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  1. Option 3: Sell it! That's pretty good condition. Not perfect, but better than what a lot of people are rolling around with. Option 4: Paint it! It won't be shiny chrome, but primer can fill in a lot of those imperfections, and then you don't need to worry about chroming anything.
  2. Neverdone

    Exhaust order?

    Yes, the cat should come directly after the headers. Having one flex pipe is good, but you shouldn't need any more than that if you mount your exhaust to your frame/whatever with rubber exhaust hangers.
  3. Neverdone


    Go to your local community and sign up for a welding class. They usually aren't that expensive are incredibly valuable for a person with no experience welding. Afterwards you'll have a skill.
  4. Neverdone

    Camaro IRS differential conversion

    I don't think that's the same differential housing that the Camaro uses.
  5. Neverdone

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    If you already have the crank out, why not balance it? There's a place near me that only charges 70 dollars to do that. If you're going high horsepower, isn't that a nice assurance to have for pretty cheap.
  6. If you're not building a track car, why do you need to adjust your front suspension?
  7. Neverdone

    L24 block question

    You can weld in corrosion holes on an engine. Make sure whoever is doing it knows exactly what they're doing though. Considering however that you have a Z that isn't in mint condition, and the value will change by a negligible amount, it might be cheaper and easier to just get a new L24 that isn't pitted out.
  8. According to Rockauto and Autozone, the 8.75" brake booster is on 1995-2001 2WD Tacomas. There's a 96 at a Pick'n'pull near me. I'll see if I can go yank the booster and measure the bolt pattern today or tomorrow and take pictures and what not. Would be neat to have a readily available booster upgrade for 200 bucks that's truely plug and play.
  9. Question 1: If you don't know what you're doing, and you're not willing to spend the time looking up how to fix it, I would absolutely take it to someone who does know how to fix it. This isn't a slight against you, I have no idea how much time or money you have. Question 2: If the area where the door has rusted is still in tact on that bashed up door, then cut out that portion of the door and weld it onto the area where the rusted door after cutting away the cancer. Question 3:
  10. Neverdone


    I've now bookmarked this thread. I was planning on getting a champion 3 row radiator and buying their two fan option, but now I'm totally just going to do this. I'll see if I can make a CAD drawing of the shroud when I'm finished. Question though: Why not just wire the grey/white wire to the thermal switch?
  11. Neverdone


    what gauge wire did you use to wire the thing up?
  12. Neverdone


    Does the Volvo fan really need that 70amp relay? Almost all other relay kits come with a 30amp fuse.
  13. Neverdone

    Which CV kits are best for an R200 240Z?

    The RT Mount attaches to the strap mounting holes in the chassis as well for longnose R200 swaps as well. I'm not following why that really matters.
  14. Neverdone

    Seats - Sparco R100 vs OMP

    Buy both, return the ones you don't like.
  15. That last sentence literally caused every engineer who designs suspension for a living to have a simultaneous aneurysm. So that's great, they're all dead now. I hope you're happy.