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  1. azcarbum

    CNC 1pc Performance Rocker Arm sets

    8620 is the ideal steel for strength and machining quality. Also it can be case hardened easily to reach the required hardness.
  2. Hi all, I've made a large run of my custom CNC rocker arms, and I have 4 sets of L6 to sell. These are a lightweight/matched sets, designed from the originals, but made to be much more precise in design specs to one another. They weigh 1/3 less than OE, and are made from 8620 steel, then heat treated to a hard 0.020" casing for wear resistance. As I said, I have 4 sets to sell, and a few 4cyl versions as well. Sets are ready to ship!!.. $775 ea. Contact me if your interested. Payments accepted: PayPal Have a safe and Merry Holiday everyone. Brian - ZCCJDM www.zccjdm.com
  3. azcarbum

    Your thoughts?

    So long story short.. Bought a clean 93'TT, Aftermarket goods, runs great, no smoking issues, low miles.. Boosts around 16psi, no leaks anywhere. Did my first oil, while doing that removed turbo pipes, and intake pipes to check.. All clean no oil. Put it back together.... Now first drive, boosted hard, noticed boost gauge not as reactive as it has been. After boost, on decel, car had white smoke out the back. Could a boost leak cause this?... and white smoke? Obviously I'm on old Z guy, but haven't dabbled into 300's enough to really know them well in this case. Your thoughts?
  4. A few new pages are up! Nissan / Datsun DCOE Intakes: HERE Race / Street Crank Dampers, Pulleys, and accessories: HERE Kameari Exhaust Systems, Headers, and Parts: HERE Much, Much More to come!!
  5. Thank you for your business as always!!
  6. Dude, you are the Datsun god now !!
  7. Here is a Kameari N/A 3.2L making 400+hp on the dyno.
  8. I'll see what I can do.... I know there are a lucky few on the forums that have been to Japan, and have had the pleasure of taking a ride in a Kameari 3.1L Stroker car. His comments were, " it was like a turbo car, it had crazy acceleration! " If your on here, and see this post, please post in for the experience.
  9. Here is a little example of what i've been working on today. Its time consuming as you can guess, but I really like being able to make the catalog come to life for the english Consumer. Also, as you can see, pricing is MUCH, MUCH better! I hope this is received well. Brian - ZCCJDM
  10. As most of us know, KAMEARI arguably makes some of the most customized and high end performance oriented products for many Japanese Old-School cars. What you also found out in the last 8 yrs, is that the first US distributor made sure to "blow-up" prices to unreasonable rates and with less than quality customer service, and excessive waits to get the product to the U.S. The Good news is there has been some change!!.... The old US distributor is out, and I have taken over sales for KAMEARI in the U.S. My focus: To help turn around the issues that have pushed away customers from these great parts, starting with shipping. I have made shipping arrangements with KAMEARI, and can have your ordered products to you in less than 2 weeks. In most cases your order will be shipped in about 2 day's from the time you pay your order. Now to make things even better... Prices are going to be LOWER!!!.......... I have not updated the website yet, but have all new pricing for KAMEARI products. As always, if your purchasing multiple items, I will make sure to give you the best price I can for your needs. I'm not out to hose customers, I leave that to lessor's. Also in the works, are complete translated catalogs and information viewable on my website, about all KAMEARI products available. So if your interested in KAMEARI products for your Z, pay attention to the website as things begin to change. KAMEARI continues to push forward with new products every year. Some of the newest parts being: performance New OE size Valves *( stronger/lighter/ and more wear resistant than OE ), OE reproduction Head gaskets, reproduction speedometer cable, new- Forged ( domed ) 89.5mm Pistons, OE size Valve Guides, with improved flow characteristics, 40way Adjustable ( compression ) OE style performance shocks, New - 240mm full clutch kit options, New line of OE Piston Rings, New- Oil Pickup Tubes, New High Tol./Wear Resistant Main and Crank Bearings. *( NISMO SPECS ) ..... These are just to name a few. Best RegardZ, Brian / Z Car Customs-JDM www.zccjdm.com [email protected]
  11. azcarbum

    280Z to 240Z bumpers / Conversion Brackets.

    Sorry, all out..... check back in a few weeks, new batch is being cut.
  12. azcarbum


    Thank you... Both Hatch molds are brand new. also have reworked my fenders, new cowl panel, and soon my Gnose mold will be new ( as the old one was 8 yrs old and worn out. ) Top quality finish, and a great fitting part is my goal with all my products. Look forward to having your business.
  13. azcarbum


    7" wider on each side ...14" total.
  14. azcarbum


    I now OE hatch design available.. Bolt-on.
  15. azcarbum

    Datsun Z Fiberglass a Real Review

    Oh..... BTW. I do have a few new parts available. New Hatches available. In both "Bolt-on", and Hatch skin for race purposes. New Cowl Panel ( LH, RH, and NO- wiper holes available. )