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  1. 88 long nose vlsd

    What's the deal with the circle clips anyways? They line up fine. The z32 axles are just a tat bit shorter then the 88 ss axles but the spines still reach the vlsd and the seals have enough seated to do their job (I'm talking millimeters) Are the circle clips their just in case I break an axle so they don't fall out?
  2. 88 long nose vlsd

    It's from a non turbo z32. Everything looks the same as the long nose just a different ring and pinion.
  3. r200 carrier swap

    I have both the diffs on my work bench now. I'm just not knowledgeable on setting up diffs.
  4. r200 carrier swap

    Well the non turbo z32 r200 half shafts are the same spline and almost the same length. They fit into the ss diff and reach the vlsd. The 88ss I believe is not the same as the early r200. I'm positive I can get away using them but I was just curious to see if it were possible to used the short nose carrier in the long nose because the half shafts are made for that carrier.
  5. r200 carrier swap

    I have a 88 Shiro long nose r200 vlsd and a short nose r200 vlsd. Can I swap just the carrier from the short nose to the long nose diff?
  6. 88 long nose vlsd

    I have a long nose r200 vlsd from the 88 ss. My question is can I take a vlsd carrier from a short nose r200 and use that carrier in a long nose r200?
  7. output shafts measurements plz

    I was unaware they are different between the years i was assuming that the non turbo were all the same. I'm looking 29 spline @ 29.8mm diameter from a vlsd. I think the shaft is going to be 5 bolt because all the turbo shafts are 6 bolt with 30 spline? And 30 something mm but I'm not sure.
  8. output shafts measurements plz

    Anyone have r200 vlsd output shaft out of a non turbo 300zx they could measure? Like spline count diameter, and length of bothe shafts.
  9. Short nose R230 and R200 info and why.

    Whoohoo brought back from the dead!! Ok so the reason why I revived this is because I just picked up a long nose r200 vlsd from a 88 z31 ss. It has 29 spline and the diameter at the splines are 29.8mm. My question is has anyone tried to fit z32 non turbo stub shafts into th ss diff? Then I could use z32 non turbo axles in my build. For reference look at the first pic on this post.
  10. atara racing wheels

    Those rotors are definitely the 12 inch?
  11. atara racing wheels

    Haha that is bada$$!! That's what I was looking for. Got any more pics?
  12. atara racing wheels

    So I'm still loving these rims. I'm leaning towards the stage 4 silvermine stuff or possibly the wilwood equivalent that they sell. What's the largest brake setup is everyone using? JPN says the inner barrel was 13. 8inches will that accommodate a 12 inch rotor and caliper?
  13. Has anyone used or seen this airdam used?

    Back from the dead but what is going on with air dam?
  14. atara racing wheels

    This guy has 235/50 /15 and they look good http://community.ratsun.net/topic/44762-first-project-car-77-280z-auto-xtrack-car/#