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  1. please help z32 ecu? maf? problem

    Sorry about the typing my phone is hard to type on. The car is a 1990 n/a 5 speed
  2. Okay so long story short. I looked in my floorboard and smoke was coming out of it while driving. It was the ecu. Disconnected the battery took out the ecu put it back in. It ran but it would not idle and the brake light and lights light stay on. I put a brand new ecu in the car checked all the grounds and replaced all,the battery cables. Lights are still on the dash plus now it shuts of going down the road and is getting worse. Wwhen I unplug the MAF the car shuts off? I have googles for days and cant find out what to do. Can someone please help
  3. Okay so today I smelled something looked in the floor board and there was smoke coming up. I pulled everything out and got to the ECU. It was smoking. I unhooked the battery and then the ecu let it cool and plugged it back in. Well, the car is running fine. I think maybe I had a loose harness cause I just changed the ECU. Now the lights are in the dash, to be exact its the seatbelt litht, e brake light, they wont go off. I think there might be one more on not sure. I just changed the alternator so I know its not that. Anyway, could the ECU have fried? If it did how is the car running good? I am lost thanks for any help 1990 Z32 VG30E , Manuel Coupe
  4. 1990 300zx N/A DriveShaft

    I am in urgent need of 90 z32 manuel tranny 2 seater driveshaft. If you have one please let me know. Email is [email protected] or text or call 706-526-5228. Thanks, Bill
  5. I purcahsed an HID kit off of ebay for my fog lights. It was supposed to be plug and play just like the low and high beams.. not so.. Got the bulbs installed but the ballasts connector is different than the cars harness. I am going to hard wire them into the factory harness. Is there any danger in this? Also I am assuming that the black is ground and the green is power on the factory fog lights? Thank you for any help you can offer.. P.S. I searched all over the internet before asking this question and could not find anyone that has run into this.
  6. Headers installed now hesitation HELP

    Someone help please...
  7. Okay so I have a 1990 z32 N/A. I installed a set of Z1 headers on the car last week. When I picked it up from the shop I noticed a slight hesitation under acceleration . Everything else is fine just under power does it do this. I have researched everywhere online and find so much that could be the problem. Could the shop have messed something up? Vaccum line? O2 sensor damaged? I noticed that they removed the brake master cylender during the job and unplugged many vac lines. I have checked all of them and they seem fine. Could running the headers cause the car to run this way? Any help you may offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  8. 1990 300zx no heater

    That must be it then cause when I set it on 90 its still ice cold. How do i resolve this issue?
  9. 1990 300zx no heater

    I have checked all the lines even all the ones behind the dash. That is why I was wondering about the Climate Sensor in The T Bar?? Thanks!!
  10. 1990 300zx no heater

    I have a 1990 300zx . The heat will not blow hot all get it cold air. I have flushed the cooling system and the heater core is not blocked or leaking i can feel heat under the dash. I checked the climate control fan in the roof and someone had stuck a piece of paper in it to stop it from spinning. I removed the paper but i think the fan is burned out it will not turn anymore. Will this prevent the heat from coming on? ? ? Thanks for any help its cold !!!!
  11. PLEASE HELP dash lights wont go off

    Thanks for the reply. Well I am pretty sure that my alternator was the culprit because on the way home my lights are going dim and my radio flickering on and off. The battery is dead completely now. As for the oil pressure I think that the sending unit is going bad because one minute its on 60 pounds then the next on almost 0 and I know I have pressure my car runs to good. Can you get an alternator higher that 80amps for the car? I think my stereo is eating the alternator!!
  12. PLEASE HELP dash lights wont go off

    Also just noticed that my oil pressure just went really low does not jump up after accelaration. Changed the oil yesterday 10/30 Mobil and K&N filter. I did not have any oil pressure but when I got under the car i found the sending unit was unplugged. The wire running to it was raw in a place like it was spliced into at one point? Could my sending unit cause all my dash lights to stay on? It runs fine no knocking or ticking or anything..Please help
  13. Okay all my dash lights are on and wont go off? It just started today? Car runs fine but all the lights are on. I tried moving around the key because that it what the dealership told me to do that did not work at all. Let me know .. Thanks, Bill
  14. 1982 Datsun 280ZX Turbo Auto Part out.

    Hey can I get the gas cap and key?? [email protected] Let me Asap thank you so much!
  15. Need a 280zx gas cap with key

    So whats the Price?? Thanks