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  1. Got both of my big body parts the other day and both came very quickly, as described, and packaged very well! Great seller who goes above and beyond to keep you up to date on transaction! Thanks again! Jon
  2. Awesome, thanks for the help guys!
  3. Z240-thanks for that link, according to that they are the same. Very helpful link I will defintely be bookmarking that one. Dangerdan- if you wouldn't mind confirming when you get the chance I'd appreciate it
  4. I did some research but can't get a definite answer from what I found. I have a 75 280z 2+2 that needs a rear bumper (big dent on the corner of it). I have found one that is off of a late 260z (same bumper as the 75). My issue is I'm not sure if the 2+2 and the coupe had the same bumper or not. I know the rubber corners are different as mine have the 2+2 marked on them, but are the chrome bumpers different lengths? Would hate to buy this bumper and not be able to use it. Thanks in advance.
  5. Just received my parts today and they look great! Very quick shipping and great prices! Thanks again!
  6. '77 280z Glove box lid

    Received the seatbelt covers and turn signal surrounds today! Look great and got to me super fast! Thanks again! Pleasure doing business with ya.
  7. 280z 2+2 brake booster

    Thanks for the quick response, if I don't get anyone else with a confirmed working one ill pm you. Thanks again.
  8. 280z 2+2 brake booster

    While driving my 78 2+2 yesterday pretty sure my booster gave out as I lost my pedal and have no leaks that can be found. Also found that the rpms die anytime I hit the brake pedal. In search of a booster for a 2+2. Pretty sure the coupe booster is different so specifically looking for a 2+2 booster. Thanks
  9. carter fuel pump placement

    I actually just set mine up the same way a few weeks ago and am curious to see what other say. My z is a 75 and I believe the bracket is a bit different as my pump sits up a bit higher.
  10. Is dhp taking the headlight switch too or just the turn signal? If he is not taking the headlight switch I would be interested in it.
  11. Alright awesome I for sure will use the front then, and will probably look into buying new stuff for the rear. Not sure it will sit right if it lowers it 1 1/2 in the rear and not the front .
  12. Will the front struts,springs, and control and tension rods fit, or are they different too?
  13. I've done quite a bit of research but have yet to come up with an answer. I recently purchased a 3/74 260z that had an almost brand new suspension under it. Brand new eibach springs, new struts, new bushings all the way around, and stripped and painted very nicely. This car was way too far rusted to be worth saving so I took out the entire suspension and kept it. My question is will it swap directly into my 78 280z 2+2, or am I better off selling off the suspension to purchase one for my 78? I have seen where some people said it is possible, but are there any modifications that will need to be made? Also does having a 2+2 make a difference? Not sure if the coupe and 2+2 had the same suspensions or not. While I am at it I am planning on swapping my tranny out for a 5 speed, and hoping to find a 3.90 rear end to throw in as well. Any insight is greatly appreciated.