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  1. diz9

    Swedish Datsun 240z Restoration

    Where did you find the rear panel ? Nice find !!
  2. diz9

    1J and 2J motor mounts

    not a big fan with Solid mount... to much vibration for me... I have some solid bushing but wants more confortable option
  3. diz9

    1J and 2J motor mounts

    Yes 1 finger or more depending on size The gap is already ok for gearbox remove without complete engine remove...
  4. diz9

    1J and 2J motor mounts

    The engine is really close to the firewall I have good clearance for the shifter but probably extend it for about 2 or 3 cm Thanks for information about the jaguar mount !
  5. diz9

    1J and 2J motor mounts

    my actual 2JZ mount project. The idea is to have already part of the mount on the frame and on the subframe. More info here : https://www.facebook.com/JcDatsun240z/ I use 4mm MDF to create prototype The engine mount rubber is from a Range Rover
  6. diz9

    My 76 280z 1jz build thread

    Thanks for fast reply ! Awesome build ! Mine is on the way... https://plus.google.com/photos/101915172490642132463/albums/5514294332747443665
  7. diz9

    My 76 280z 1jz build thread

    Hi Nice Build!! What kind of rad did you use ? Are you happy with it ? cooling is good ? Thanks for reply
  8. I have bought same camber plates and T3 supply to me the good spacers (the one you can see on the T3 website picture) to fit with my strut I don't know about the price
  9. Awesome ! What is this rear wing ?
  10. diz9

    240Z 2JZ

    Hello I'm JC from France. I'm starting a 240Z Build. In the first time, chassis and rust repair. And in a second time, 2JZ swap. I already have the engine (aristo one) The engine is in my actually car : an MA61 Swap was pretty easy I will come frequently to post new pictures here Here is my picasa gallery : http://picasaweb.google.fr/dizneuf/Restauration240Z I'm actually searching for information about swap and I hope I will find everything here ! My first question is about 2JZ wiring. Is the 240Z have a main relay like car with EFI ? Because I need to plug the good pin (M-REL) and I don't know where can I find it on 240Z wiring diagram... Thanks for help More Pictures soooooon