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  1. 1971 240Z Track Day Car

    OH man a woman can drool and dream LOL, it was a beautiful car
  2. been really busy with work so i haven't had much time at the moment to post anything

  3. Poor 280zx

    omg still makes me sick to think, i wanted to seriously ask him wtf
  4. typical overhaul

    Ok gotcha, what i mean by picky is some things she likes some she doesn't, I am still figuring it all out so forgive me if i don't know all the jargin. I just ment take the whole engine apart and clean everything. In my dad's garage at least that is what he called a over haul. I know i probably sound stupid. But that is what the plan is. I just didn't know what the down time would be if it's done, It's my daily. it has been compression tested, down and all, perfect no issues. When i say picky, sertain oil's she doesn't like. I have used the bosh oil filter and GTX high milage 10-40 And it seems to burn through it like water. The other fluids she does like is the red line tranny fluid. thinking of running the royal purple oil through her next but i don't know what all and why sertain oil's its burning through it like water.
  5. typical overhaul

    Ok so i am a newbie here, but i have a 82 280zx Stock L6, not these upgraded moded ones like i have seen on here for a while. My z runs cherry, but she is very very tempermental. And from what i am gathering and i have read and felt in my z, and heard from other z owners, that z's are very picky cars. I am seriously thinking about just doing a complete over haul. I have changed the spark plugs and the wires in the past year, the o rings and the injectors, oxygen sensor and a few other things over time, I am mainly writing this topic to ask how hard is it to do a complete Overhaul on my kind of z? i know silly question, but i am coming from a family that owned nothing but small block chevy's. I don't want to drop any other engine in her at this point. I like my stock L6 but how hard is the overhaul going to be that i'm looking at doing? Thanks
  6. Poor 280zx

    that Just made me so sick, that poor z