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  1. WTB: Turbo Dizzy

    I have dizzy shaft & cas let me know
  2. 280ZX FPR

    I think I have one let me know
  3. Wanted: R200 moustache bar for S30

    I have on pm me
  4. Ls1 pcm

    Thanks for the replies,I put pcm's in the glove box and relays on passenger kick panel
  5. Ls1 pcm

    Been searching to see where the ls1 guys are mounting there pcm's and fuse/relays pics would be great thanks
  6. 2400 valve cover

    How much is a 2400 valve cover worth ?
  7. 1970 240 seats

    Looking for a set of 70 z seats let me know what you have Paypal ready.
  8. early 240z valve cover '2400cc' wanted

    I have one if your still looking pm me
  9. WTB fuel pump

    Looking for a stock fuel pump for a 78 280 Z
  10. Super Magnum t56 fitment

    Don't know about super magnum but my t56 magnum fit had to grind down a small portion of the trans case in my 70. 240.
  11. '82 ZXT Epic Smog FAIL! (1042 HC!)

    Yes the shaft does wear, in my case the shaft looked ok but would not keep time. If the timing is correct you should be able to adjust it from 17-23. If you can't retard past 22 you may not have the spindle installed correctly
  12. '82 ZXT Epic Smog FAIL! (1042 HC!)

    Need to set timing up correctly. I think the timing should be at 20 btdc on turbo cars. I had a 280zxt and it wouldn't hold timing at 20 found it had a worn distributor shaft.
  13. '82 ZXT Epic Smog FAIL! (1042 HC!)

    Timing on turbo cars is 20 + -3 degrees. Can't tell visually if cat is good. You can take emission readings before and after cat.
  14. Inline 8

    I have an inline 8 in my 1950 Buick roadmaster. Huge engine it's almost half the size of the z car