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  1. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Well so far the AAR valve is a bust. Not truly familiar how these exactly work, but it seems that it resets itself way too fast. So the valve closes as the engine runs , as it should. I run into the house for a few minutes and I come out and I’m starting over again with a wide open valve. So the bi metal is weak, worn, acting normal? Yes it’s a used one and I cleaned it the best I can, and it was pretty clean. School me!
  2. madkaw

    N47 Rebuilt and Upgraded Head

    P90, p79, e31,e88, MN47
  3. madkaw

    N47 Rebuilt and Upgraded Head

    I’d ask 750$ for it and work my way down. It’s not the head everyone is looking for, but it’s ready to go .
  4. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    My latest arrangement . I moved the IAT from the intake manifold to intake tube. Attached valve cover breather to intake boot. Also ditched my stepper IAC . Tired of it’s inconsistent behavior. Went back to a AAR valve that’s mounted low on the inner fender . Need to dial it in, but first try I got a fast idle !! I’ve got the AAR on a relay controlled from the programmable on/off outputs on the 3x harness. Did the same with the wideband. Neither will work unless the engine is turning . This way I can keep my ignition in run position to play with the MS and not worry about burning up stuff . Time for more tuning
  5. madkaw

    280zx Chump race car and our learnings

    Swap out the n-47 for the MN-47
  6. madkaw

    Triple Blowthrough Turbo

    I’d rig up a driveshaft to drive your oil pump before start up to get everything primed and to check how well that spray bar works
  7. madkaw

    Reviving #5837.

    I hope that wheel cylinder holds! I guess that’s on part I wouldn’t hope it works . I wouldn’t skimp when it comes to brake parts , and yes I know how expensive the early ones are- I own 4858. Looks like it had some decent pitting that would cause the cylinder to be oversized trying to clean it
  8. madkaw

    Triple Blowthrough Turbo

    I don’t remember , but it was very pricey and the holes didn’t hit the lash pads very well. I have a couple extra spray bars if you run into trouble. I do t use them
  9. madkaw

    Triple Blowthrough Turbo

    I would thorough test that spray bar with oil pressure. My experience was the squirt holes were misaligned . Just drive the oil pump with a drill and watch to make sure oil is going where you want .
  10. madkaw

    Triple Blowthrough Turbo

    Wow- great project. That shorty manifold is a bitch to mount isn’t it? I remember having to get the studs just right. Might consider SS heat shield instead of aluminum. Does a better job . So the HKS tank - carb mounting holes didn’t line up? I thought this set up was for Mikuni 40’s originally, or at least all Mikunis would line up. Glad to see you went with programmable ignition, you might save a motor. So this is a stock 2.4? I really wanted to try this project myself , but didn’t think my tuning skills were up to it. I’m not sure many have pulled this off successfully. I wanted to pressurize my CAI, but went EFI GOOD LUCK!
  11. If you run the T-5 you will need the dedicated driveshaft . The DS will have to be shortened at least an inch, I would recommend a custom shaft . Z car depot sells the correct yoke. If you have a custom shaft made you can put whatever flange on that works with the diff you choose. The flange on the ZXT diff matches the T- 5 only. The T-5 shifter mounts further forward so you have to cut your tunnel and maybe modify your center console. Like stated , the shifter chooses are plenty. And these trans shifts very nicely , precise notchyness . Another bonus is you can upgrade later for bigger HP. World Class bits can be swapped in for a small fortune , but it will be good for 600+ HP. Gearing is to ones taste. I like the wide ratio for third gear , but I’m running 3:90 in the back. Makes for a nice passing gear . I can 90+ mph out of third.
  12. madkaw

    MEGASquirt coil on plug.

    Doesn’t it say right on that paper ? Where did you buy this from? It’s obvious someone has set this all up for you , why would you call them? Looks like it’s set up for batch fire and the paper tells you what driver pins to use . Megasquirt manual does a pretty decent job of describing how to wire this in. Is this what your asking?
  13. madkaw

    Dyno'd my stock L28ET today - coolant everywhere!

    My Spartan numbers don’t match between gauge and TS . We need to do another session.
  14. madkaw

    86 RX7 with Turbo LM7 and Megasquirt

    Always appreciated your input. Sorry for your loss
  15. madkaw

    Ms3x install

    Though the correction curve might be off, this engine ran well and I hadn’t changed anything in that category. Now maybe my battery voltage was making a situation worse. Also could be unrelated like you said, and as I mentioned I didn’t like the easy the TPS was acting. Giving my back a break until new TPS gets in. Maybe get a session in next week