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  1. theczechone

    Mikuni short manifold

    there is a facebook group called Mikuni PHH Carburetors, try there.
  2. theczechone

    Midwest Barn find 76 280z

    Car looks quite nice, If you are decided to sell, i would simply list it on BaT.
  3. theczechone

    WTB small gauge lens for 280Z dash

    I do think that the they are different between the clock and the other two gauges...
  4. theczechone

    280z intake manifold

    @DAT240ZI have one of a 1978, it does have egr but you can have it for $50 complete with fuel rail and injectors. Not sure if they are functional though. Motor came from salvage yard. Shipping not included located in SE Michigan
  5. theczechone

    Ignition Control Options

    @lowrider I had similar thoughts, but if he had tried 3 or 4 different distributors I would assume he tried different types as well. i think my ZX dizzy should work well. I had also asked if he considered using this with an optical trigger such as the Crane/FAST xr700 but no response yet. Will update as i get more info.
  6. theczechone

    Ignition Control Options

    @Lazeum Nicely executed! great looking car as well, I was wondering why you implemented the TPS? The latest megajolt comes with a MAP sensor and that should be able to give you enough info.
  7. theczechone

    Switch needed

    There was another variant in Japan that had a two way flasher option. I have one of these switches. Let me know if you are interested
  8. theczechone

    Ignition Control Options

    I think he is talking about the distributor rather than the coil.
  9. theczechone

    Ignition Control Options

    @lowrider @Enzo250gto Guys, a bit of bad news on the CB black box, i will dig down a bit deaper
  10. theczechone

    260z carbed l28

    you should target an early L28, N42 block/N42 head this would mean you can utilize your stock square port exhaust manifold and you can still use a mechanical pump in it's stock location. Also assuming you don't use it, the EFI intake manifold that doesn't have an EGR can be sold for a bit of money ($150-$300 latest i seen) if you wanted to go a bit further, you could swap the pistons for some 280zx flat tops and raise your compression and make a bit more power.
  11. theczechone

    Ignition Control Options

    I wouldn't define my car as a track car that stays at high engine speeds for extended periods of time. I do want to do some track days but mainly it's going to be a street car. The timing light jumping could just be due to the induction clamp signal, distributors have been in use for a long time even on hondas that revved beyond 8k rpm so i wouldn't think it's an issue.
  12. theczechone

    Ignition Control Options

    I guess there is another option https://www.cbperformance.com/CB-s-Black-Box-Programmable-Timing-Control-Module-p/2013.htm Cost: $200 Use stock coil and distributor (locked out) Provides a full surface for tuning. this looks promising and cheap..
  13. theczechone

    Ignition Control Options

    another option, although this one is pricey: https://www.holley.com/products/ignition/ignition_boxes/distributorless/parts/6011 Controller : $422 Coils: $100 Trigger wheel + Sensor $240 Total: $762 but less parts...
  14. theczechone

    Ignition Control Options

    Ford DG508 http://www.blakemachine.com/performance_parts_by_blake_machine/datsun_coil_on_plug_brackets_6__4_cylinder