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  1. what do you have left?
  2. wanted - 18x11 rims

    looking for 18x11 or 17x11 5x114.3 (4.5) 240z Q found!
  3. Quick update on rb build

    It has been a long time since I have posted here however I still come back for the wealth of information available on this site. Since my last post on my build I am on my third engine... Current block is a new N1 Block with a Nitto stroker kit. and some new aspiration..... header was just a thing of beauty! BW Twin Scroll This winter I am on a weight loss mission (for me and the car) and have ordered a bunch of goodies from our friend at Ztrix who was very helpful. I also have a new sponsor who is providing a much needed gearbox (I tend to eat stock Rb25/32 transmissions) . I am getting an HGT sequential gearbox It will be an exciting down time and hope to have the Z back and competitive in the new year. If you are interested check out datsunracer on facebook or my website. Happy New Year to all at Hybridz! Q
  4. ZCON 2016

    Datsun at Mosport - old but worth the watch https://youtu.be/1KPxGxUiyoQ
  5. RB26 with RB25 trans clutch question

    I just ordered a new one (replacement) I will send you the part number.
  6. VIPEC is here...

    ViPEC finally installed - not bad 8 months later than planned Car starts and idles much better than with my old microTECH LT12 - and that I played with for years - so I have high hopes that tuning will be much easier/better. Will update once I spend some more time with the system. Anyone else here get one installed? Q
  7. which stand-alone ecu

    I have begun installation of my ViPec V88 - will let you know how that goes. I am replacing my Microtech LT12S - which I felt had some limitations - mostly the inability to run in a closed loop mode. Q
  8. FS or Trade RB25 5 speed transmission

    make an offer - I need some room. Q
  9. I am selling one of my RB25 transmission. This is a spare I have and I have never used it so I cannot comment on it's condition. I bought a new one from a dealer up in Canada - so it is time to sell one. I am in Toronto. I am asking $800 plus shipping I am looking for a fiberglass or carbon fiber stock 240z hood. Q
  10. Friends, I am looking for a PRE 81 Browining BLR magazine (.308 or .243). I can't find one anywhere - If you find one grab it for me! Q
  11. rb26 engine management options

    Stony - you are welcome to my microtech lt12s with X6, wideband and data logging. If you like it you could purchase it. I am switcing over to a vipec v88 and the microtech will collect dust. uses stock CAS, temp, TPS, water temp, air temp and built in 5bar map. Setup up for my car with 700cc sards. Sequential ignition - will use stock coil on plug. programmed and ready. Q
  12. Heading to Cayuga (drag) today

    drew - pm'd you. I was running on R888s. 245/45/16 on the rear. I could have turned up the boost but that would have broke something for sure! I was running at 20lbs boost. Q
  13. Heading to Cayuga (drag) today

    Well i went - and tried a few runs. I get a lot of wheel hop/spin - shakes everything quite badly. Yesterday was quite cool and wet - but here are some time slips. I have not done this before so no making fun . I am the faster car in these three
  14. Heading to Cayuga (drag) today

    The BC "kit" consists of his crank, eagle rods and CP pistons. No real kit - that worries me a bit. I was checking out JGY for prices - and they are now carrying Tomei parts. I have had good luck with these guys. ohh - and if anyone has a RB26 block with girdle and squirters - I am in the market