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  1. post RED z pics

    Look up the ppg viper red might be close to what you want.
  2. Reconditioning OEM 240Z Leather Seats

    I used the meguiars vinyl/rubber stuff on one of my cars, I wouldnt put it on the seats. It works very well, but leaves almost like a layer of greasy feeling/sticky thing at the same time. Altho Im not sure if drys or something if you leave it over time. I didnt really think to keep an eye on it until a couple weeks later and the dash was like normal.
  3. max camshaft lift

    Largest you could pry go is a Comp 242/248 Big yes...practical, no not really More practical would be a 232/234
  4. Year of your car nostalgia

    In the spare tire holder of my 71 240z it was lined with newspaper thats stuck to it, has something about president nixon on it and etc.
  5. Ring gapping and l28 Rebuilding

    I picked up a felpro complete gasket set, and a set of perfect circle rings, honed the cylinders and put everything back together after I took all my measurements. If everythings within spec I see no reason to not rebuild it yourself. I had a whole $300 into mine.
  6. Timing software

    http://www.cranston-racing.com/TraqmateIntro.htm I have a couple friends that use this, and it works quite well for them.
  7. felpro head gasket oddities

    Torque specs I have off hand for 73-83 are..... 1-30ft lbs 2-44 ft lbs 3-54-61ft lbs Tighten from the middle, then outwards alternating sets. If that helps Im not sure, sounds like its warped tho.
  8. Damn Z again!!!

    I would, but I just re read, it says it stops holding a charge, normally a bad altenator just doesnt charge the battery and leaves it dead. Do you mean the battery wont charge by itself out of the car, or just doesnt recharge in the car. Check the charging voltage while its running. Or try a paracitic drain test.
  9. Damn Z again!!!

    Voltage regulator? Maybe get the alternator checked, couple things you could try.
  10. What are your sources to buy parts?

    I picked up a full gasketset and piston rings for $130 each locally. Im about an hour from you. Parts havent been hard so far. I can get you a whole 280zx for like $1200. Sparco seats, centerforce clutch etc.
  11. Having a moment here. Engines in the car, and its only hooked up with a switch and push button to start it. Everything gets power,it also turns over. Distributor is rebuilt,gapped properly etc. Brand new plugs, wires, everything. The picture isnt the best. But power runs to the coil, then runs to the ballast resistor/distributor. Theres an ignition module sitting on another one of my engines, but as far as the wiring diagram goes for a 1971 240z it doesnt have one. Im assuming its for a 280z. So heres where Im stuck, am I having a tard moment and im forgetting to put something in, or?
  12. So I'll tease abit, No definite confirmation, I need todo some measurements. That and I have to check the head, have to check for the valve guides, but its ported huge. I never thought much of it until I seen this thread. I picked the engine up and it had a 2400 ohc valve cover on it, it looked alittle different. I figured it was just a turbo engine done up, but I havent seen any with valve reliefs in the pistons.
  13. I'll use the inner /b/ instinct then * Drinking * Drugs * Sex * Paying $200 for a book that costs $15 to make, only to not read it and get 5 dollars back for it at the end of the semester * Masturbation * Ramen * Learning things that you already knew, or didn't need to know * Wear khaki cargo shorts, corona t-shirts, and flip-flops * Discovering that the majority of your professors can't teach for **** or even communicate effectively with other people * Video games * Sleeping * Date Rape * Studying That test is in three days, I'll be fine. * Moar sex and drugs * Skipping your morning class to finish writing a paper that's due for your afternoon class * Moar drinking * Paying an assload for room and board, only to get a room the size of a closet * Moar Ramen * Paying another assload for a meal plan, only to realize that the on-campus food sucks ass, ****, and balls * Realizing the corporate world doesn't need you. * Moar procrastination * Studying Dude, that test is still two days away, I'll be all right. * Moar drinking * WHAT THE ****?! I have a test in six hours? Oh Christ, I haven't studied and I'm so hungover! (no really dont take it seriously)
  14. Just trying to help with possible chances of getting laid is all haha. I can tell someones a /b/tard.....or atleast im hoping im right from the pictures haha. As odd as it is, coat hangers.....there were none anywhere. Microwave,toaster, tables(unless dinner table is with the place?) tv stand is another good one.
  15. Its like 3am so I might of missed some sarcasm in this whole thing, so this post might make me sound like the ****** bag of the year. How well you know her Im not sure. What sence of humor she has etc. But if your acting like you are while your posting, with the whole ice cream/ninja picture etc. Im almost positive there will be problems. Based on pictures only, she seems mature, well you seem somewhat less mature. Keep the internet life directed only towards the internet. The less awkward moments the better. I just come from personal expericance, my friend had a roommate that seemed to ack the same way, altho trying to be funny it was just weird. No hard feelings, and good luck with the move and college.