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    Restoring my 1972 240z then learning to race it!!

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  1. DUDE


    CalZ thanks and sorry my brain acts up a lot LOL Yes you’re right compressor 👍🏼😬
  2. DUDE


    Here is a pic of the bracket I’m purchasing The picture of the original bracket that I think goes on at 240 Z for the compressor
  3. DUDE


    Thank you Seattlejester, I'm not really good at this posting thing? also Socorob, I was going to purchase a bracket that looks like you would just adjust it by pushing it out more to give it tension, it does not come with a separate tensioner like the original style does.
  4. DUDE

    compressor mount

    Do you still happen to have this bracket for the compressor if so are you willing to sell it?
  5. DUDE


    Hi peeps I have an 72 240z and I have purchased an Vintage air Gen 2 air conditioning system, but I do no have the bracket that will hold the condenser in place that will also give it tension! So I am hoping someone can give me a path on where I can purchase a reasonably priced bracket for this system?
  6. DUDE

    Hi Derek I have a 72 240a and I have purchased an Gen 2 vintage air system, but I am having an issue finding a bracket for the compressor.  Can you help me out and possibly tell me were I can find one?

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    2. DUDE


      Could you possibly post a picture of the bracket you have on there now? is it the original one?

    3. Derek


      it's an aftermarket. I'll try and get a pic but super busy right now

    4. DUDE


      No problem, thank you for it ahead of time.

  7. Does anyone have pictures of how the emergency brake lines are supposed to look like on a 240z?
  8. I am throwing in a R200 diff from a 90 300zx to my 72 240z; can anyone tell me what CO. to go with to get a good Saft from; or I have a buddy that has an aluminum Driveshaft that he told me I could have cut and balanced but I am not sure that the 5 inch diameter will fit in my car. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  9. Can anyone tell me if the OEM Tie Rods would be better then after market Tie Rods? I was wondering because the OEM is $100 each and MOOG brand is $45 each or if anyone knows of a better brand to purchase?
  10. DUDE

    240sx differential

    Does anyone know where I can buy a 240sx LSD differential?? I have the Arizona z car full suspension and brake system and I need to start with the R200 diff then figure out what axles sizes to look for thanks in advanced.
  11. Phlebmaster do you still have this R200 diff from the 240sx?
  12. Ok well that at least gives me a direction to go towards. I will start doing some research on the Z32's rear diff then see if technotoytunning can help me out with the axles. Do you know if the gear ratio on the Z32's diff is an 408?? and im going to check out your projet post ASAP thanks!!
  13. First off I have a 1972 240z and over time I have purchased the track pack from "Arizona Z car" and im hoping sombody happens to have the same set up. My problem is that I am planning on getting an R200 diff from either a 240sx or a 300zx but I have no idea what axles to use?? Can anyone please give me some pointers or maybe point me in the right direction to get some good advice thanks
  14. DUDE

    Two R200's for sale. 3.54

    Do you still have the R200 stock? for $100
  15. DUDE

    Parting out 75 280Z

    does your car have an R200 and can you tell me is the block number that is on that car?