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  1. Almost finished with my LS1/T56 swap and have a question about the final wiring hookups. I have a Sikky wiring harness that made it really simple to integrate everything but a I few questions. The harness has a "Charge Cable" that hooks up to the back of the alternator as well as the single "sense" wire that is plugged into the alternator. The Camaro battery cables have an extra wire that looks like it connects to the alternator also. Do I need to have a connection directly from the battery to the alternator like that?
  2. Cold Air Induction

    Thanks! That works!
  3. Nearing completion of my LS1/T56 swap and I'm having problems locating a 92mm 90 degree elbow to fit my FAST 92 throttle body. They all list 4 inch elbows but I measure 4 3/8" outside diameter. Any suggestions?
  4. L28 dual duty build

    Honestly you will have way more trouble dealing with tuning the triple Weber's than a big cam. I had Isky 490 lift 290 duration and it was totally fine for street use. I used a pair of bored out SU carbs and all my friends with triples said not to change to triples as mine ran so well and triples would just be a headache. I would highly recommend a well set up set of SU carbs for the street. As for the ignition I would go with one of these 123ignition datsun.
  5. Holley Red fuel pump

    Yes, to still available.
  6. Isky L-490 cam, springs & retainers

  7. Billet aluminum oil spray bar

  8. Billet aluminum oil spray bar

    Should work with all heads but you got me with the "drilled cam towers himself". Do you mean he tapped the oil feeds? I could include my cam towers...I'm installing an LS1 so I won't need them.
  9. Holley Red fuel pump

    It's for a carb. 7 psi @ 97 gph.
  10. Billet aluminum oil spray bar

    Yes, it's from Larry. I made the original thread on this that is a sticky now in the L6 forum.. I don't have a picture of it installed but I could screw it on the head in my garage if you want. What would you like know that having it on the head would help?
  11. I've been debating on weather to sell this or not because the cam will need to be re polished on the 3rd, 4th, 5th lobe but I've been assured that it can be done. The damage happened when my valve seat fail on #2 cylinder. The springs and retainers are in excellent shape. $100+shipping
  12. Holley Red fuel pump

    Holly Red fuel pump and regulator. $65.+shipping
  13. Billet aluminum oil spray bar for L6 with clean out on the ends. $120 + shipping
  14. Strange dying issue....Take a shot..

    I had the same issue with my 3.0 liter but I had SU carbs. It would restart but it wasn't pretty. I went from dead head fuel system to return line then added heat shield with heat wrap and wrapped all the fuel lines. Every little thing helped but the return line was the biggest help.
  15. Strange dying issue....Take a shot..

    Sounds like vapor lock to me. I wouldn't run the fuel dead headed, run a return line. It will keep the fuel cooler. Also anything you can do to shield the headers from the carbs will help too.