyz-3003, I had to heat up the base to make clearence for the electric choke. saying its a tight fit is an under statement. you should have no problem with thoses intakes.
  13. Vapor engine

    I just watched a documentry on Netflix called Gas Hole. I was wondering if anyone, has had sucess, or expermented with this idea. I searched google and came up with videos and shematics, apperntly it works to some limit, getting 100 mpg with increased power would be cool.
  14. GM announces new LT1 motor

    wow, that has a very high fuel pressure.
  15. What would YOU do...

    i would sell the short block to them, unless you know you could get more some where else. I would much rather by an engine from a machine shop than craigslist, I would pay alot more too.