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  1. CLSD R200 on Z31 for $700 Shipped

    seems that you can't view it unless logged in
  2. Replacement sheet metal

  3. I may have missed it previously, but curious to why you chose to use cam towers instead of just caps?
  4. WTB: 280ZX 79-81 brake master cylinder

    They should, mine did, but I don't think my 240 master was original. It is a tight fit though.
  5. Got my shirt and my hoodie today! Great products! Very happy!
  6. WTB: 280ZX 79-81 brake master cylinder

    Bought mine from O'Reilly auto parts. Works good. Pretty sure the ports are switched though. Front is back and back is front. So make sure your lines are routed correctly.
  7. T3 harness bar with Racing harness installed (Pics wanted)

    I just installed mine, my takata harness also came with eyebolts. You can remove the rear section of the harness and then use the takata bracket and wrap it. There are instructions for this online. it works out really nice. it's a great product for the price.
  8. 4.0L, 4 cyl. = 1500 hp

    would love to see that port geometry and cylinder head water jacket.
  9. WTB: Forged Pistons 89mm

    Just like the title says, I'm looking to build an L28 and need some pistons. I am looking for forged because i would like to increase the revs a bit. I would prefer flat tops with valve recesses. Let me know what you have.
  10. Building an L28 (NA)

    Glad yo were able to solve your fuel issues. the engine sounds awesome but how does it feel? is it everything you had hoped? Also 14 AFR at cruise seems fine to me why do you want to richen it up?
  11. 280z performance parts & loads of body parts.

    Interested in the header. Is this a round port or square port header? What is the flange thickness? Thanks
  12. '72 240z HLS30-50499

    well after resolving some brake issues she has made it to work. I installed my BC coilovers that were meant for a previous project but that's gone now and with that i also installed the toyota 4x4 vented brakes in the front and maxima rear disc conversion in the back. Now supplied by a rebuilt booster and a 280zxt master cylinder. The wife and the little guy were helping to bleed the brakes, It still needs some dialing in but it's awesome to be back on the road!
  13. this is a very subjective question but in my case it was always yes. perhaps my car history is not as exotic as you are looking to go but it is hard to replace the way a z drives and makes you feel. My first car was a '78 280z then i had a '72 240z, then i had a '77 280z and I followed that with a '74 260z and i daily drove all of these ... (yes i may have a problem) at this point i decided that i wanted a newer car I bought a 94 300zxtt it was fast but didn't get excited about driving it like the s30s, needless to say i spent most of the time driving my 260z that i kept because i was bored with the 300 or it was nonoperational. I then sold both cars and got a 77 280z with a 3.1L stroker by rebello and it was by far the most exciting car i've owned. since then i have been thru a few BMWs and a couple of hot hatches by Honda and nothing quite does it for me like the old S30. On the other hand if you are looking for status recognition and a wow factor then a old Datsun will probably not do that for you. If you are looking for genuine compliments and people telling you about their stories when they owned one in high school then the old datsun is the way to go.
  14. Having trouble accesing private messages

    ok so it seems that if i first open HBz then the PMs don't want to load but if i navigate anywhere in the site, I can open stuff. I guess that's fine.
  15. Having trouble accesing private messages

    seems to be working fine now.