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  1. Z Car Depot Fast EFI

    I’d help you out but your still 4 hours away , plus I think I forgot how to work on carbs now :0 now if you go Megasquirt I’ll set you up !! Youll need to sell off the Weber’s to pay for EFI , but won’t regret it
  2. You will have to pull the dash
  3. Need Rear Right Valance 240z-280z

    I’ll repeat what I said on FB - that panel is worth saving
  4. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    No current dyno runs. With SU’s I did 155 with my L24 . I plan on taking my current set up to the dyno- but other than EFI , no changes , so I think similar results .
  5. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    My 490 ISKY pulls hard to 7000, but I can’t be specific about the cam timing . My head is shaved over 50 thou without using shims and have my cam advanced 8 degrees. I didn’t degree after the last 20 thou shave , but with 30 thou cut the cam almost cam in too late . The other factor was I went from triples to n42 injection ( Megasquirt) . If that graph was accurate then it would seem that it wouldn’t be as user friendly on the street at low rpms. My ISKY just puts along at 1500 rom in fourth around town without a jug
  6. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    My understanding from Steve Bonk- who sells these - if I understood him , was that the shorter duration helped with clearance issues even with its high lift . But don’t quote on me on this
  7. Wako 75S cam

    Duration 315?
  8. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    I thought the DP cam had a shorter duration which in turn would not be making power later than the Isky- but I’m guessing here. So the higher lift is killing the low end?
  9. 35$ hall sensor , DIY flywheel drilling- out of sight
  10. Fuel tank vent / Evap tank / EFI question

    Then the valve was defective if I understand the way it works correctly. And I believe the vent line goes to the valve - not the crank breather tube. Valid point about vent line being higher than tank for sure .
  11. Fuel tank vent / Evap tank / EFI question

    Actually - the way that valve works there is no direct air route from the PCV to the tank. What opens the vent valve is pressure build up from the tank. You can test the valve by trying to suck air thru it.
  12. Fuel tank vent / Evap tank / EFI question

    On my 71 , I ran the vent fitting on my Tank Inc in flex line all the way up front to the original vent valve on the fender .
  13. Brand New T5 Short Shifter - $45

    No brand name ?
  14. 78 280Z NA MS2 Setup

    Should of went high impedance injectors IMHO- would have mounted in with a Pallnet fuel rail easy. I know someone who has the dizzy if you need it. You are going like the MS once you get it going. Some good help available here
  15. Powerforce harmonic damper install??

    Damper Doc did mine years ago and guaranteed like 8 grand rpm and 400lbs torque . I’ve had no issues and it was about the same price.