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  1. Antonio

    LS1 Coil Bracket - SOLD

    Got a pic?
  2. Antonio

    1978 280z 3.1L Turbo LDS Parting Out

    I'm interested in downpipe and exhaust if available
  3. Antonio

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    If possible.... hatch emblem, both front fender emblems, Steering column covers Fuse box cover. Please
  4. Antonio

    1978 280z 3.1L Turbo LDS Parting Out

    What parts are available?
  5. Antonio

    S30 parts some performance parts

    Pictures of knob if possible.
  6. Manifold still available?
  7. Looking for shaved/ported/cleaned intake manifold. Without egr . With or without 240sx TB. Thanks in advance.
  8. Antonio

    L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    How much? Def interested
  9. As tittle says... Looking for a turbo distributor with connector. Thanks in advance.
  10. Antonio

    Lots of Turbo Goodies and Aftermarket Parts!!!

    Interested in the manifold, throttle body, and spacer
  11. Antonio

    Senza Pari Manifold Group Buy V. 2.0

    Interested in the full custom manifold if possible
  12. I'm interested in the z2
  13. Looking for a working turbo digital distributor with connector. Thanks.