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  1. 73 240Z Brake Booster

    Got one. Taken off parts car way back. Diagram still feels good though. Exterior is very good too. In Denton tx.
  2. WTB 240z front and rear bumpers

    Hate to highjack your thread, but I need a decent rear center dsommer.
  3. L-6 custom valve covers

    I had these vavle covers made several years ago. Had the plug wire and choke mounts grounds smooth, and welded up the holes. Then I had them powder coated using minitex, which is not quite the Ferrari wrinkle finish, but a lighter texture. Brushed the raised Nissan lettering and ribs. I had five made, but I'm only using one. I hate to brag, but they look really good. Some typical case imperfections here and there, but they are just very clean looking. I think you guys using coilpacks might like these. Probably be putting them on Ebay, but thought I'd see what kind of interest my Hybridz brothers might have. Sorry about the substandard pictures.
  4. WTB: Polished L6 Turbo Valve Cover

    I could have it damn near perfect in less than an hour. Let me know and I' ll machine buff it out with some Mothers next Tuesday after Labor day. I'll send you some pix. DK
  5. WTB: Polished L6 Turbo Valve Cover

    I've got one. Needs to be cleaned up, but it has been machine polished. I'll take $90 shipped. DK
  6. 1973 240z front bumper

    All you need is 70-72 bumper brackets and a early bumper. I did mine, and it was a bolt in. DK
  7. 240 front bumper and a parts car

    Rare piece. '73 bumpers are had to find.
  8. 260z relay board question

    FYI If you need a complete board, I have one out of an early '74. I can send you pictures if your interested. David K
  9. '73 240z

    Bump for local buyers!
  10. '73 240z

    Bump Decided to sell it after all! Car is in Dallas Texas now.
  11. 240Z NEW Rear Light Assemblies

    dude! Put 'em on US Ebay! Don't let some Yank make all the profit. Bet you could get at least $900 USD.
  12. Polished Turbo Valvecover

  13. Polished Turbo Valvecover

    Very good condition. $75 buyer pays shipping. Dallas Texas [email protected]
  14. 2 L28's and misc parts

    Call Kevin at Mission Viejo Transmission. He'll give you $100 each for the trannys, and pay the shipping. DK
  15. Someone buying non-working Z auto transmissions

    I sent Kevin 3 last September. He sent me a check within two days, and had the trucking company pick them up a day later. I had access to shrink wrap, pallets, and a forklift. But, I'm sure Kevin would specify a lift gate for those of you in residential areas. Just go out to Home Depot or Lowe's and see if they'll give you a pallet. And, get some banding strap from Depot( in lumber dep.) and ask an associate for ten feet of it and a banding clip. Just tell them your strapping something to your car. DK