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  1. 007max

    280 ZX r-200 with 3:90 ratio wanted

    Sent you a PM.
  2. 007max

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    It has been a really long time since I've posted here. The car has been sitting for the 2 years since the trans blew up, collecting dust. I finally started working on it over the last week or so and the z32 5spd transmission should be going in tomorrow. Once I get a new drive shaft made up it should be ready to hit the road again. In the meantime, I took a little bit of time and spray paint and did some 'decorating'
  3. 007max

    Clear markers/signals/tailights...?

    Here's two shots of cars with the Klearz lenses on them. Vinh's ZX convertible with the clear lenses. And the other one with tinted lenses..
  4. 007max

    Clear markers/signals/tailights...?

    The guys at klearz.com used to produce all the 280zx lenses (turn, marker, tail) and they were resold by MSA for a time. Not sure what happened, as they are no longer listed on their site, or at MSA..
  5. 007max

    What happens when 100" of snow melts

    I absolutely do not miss a single thing about living in NY. My parents' place got flooded out last week due to rain water backing up the gutters and into the walls / roof because of the massive amounts of snow clogging everything. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying temps in the 80s and sunshine on my last spring break ever here in AZ Hope things dry out for you soon!
  6. I am in need of one as well, sent a couple of emails in the last 2 weeks... Are there any of these left?
  7. 007max

    NYZCC Club Website

    Not planning on it. May not stay in AZ forever but I like it way too much out here in the wild west
  8. 007max

    Post up your Dailys and your Zs

    Aside from the exploding Toyota 3.0 it's been great. Does yours have the solid axle up front? They switched to IFS over here in '86, ours is an '89..
  9. 007max

    NYZCC Club Website

    Nice to see that the club got off the ground, you guys have a good group of people out there. What happened with 'ZORB' though?
  10. 007max

    Post up your Dailys and your Zs

    Crazy, another one with a Tacoma and a Z And since the GF drives the Z about as much as I do, here's her DD
  11. 007max

    list your gas prices in your area!!!!

    $1.39 in Tempe, AZ. I can't remember the last time it cost me less than $30 to fill my tank, this is awesome
  12. 007max

    Yesturday it was 60 degrees!!!!

    Perfect AZ weather and perfectly running Z =
  13. 007max

    L6 Turbo Header Group Buy

    Just keep it going in this thread... I think maximum versatility is a must. People should be able to use this header with several different setups.
  14. 007max

    L6 Turbo Header Group Buy

    I would be down for one in the future if the price isn't outrageous. I would rather use a manifold/downpipe combo than the stock manifold and have a custom downpipe made. Did they give you anything as far as a price estimate?