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  1. Got rid of the car, still have a bunch of little pieces left - headed to the dump soon. But since the grille is brand new, I figured I'd see if anyone wants or needs it - looks like if MSA had any, they would sell for $180 - $50 + shipping takes it.
  2. Chances are I have a majority of the parts on the inside - see this thread for more info: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/119200-part-out-76-22-body-shell-is-gone/ The HVAC box is one large module for the most part; blower sits on the passenger side, and hoses route AC to the dash vents.
  3. What he said; I have all the stuff out of my 76, but not sure how that would work in your car without a lot of fabrication. You can find my "76 part out" in the parts for sale area
  4. Part out - 76 2+2 - body shell is gone....

    bump - still got lots of parts; not planning to hold onto it forever, it'll go to the trash heap....
  5. Part out - 76 2+2 - body shell is gone....

    PMs are sent for the most recent inquiries; original post updated to reflect the stuff that's gone. Thanks, Jim
  6. Part out - 76 2+2 - body shell is gone....

    I'll have to get it boxed up for weight; will let you know this evening. Thanks, Jim
  7. Part out - 76 2+2 - body shell is gone....

    Here's what I had inside the drum with the exception of brake shoes: Everything there for $10 + shipping?
  8. parts to sell

    Stuff I'm selling now that I got rid of the car...
  9. Part out - 76 2+2 - body shell is gone....

    So just the wheel cylinder and associated doohickeys? Let me go see if I can get the drum off without excessive cussing and see what kind of shape they are in....
  10. Part out - 76 2+2 - body shell is gone....

    Pedal box is incomplete - all I have is the brake pedal and pivot pin. I think I may have sold off the clutch pedal a few years ago, but my memory sucks. Sorry, Jim
  11. Part out - 76 2+2 - body shell is gone....

    Pedal boxes were all the same - I actually swapped the car from auto to manual without removing the box. I will have to dig through the bags of hardware to see if I have all the bits for it - will let you know tomorrow
  12. OK, finally got the body shell off to the scrapyard; now I'm going through plastic totes and boxes to see what's left. Majority of the parts are from a '76, might be a few '74 snuck in there (had a couple of those in the past). I have not listed every item I have, if you are interested in some of the small, off-the-wall items, just shoot me a message. I'm guessing on reasonable pricing for the majority of this stuff - feel free to make me an offer on anything. I really don't want to ship huge/heavy items (hood, struts/spindles, etc.) - if you really want it, it'll be on you to arrange shipping. Buyers will pay actual shipping costs as quoted via UPS - I'm not one to jack up shipping and "handling" BS charges. Here's the list of what's in the pictures - may miss a few things Headlight switch - $20 Hatch lock cylinder - $5 Hood latch - $5 Heater valve (not sure of year) - has a dent in the side, but below the sealing area - $10 A/C coil with some dinged up fins ('74) - $25 HVAC cable (27145-N3100) - $5 Miscellaneous bag of door parts for a 2+2 door - $5 Gas pedal - business end modified to use a throttle cable - $10 Surround trim for front turn signal lights - heck, pay for shipping Brake booster - torn boot on the pedal end - $15 HVAC box (complete) - some of the vac lines will need replaced - $100 Driver's side knee trim with vent - $15 License plate light (tested and works) - $10 Another HVAC cable (27146-N3100) - $5 (or buy em both for $7 Front turn signals - $10 each Rear view mirror with all the mounting trim stuff (back is marred up) - $10 Fuse box cover - $5 Rear window trim - $10 Hood support rod - $5 Side marker lights (not tested) - $5 each Solid steering column coupler with hardware - $10 Original horns (someone may want those OE parts) - $5 The luggage straps from the rear - $5 Windshield washer nozzles - pay shipping Underhood lamp that actually works - $20 Owner's manual in darn good condition - $40 Window channel (new in bag- 80335-N4520) - $10 Underdash relay panel - $10 Steering column surround that isn't cracked - $50 Rear quarter windows - $50 each (no extra charge for the old MSA sticker) Wiper motor ('74) - still goes roundy-roundy - $20 HVAC blower motor - also goes roundy-doundy - $20 Hood release cable - $25 Hood hinges (have both of them) - $10 Fusible link cover (might have a couple of them) - pay shipping Underhood relay panel - $10 HVAC Blower housing - $20 Another wiper motor ('76) - it goes roundy-roundy too - $20 A/C compressor (condition unknown, been sitting for years) - $50 Pedal box - $20 Front strut/spindle assemblies with Toyota calipers - $40 each (I may be willing to disassemble) Miscellaneous interior parts - glove box, seat belts, HVAC ducting - make offers Dash centerpiece - $10 Toolkit with pouch - $30 Headlight fender ends - $40 each Hood - off of a '73, so it doesn't have vents - $150 Rear interior side panels - $20 - shipping these will likely suck Interior taillight panel - $20 - same thing on shipping Center console - is cracked and has some surface mildew - $40 Rear suspension, and an R200 with CV halfshafts - year and ration unknown, but can check - $150 for the R200 and CVs, make offer on the rest "Jegster" roll cage kit (10 point) for the 2+2 model - $150 Taillights (need some work) - $20 each Brand spanking new grille - $100 Pictures in the album linked - Thanks for looking, let me know if there's anything else out there I may be able to dig up - if you're looking for specific hardware, I have most of it in labeled baggies. Jim
  13. Jeg's

    Guess I'm spoiled - hour and a half drive and I can be on the doorstep of Jeg's; 3 hours and at Summit. Want me to drive up and smack someone for ya?
  14. Just what I needed....

    Thanks - The garage is 40x60, 12' ceilings; it was there when we bought the house (ok, it ws the major deciding factor on the house) It's my "doghouse" if needed too - has a bathroom, gas furnace, washer, dryer, fridge, microwave, satellite radio, internet - and all the cars and tools. As far as emblems on the Shelby - I'll try and get down there and get a pic for ya