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  1. L24: More Aggressive Cam Sugguestions

    I believe 460 lift is max for stock springs
  2. Not trying to be a moderator here, but can this thread be rewritten in the vendor forum or here so it makes a little easier decifering ? Or if the original post can be edited . I was reading it today for someone who wants to order , and it was kind of hard to follow . Thanks
  3. Ms3x install

    Missed that page - thanks . That helps a bunch. Didn’t work with throttle plate closed , so next cold start might get it right
  4. Ms3x install

    This was the big question . I️ know it was partially open , but wasn’t sure that if that was the way it was designed. I️ could pinch the vacuum side and get the idle to come down .
  5. Ms3x install

    IAC made it's first test run today. I have no clue what I am doing as far as adjusting this thing -but have found a few write ups searching . Initially the idle slowly increased as the car warmed up, so I figured it was wired up backwards , so I switched the wires. I think I got that figured but the idle is still too high(2000 rpm). In test mode it showed fully closed on the guage-if that means anything. I guess I should establish whether this valve closes completely when it's closed. With my 240sx TB I have the throttle plate adjusted for idle, so if this IAC doesn't close all the way then I guess that's my issue. I guess I don't know if this IAC had complete control of idle on the Jeep TB's. Maybe my settings are just screwy? Can't stop fucking with it.msq
  6. I think you can have a fun fast car without doing a compete engine swap. You have a short block that will take 300 on a regular basis from all I’ve read . 300 would be very fast and it sounds like you have a nice set up already. Of course this is Hybridz too:)
  7. engine choice

  8. Low compression!!!

    2&4 are your major problems . Test will not be accurate at all with those two oops
  9. I wouldn’t give the bottom end another thought if the oil was changed regular . These motors are as tough as it gets
  10. Let’s add that someone on this site is selling basically plug and play MEGASQUIRT for these engines and some loaded tunes already !
  11. And I’m not pushing Megasquirt because there’s other options out there as far as controllers . I’m not a fan of the 4bbl intake -just on looks alone- and the intake you have should function well. There is good support here for MS and as you can see you can clean up the bay nicely . Cam selection is part of the whole equation , but I’d say go big or go home . These engines like to be cammed. CR will be low with that motor compared to a flat top. You could do every thing in steps. Get programmable EFI in first and then shoot for HP and hotter motor later
  12. A lot of good info on this site about mods. Being a 75 your engine should have the preferred intake manifold on it - non webbed - non EGR. You could consider an aftermarket EFI ECU and save the cost and work of replacing your intake . I’m running that exact intake on my L24 with Megasquirt EFI with great results . Also running NA with a 490/290 cam . The possibilities are endless , so do your research and spend wisely.
  13. Did you consider any other units besides the Saturn. I drive my sons BRZ and think I like the way it feels. I've seen a couple of threads started on this