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  1. WTB Shifter

    I have a few available, these would be oem 240z units. I think all of mine are series 2 style with the S shape. I can check the threads on the ones i have.
  2. WTB CAM core

    Thanks guys. Have one to send to Dave.
  3. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Ha thats what im using. Should have no issues I’m running it on windows 10
  4. WTB CAM core

    Looking for a good cam core to send to rebello for re-grind. Must be in fairly decent shape with not too much pitting.
  5. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    @ryant67 I sent Isky an email describing my engine plans and asked for his suggestions for selecting a cam i got a reply that said. "I believe the 718148 is your best bet. See import catalog enclosed. Regards, Isky Cams"" The suggested cam is the L480 which falls quite short of the rebello cam. either way i ordered the cam from Rebello as i have heard good reviews and from my "calculations" it looks like what i want. No i just need to figure out if my core is good enough or source a spare to send to Dave. @30 ounce Your peak torque is in about the same place as my plot predicts but your torque drops off faster in the higher RPM. I wonder if the SUs were limiting you a bit in airflow. After all you were running 20% higher displacement than what those carbs were originally specified for.
  6. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Madkaw, do you have a dyno sheet for your engine?
  7. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    yeah both of those cams are well suited for higher revving engines. Which is the only thing holding me back from the Don Potter cam. My pistons are still cast so my engine won't see much action above 7200 rpm. The clearance issues that Steve mentions are to the pistons. A higher peak lift will not affect valve to piston clearance as much an earlier and later closing valve. The higher lift will still require custom springs and valve seals. Personally i am leaning towards the 63DE (.487 lift, 279 duration)cam from rebello, it won't make as much peak power as the DP cam but much higher torque until 5200 rpm. Peak power will be around 6500. Plot shows both cams with 3 degrees advance. I would probably retard the 63DE which increases top end power. Retarding the DP cam really kills low end torque and the peak HP only slightly increases. Rebello also has a very attractive price for the cam, lash caps and springs (outer only required) as a kit.
  8. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    The high lift is only good if your head can flow enough. If there is no more flow at the higher lift points the extra lift doesn't buy you that much. The port flow data used is from a Japanese ported N42.
  9. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Steve is a decent guy, I was trying to decide on a cam and i was stuck between the DP cam, Rebello 63D cam, and the ISKY L490. I used a very simple program called Desktop Dyno to try to simulate the vehicle behavior. After some discussion with Steve he shared the specs. He didn't have a dyno sheet to do a comparison but he did find the numbers to be lower than expected. There is a lot of assumptions in the model and the port flow is simply based on measurements a member has posted on facebook. Either way it should work well to compare cam to cam. So here is a comparison between the DP 535 cam(L28F) and the isky L490. This is "crank torque" and the assumptions are 87mm bore 79mm stroke; 44/35mm in/ex valves. 10.5 static C/R. 3 deg cam advance on both cams, free flow exhaust, induction flow = 1500 cfm @ 1.5 inHg.
  10. If the offer is still open I'd appreciate the template for the cut out for the top of the strut towers for BC coilovers. Thanks, My name is Paul. email [email protected]

    1. madison


      Hi again. I have a question. Did you use bump steer spacers w/ your BC coilovers? Thanks.

    2. theczechone


      not yet. Something needs to be done though as bump steer is a serious issue when dropped as low as I am. Makes the vehicle borderline dangerous to drive. 

    3. madison


      Thanks for the reply. I am going to do it. I am doing a ground up resto-mod ( mostly resto) and  I am trying to do things just once.

  11. CLSD R200 on Z31 for $700 Shipped

    seems that you can't view it unless logged in
  12. Replacement sheet metal

  13. I may have missed it previously, but curious to why you chose to use cam towers instead of just caps?
  14. WTB: 280ZX 79-81 brake master cylinder

    They should, mine did, but I don't think my 240 master was original. It is a tight fit though.
  15. Got my shirt and my hoodie today! Great products! Very happy!