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  1. Neverdone


    I've now bookmarked this thread. I was planning on getting a champion 3 row radiator and buying their two fan option, but now I'm totally just going to do this. I'll see if I can make a CAD drawing of the shroud when I'm finished. Question though: Why not just wire the grey/white wire to the thermal switch?
  2. Neverdone


    what gauge wire did you use to wire the thing up?
  3. Neverdone


    Does the Volvo fan really need that 70amp relay? Almost all other relay kits come with a 30amp fuse.
  4. Neverdone

    Which CV kits are best for an R200 240Z?

    The RT Mount attaches to the strap mounting holes in the chassis as well for longnose R200 swaps as well. I'm not following why that really matters.
  5. Neverdone

    Seats - Sparco R100 vs OMP

    Buy both, return the ones you don't like.
  6. That last sentence literally caused every engineer who designs suspension for a living to have a simultaneous aneurysm. So that's great, they're all dead now. I hope you're happy.
  7. Usually you put the expansion joints just aft of the exhaust header to help mitigate vibration through the really long pipe that it's connected to. Where would you put them?
  8. Those are XXR 527's 16x8.25, 0 Offset, 205/50 16 Tires As far as that spoiler, That's a Xenon 5128 rear spoiler. It's made of plastic. You can get it cheaper at Andy's Autosport right now if you really want it.
  9. You wouldn't be the first to graft the front suspension out of a E36 BMW if you wanted something similar, but different.
  10. Neverdone

    Rear Hatch Sill Replace it or wait it out.

    Go to your local community college and take a class in welding if you're really worried and want more than getting your degree the University of Youtube. That being said, there's a lot of guys out there who put a lot of great information on this on Youtube. Picking up some random pieces of sheet metal, cutting them and welding them back together is great practice. Plus when you're done you have a welder and have learned a new skill!
  11. Neverdone

    Rear Hatch Sill Replace it or wait it out.

    That would drive me insane looking at it every time I opened the hatch. The rest of your car is looking pretty good right now. Are you going to be ok with that rather large cancerous section that's constantly getting worse?
  12. Neverdone

    Does anyone know this kit?

    That's a photoshopped 370z.
  13. Zcardepot sells the brackets to use Maxima calipers. https://zcardepot.com/all-products/brakes/rear-brakes/rear-disc-brake-caliper-conversion-bracket-set-disk
  14. Neverdone

    Chevy 90 degree V6

    where are you going to mount the brake booster and clutch master cylinder?
  15. Neverdone

    Drivetrain swap talk

    The shortnose R200 is also found in 1990-95 Infiniti Q45's, Infiniti J30's, and Nissan 240sx's. In those there are variations on output shafts, gearing, and if it came with an LSD or not.