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  1. 280z performance parts & loads of body parts.

    Interested in the header. Is this a round port or square port header? What is the flange thickness? Thanks
  2. '72 240z HLS30-50499

    well after resolving some brake issues she has made it to work. I installed my BC coilovers that were meant for a previous project but that's gone now and with that i also installed the toyota 4x4 vented brakes in the front and maxima rear disc conversion in the back. Now supplied by a rebuilt booster and a 280zxt master cylinder. The wife and the little guy were helping to bleed the brakes, It still needs some dialing in but it's awesome to be back on the road!
  3. this is a very subjective question but in my case it was always yes. perhaps my car history is not as exotic as you are looking to go but it is hard to replace the way a z drives and makes you feel. My first car was a '78 280z then i had a '72 240z, then i had a '77 280z and I followed that with a '74 260z and i daily drove all of these ... (yes i may have a problem) at this point i decided that i wanted a newer car I bought a 94 300zxtt it was fast but didn't get excited about driving it like the s30s, needless to say i spent most of the time driving my 260z that i kept because i was bored with the 300 or it was nonoperational. I then sold both cars and got a 77 280z with a 3.1L stroker by rebello and it was by far the most exciting car i've owned. since then i have been thru a few BMWs and a couple of hot hatches by Honda and nothing quite does it for me like the old S30. On the other hand if you are looking for status recognition and a wow factor then a old Datsun will probably not do that for you. If you are looking for genuine compliments and people telling you about their stories when they owned one in high school then the old datsun is the way to go.
  4. Having trouble accesing private messages

    ok so it seems that if i first open HBz then the PMs don't want to load but if i navigate anywhere in the site, I can open stuff. I guess that's fine.
  5. Having trouble accesing private messages

    seems to be working fine now.
  6. Anyone else experience this? I can't seem to get to my private messages. Tried in mozilla and IE and both just have the two arrows chasing each other in a circle....
  7. Affordable ITB's anyone.

    working with Tim at Jenvey USA on group buy pricing for a kit perhaps we could do the same with EFI hardware.
  8. Postal code 48178 Qty. 1, Black Short Sleeve T shirt - Medium Qty. 1, Black Hoodie - Medium thank you for putting this together and I would also be interested in some stickers
  9. Affordable ITB's anyone.

    I agree, if you buy piecemeal than you'll pay more. The kit listed in the original posting is a throttle plate with weld in bungs, not everyone has that ability and could be costly to have it done. Jenvey usa doesn't currently list a kit with three throttle bodies. I sent them a note if they could generate a price for a kit and also if they are open to group buys. I've been interested in one of these two option for a while. Just haven't pulled the trigger
  10. Affordable ITB's anyone.

    In contrast here are the EFiHardware ITBs on an engine by PMC engines
  11. '72 240z HLS30-50499

    The sleepless nights continue as i try to get the car ready for Midwest Z heritage show in 2 weeks. Mind you this car has still not driven more than 10feet on it's own power. But the interior is coming along well i haven't been taking pictures at every step but here is a short summary. - Installed carpet padding on the tunnel (the stuff is called Victoria's Pad .... I wonder if they meant to do that) apparently it's costco required under carpet insulation got it for $10 at my local flooring store. - Installed new vinyl kit from MSA, overall good fit but it's a pain to do and also very time consuming - Installed a refurbed pedal box that i had in my other car - Swapped all the gauges and wiring from the original dash to another one i had laying around that's in much better shape (forgot to swap the vin plate ... grr of course realized this after dash was installed - Installed the Dash - Connected all the wiring, checked each system for operation and checked for any loose wires that may be hot. I am not running a heater core or a blower motor at this time so i have some dangling wires right now - I installed the steering column with a Peyton Steering wheel (it's ok for now but i am keeping an eye out for a wood grain nardi in 13-14" diameter - I installed the center panel and console after thorough cleaning of these parts, they are not in best shape but they will do for now. - I got all the rear panels installed - Got my driver's seat mounted and finished off with some embroidered floor mats As for next steps, finish up the interior work, i still have the passenger seat to mount and the lower interior dogleg panels to install, i am also waiting for my harness bar from T3 and my takata harnesses are ready to go in. I have discovered that the mechanical pump has been leaking fuel into the crankcase by a strong fuel odor in oil. I will have to swap in my electric pump, something i planned to do in the future but now has to happen. Also have to swap all the suspension to my BC coilover setup which is welded up ready to go in. and swapping the R200 (3.54) with a rebuild R180(3.7) that i have on the shelf.
  12. Affordable ITB's anyone.

    I'm not too sure, i think that unless you are looking for a throttle plate only I would still go with the Jenveys. So you can have a pair of Jenvey's for $608 https://jenveyusa.com/collections/throttle-bodies-twin/products/jenvey-dynamics-th-body-45mm-individual-throttle-bodies-pair Or you can have a single ITB from EfiHardware for $293 https://www.efihardware.com/products/2895/E-Series-DCOE-Throttle-Body so you are saving a whopping $33 for three. Then personally i like the Jenvey's better so i guess i am biased
  13. Beautiful car, that rust seems very trivial compared to what i had deal with on Z cars before. Good Luck, also the wheels look like the 432r magnesium wheels. Are they?
  14. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    HI Dan, I messaged cockerstar who did the initial run of HBz swag and he said that he would run another batch if there was enough interest, I would suggest you discuss the donation situation with him rather than me a third party doing it.
  15. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    Going with an ITB setup from Jenvey or EFIHardware should yield the same results as the webers and give you the reliability/tunability of EFI probably looking at just under 2k in induction after it's all set and done not that much different than webers or mikunis. ***TWM is also an option