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  1. I want to buy the uhh... bumper also.. uhh.
  2. blackzedex


    UPDATE 9.30.10 So the spark plug problem is over, i went ahead and upgraded the alternator to a Maxima 90amp and a Taurus fan. Yesterday i had it smogged and to my surprise it passed...barely... but surprising considering its been sitting for so long. Last night the Z decided to give me hell once more, a fuel injector started leaking into its harness and shorted it out on the freeway.. Luckily it didn't catch fire and explode or something, it was just a big plasticky stink. Ill be posting up the pictures soon. @*^%@*&%&%& injector!!
  3. blackzedex


    Lol the cycle never stops!! I forgot about boost controller, that's definitely on the list. I have an intake but I'm probably going to fabricate a fresh air box thing to enclose it in. Exhaust wise, I have the stock piping minus the extra large stock muffler at the end, I might go with 3" CM piping with high flow cat and downpipe. If I get a boost controller though I'll only bring it up to 10-11psi just to be safe. Nistune anyone?? Ive been on redz31 site, i learned alot from there as well as zbums site, z31.com hasnt been working lately for some reason.
  4. blackzedex

    Ressurection and Build of my 280zx

    Chop-top, altezza lights, 26" rims, chevy 350 with vtackk then we're talking..
  5. blackzedex

    Ressurection and Build of my 280zx

    Chop-top, altezza lights, 26" rims, chevy 350 with vtackk then we're talking..
  6. blackzedex


    UPDATE! About a week ago i tried changing the spark plugs. The first 5 went in fine, but the last one i pulled out took the threads with it . Soooooo... its time to really get to know the motor and rip the head off of the drivers side. Fun huh? Pictures will be posted later. Hmm. While the head and intake plenum is off, I was thinking of picking up one of SATANs turbo relocator pipe and z31parts.com Intake plenum spacer and tb spacer. Or a pathfinder plenum?? Shoot me some ideas please! Preferably budget upgrades under $1000 total.
  7. blackzedex


    Thanks! yeah i like it in black but, its a hassle trying to keep it clean. The original color actually was the champagne/silver color. One day I might get this thing repainted back to the stock color..
  8. blackzedex


    Found louvers at the junkyard for $10! Gotta re-rivet it and it'll be as good as new. Unfortunately when trying to put them on, battlesquaddatsun and I shattered the rear window . I went back to the junkyard and picked up an 86 hatch with glass and wing for $35.. THE VICTIM AND THE BOO BOO FINISHED PRODUCT
  9. Vg33 swap anyone?

  10. blackzedex


    I really want the anniversary model flares, I think it'll go nice with the Kaminari kit it has on right now. Well the plans are to either bring the stock vg30 to 300 daily driven hp or swap a vg33.. So many choices, so little money.. I'll start accumulating parts soon and post it on this thread.
  11. blackzedex


    Whats up guys? i'm new to the forums and just bought my 84 300zxt last month. Verdict? i LOVE this sh*t!!! It has 113,000mi currently and was sitting for 8 years, when i went to go see it, it started right up. It's been with me for over a month and no major problems :] some pics with friends: the celicasupra is a buddy of ours and the 280zx is another member, battlesquaddatsun