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  1. Brake upgrade FAQ

    Ok fess up whats with the Supra Calipers??? Are they a viable alternative to the 280 zx floater ? What about weight... What rotors and hubs are you using with them ?? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. Huge IMSA flares

    I just found this thread... I live close to the Corona area nad have a very clean 72 that I am willing to have be the test mule... any progress on this project Tim
  3. 280 vs 280zx stub axle

    Thanks much... just need to find a first gen 280 around here... you wouldn't think that would be too hard on So Cal now would you ????
  4. 240sx Calipers

    Thumper Z... directly bolts up to what ???? Only combo I know uses the ross C mm bracket and the 300 xz NA rotor... is there something else out there as an option????
  5. 280 vs 280zx stub axle

    Thanks For the feedback.. I already have the LSD r 200 in place with the Ron Tyler front mount and the moustache bar raised as high as possible. I have the Turbo 280 CV halfshafts on the shelf ready to go and will order billett 280 companion flages from Ross C at next paycheck. We know for sure the turbo spline count is wrong.... Does anybody know spline count and dims on NA 280 zx stub Just hoping to find that the NA 280 zx stubs are same spline and dimensions as 1st gen 280, but looks like perhaps not the case... oh well
  6. Hi All, I need to upgrade my 240 stubs to 280 after experiencing that oh so ugly SNAPPPPPPP !!!!! My local Pick a part has not had a 280 for the last 6 months, but they have plenty of 280 ZX's both NA and a turbo car.... Does anyone know if the ZX stubs will work in a 240 housing. I am buying Russ C's Billett Companion flanges to convert to 280 zxt CV shafts so that side is covered... If not does anybody have a clean set of 280 Stubs they are willing to part with for a reasonable price ??? Thanks much guys, Tim
  7. Stroker, Before anyone can answer a question like that we need a little more info about your setup and useage.. Cam timing, Compression Ratio Gear ratio's and most importantly a realistic appraisal of the vehcle intended rev range and end useage are critical factors in building a balanced combination which will make power where you need it... Stroker motors tend to be torquers making their power in the low to upper midrange revs so it makes no sense to cam and carb for 7k rpm if the motor will never see those revs... It has to be a balanced package.... That being said I have run all of the mentioned choices on a high strung free reving L28 p 90 setup and each has it's plusses and minuses.... For track useage I have a set of tripple 44's that are awesome.... do I like driving them on the street? ... no ..they have no bottom end and in my setup cost me 5-7 mpg over my Z therapy SU's on a portrd E36 Z therapy SU's are a Great Street and autocross choice..... make tons of torque great driveability great mileage, but they do fall off above 7 K RPM Holley 390 would be my last rtesort as getiing the same A/F to each cylinder becomes more of a chore than either of the others.. I have jusst helped a friend set up a Mega squirt Injection system ( search Archives for Moby) and I will probably have My SU's and 44's up for sale soon as a result.... what a sweet package.... If you aren't afraid of electonics and tuning via a laptop it seems like the best of all worlds and certainly a lot cheaper alternative as well.. Hope this helps
  8. Thanks for the feedback... I'm leaning towards the rotor triming only because I am not all that thrilled about having my braking and thus my life depend on my welds... Any thoughts on adj proportining valve with the 280zx front and 240 sx rear I would think it should be damn near dead on ... tim
  9. Yes the strut bosses due need to be drilled out, but this seems to be the only downside of this swap..... Is anmyone aware of any inherrent problems with the zx caliper??? sticking binding etc.......... if not it seems like this is a slam dunk solution As I see it : Firm pedal feel with 15/16 bore master Lower unspring weight No hub adapter Good Pad Selection Increased Rotor Swept area Vented rotor All Nissan parts Whats not to like, especially if combined with the 240 SX rear conversion???
  10. Hi brake Gurus, I am collecting parts to begin brake conversion on a 72 that will see limited track time. Rears are set with the 240sx caliper ross c brackets and 300 zx rotors. Master cylinder is 15/16 My question is this : Why would I want to use the s12w calipers on the 300 zx rotor instaed of the setup posated on terry O's webpage with 280zx caliper on turned down 300zx rotors, It seems that the zx caliper should yield more than enough clamping pressure and retain the solid pedal feel with the 15/16 master. Has anyone weighed the two caliper/bracket setups to see if there is a difference in unsprung weight ??? looks like the zx setup should be way lighter. Am I missing something???? Tim
  11. Ron Tyler Diff Mount Drawing missing dimension

    Thanks for the feedbac..... I figured it was supposed to be centered in the 1" plate, but better to ask before fab rather than remaking the part later Tim
  12. I have searched all of postings and sites with the drawing of the Ron Tyler diff mount, and all seem to be missing one CRITICAL dimension....... Can anyone fill in the blank for the relative location of the 4 horizontal mounting hoels I see diam of the holes, but no referenced vertical location ... It seems that this is possibly the most critical dim as it will set pinion angle in the chassis. TIA Tim