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  1. 1971 Datsun 240z 1 owner car fully documented

    Let m know how that goes
  2. 1971 Datsun 240z 1 owner car fully documented

    Was this on BAT awhile back? Might try listing it there
  3. Just bought '74 260Z...New Here

    Troy does Zs
  4. early 240z valve cover '2400cc' wanted

    There's someone selling one on classiczcars, check the forums.
  5. WTB 240z Tail Lights

    What year is your 240? Found out a set for a 72 has a different pigtail than my 73.
  6. Coilover help in South Florida?

    I would be surprised if they don't, especially since there has to be a lot of similarity in swapping in a set of coilovers for a street car and a race car.
  7. Las Vegas for SEMA, what else should I do?

    I go for the food, if you get tired of the city go out to Red Rock Canyon for some hiking, it's 20 or so minutes from the strip depending on traffic.
  8. Coilover help in South Florida?

    These folks might be able to help you, not sure where they are in relation to North Miami but they're closer than Orlando. http://www.revtec1.com
  9. Jeff is in Australia, did a youtube series on a 911 he is wrapping up, really insightful videos. Better news is he just picked up a 240Z and is contemplating a rotisserie rebuild, should be some well thought through quality DIY videos as he gets going.
  10. The "M" in Miata stands for meat on the table!
  11. Hello from Daphne, Alabama

  12. ZX turbo remote oil cooler question

    Thanks Howler
  13. WTB: Mikuni Pump body assembly

    You might the person who picked up the baton from Todd at Wolf Creek Racing. Nice guy, quick to respond, has a ton of Mikuni parts
  14. ZX turbo remote oil cooler question

    That's what I was afraid of, have one on order, thanks.
  15. I've got a factory remote oil cooler from a ZX turbo on my Z but one of the fittings between the mount and the radiator is leaking so I need to remove it and repair it. I didn't mount it on the car and am curious if the threaded fitting on the block is still there so I can remove all of the oil cooler components and just screw the oil filter back on to the block or was it removed to put the remote mount on. Any help would be appreciated.