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  1. WTB auxiliary air control valve

    From memory - don't think this is the same valve arrangement
  2. rod/stroke ratio

    Care to share what pistons are from ? Or were these custom made? Deck height?
  3. WTB auxiliary air control valve

    I've been on the road - but I'll look today
  4. WTB auxiliary air control valve

    I've got one but off of a zx- have to see if their the same . I believe they are , but the ZXT might have had more plumbing
  5. L31 street performer build

    The key word here is OFFSET. If Dave takes the rod journal and cuts it smaller but to the outside of the center line then he has increased the stroke. He explained to me that the Nissan L24 rod with LD crank make for a crappy RS ratio. So he cuts down the rod journals smaller but OFFSET as to gain stroke at the same time decreasing weight. He then uses the Honda type rod which works with that journal size. He can use a longer rod which decreases side loading and gives more TDC time. So basically the altering of the RS ratio is by the increased stroke and rod length. And yes he is doing tall deck motors too. I sold him my diesel block for him to build some super motor.
  6. RyanT67's 240Z

    Sweet- I never seen one of the covers until now. Could of used it for my 70 restore - thanks a lot - lol Good dea on the battery!
  7. L31 street performer build

    I believe the idea is that decreasing the size of the journal by offset grinding allows for a longer rod which increases the RS closer to a preferred 1.7 :1. I don't know exact length of rod he uses so I can't do the math. But 133 divided by 83= 1.6:1 So if he can get away with a 138mm rod, then your closer to 1.7 . Plus less side load on the piston walls . This is my understanding - which might be way off, but no hard numbers to do the actual math.
  8. I also had a bad experience with SI . Wouldn't pass a hardness test that the machinist did- he wouldn't use them .
  9. L31 street performer build

    And I have decided to go forged after researching . Dave probably wouldn't have offered me any other option anyways - lol.
  10. L31 street performer build

    Tim, I think I am confusing myself . I believe Dave was comparing the R/S ratio of using L24 rods compared to what he does with the Honda rods. I believe he did not like the R/S ratio of the LD crank with the 133 L24 rods - thus he offset grinds for his desired RS ratio
  11. Kind of why all my future plans with my Z involve refinements . Like my exhaust but needs to be quieter. Love my handling , but going back rubber suspension bits. Got comfy 350z leather seats( power heated),and don't care about weight- just get more HP. AC will be soon and EFI has made things better and not as smelly. Power steering is on the radar too. Maybe time to move on for you. I'm still in love with the look of my Z and hard to find a car as good looking - period. BMW would probably first on the list or Porsche 911 if I moved on
  12. Glad to back on Hybridz ! I have a block on the way to Rebello now and trying to make sure I am clear on my direction for this build. Yes , maybe I should have figured this out already but I have time since Dave is a ways out from working my block. I had a diesel block he wanted so I took advantage of the shipping and sent him my LD crankshaft and a N42 to prep along with the diesel block. I'm looking for displacement number 1. This engine will be going in my DD - a car I drive whenever weather permits , to the store or a long leasurely drive or maybe to the track for some fun. I realize that Dave builds some really big HP motors , and I want HP , but I want longevity and reliability . I am also hoping for versatility also with the short block. For now I am wanting a NA motor , but I know I will want to pressurize at some point. Yes I know Dave is the one to talk to, but trying to educate myself as much as possible so I don't waste his time with dumb questions. I imagine most of his stroker builds are purpose build for high HP first priority , so my intentions might change his recipe. I know he offset grinds the crankshaft because he thinks the homemade stroker ( L24 rods) have an undesireable rod/stroke ratio. I don't know what length rod he uses but I imagine it's longer - don't see any negatives with this no matter what build. Forged pistons is in his recipe also, not sure if there is a street and race choice on this. Reading up on forged pistons I've read of pin offsets that quiet down cold running and help with excessive clearance noises. Forged are necessary for the rpms that his engines make power at compared to our stock cast counterparts. For a street friendly motor would I need forged pistons compared to quality pistons hypereutectic style. I could live with staying under 7k rpm and build the motor with that intention. In my dream world I would like to have a short block that would allow for a small chamber head for fun NA . Later on install a bigger chamber head for pressurized fun. Would forged pistons be required for this or just preferred or not? I guess from what I read it's all about tune and detonation . Detonation will kill either cast or forged pistons. I guess the cast winds up being chatostrophic vs forged that might not take out the whole motor . Guys do very well with cast and turbocharging as proven on this site. Cast would be cheaper , but how much I don't know. Hell, Dave might not even have or offer a cast option . Up for opinions and ideas before I chat with Dave. It will be months before he gets to my project , so I have time . He is a bit behind he said because he lost over a week taking care of his mom that was involved in a serious accident . He didn't have much time to talk but I wanted to get him this diesel block and get it out of my shop. I threw this up on FB , but really don't like that venue - glad to be back on Hybridz
  13. Moving the Torque and HP curve

    So aren't max torque numbers always at 5300 rpm ?
  14. Megasquirt grounding

    Look at my thread MS3 install - I was able to hide mine but you might not be able to
  15. Moving the Torque and HP curve

    Still think you are doing well with a stock cam and that's where it was designed to operate .