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    Restoring my 1972 240z then learning to race it!!

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  1. DUDE


    Ok thanks for input 👍🏼
  2. DUDE


    Good idea but was told the undercoat would conceal it
  3. DUDE


    Good thought I will do my due diligence checking
  4. DUDE


    I can’t catch a break 😅 ok I will rip it off and hunt some rust
  5. DUDE


    OK I will add this onto another step that I have to do , Thank you for the info hopefully there’s not any bad rust where I have to replace the floorplans
  6. DUDE


    I was cleaning out the inside of my car took off the seats checking for rust and as I was doing so I found on top of the floor pans there was hard rubber that seems to be stuck on top of my floor pans and in certain spots at the edges you could see small rust spots. My question is should I rip off this rubber to get to the floor pans to see if there’s any more damage? I posted soon pics and I put a screwdriver parsley underneath the rubber to show what I’m talking about — At first I thought it was the metal until I found out that it’s molded on top off the floor pan kind of like a sticker
  7. DUDE


    Grannyknot ok well I guess I just have to prioritize witch ones I would like done?
  8. DUDE


    I am tearing down my 70 to 240z and before I put it together I want to get some parts plated just wanted to know if anyone happens to have a list of every part that I can get plated on my car before I put it all together?
  9. DUDE


    Scarab73 You make a valid point I can least look into it a little further maybe rent a welder practice a little and see if I feel comfortable with that idea thanks for the push! 😬
  10. DUDE


    Ok good advice peeps and after looking into all my options and advice I think I might have to bite the bullet and see about paying to get it done 👍🏼
  11. DUDE


    Hello I have never welded before and was hoping that you all can tell me if I should buy a "mig welder" and attempt to spot weld my entire car myself? If so any ideas of the most inexpensive machine and possible advice on how to learn to do myself?
  12. Does anyone know the size, length ,and pitch of the bolts that hold the bracket for the compressor on in L24 engine?
  13. sweet I will take a look at them and see if I can apply that to my project thanks!
  14. Thank Llava for all that info the only lucky part is I will be using the original engine but as for welding the brackets together heck ya I will take you up on that offer! 😀 I will see if Pancho can get me the sizes to get that done 👍🏼😬
  15. Hello sir

    I entered a post but last time I did it incorrectly, just wanting to know if I did it write this time? 

    1. seattlejester


      Post looks good! I think troubleshooting looks like it would be the right location. Just want to make sure you aren't in the FAQ section of the forum when posting.

    2. DUDE


      Should I repost it into the "troubleshooting" section? or could you move it there?

    3. seattlejester


      You did post in the troubleshooting section. I think that is fine.