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  1. If you still have rear brakes can you tell me what the piston size is in the calipers? Thanks Burton [email protected]
  2. Wanted Belly Pan for a 240Z

    Still looking if anyone has one
  3. Need the following for our Bonneville Car. R200 rearend with 3.364 gears or the Gears only Brake hats and caliper brackets front and rear I have the rest of the brake parts....If anyone knows someone who makes them let me know. Centerforce clutch and pressure plate or ?? Trans adaptor for VK45 to 350Z 6 speed. OEM healight covers with rings Short Tokiko Shocks for front of 240Z or?? Bump steer lowering blocks Call me if you have anything or ideas where to get the above stuff. Thanks Burton Brown 920-585-0776
  4. Hey Hybrid Z folks.... I am putting together an E- engine 4.5VKDD engine to attempt breaking the E/GT record currently held by a Vette. Horsepower should not be a problem.....Dave and Brian at Rebello are busy doing the homework to make ???hp. We will publish the HP numbers after we dyno it. My issue is wanting to know the real numbers with and without the G-nose vs the attitude (rake) in the car plus what angle and position to place the parachute(s) at so they don't fall on the ground when deployed. I have a very capable guy who is willing to do the CFD analysis to give a 95% certain answer to all of my questions above. Anyone that can help I will gladly share our results with. I have seen several posts where people have some models started but really need one complete with as much undercarriage as possible. Of course apple juice at the diner at the entrance to the Bonneville speedway will also be included....... Thanks Burton Brown www.victorymotorsports.org
  5. Wanted, Complete set up for brakes, rotor hats, rotors, calipers, caliper brackets for wilwood style brakes. If you have any of the parts let me know. Thanks Burton Brown [email protected]
  6. I would be interested in the narrow wheels. Would you dismount the tires and ship them to me if I give you my UPS number? What would you want for them? Let me know Burton 920-585-0776
  7. Wanted Belly Pan for a 240Z

    Looking for the stock belly pan that came on some 240Z;s. Let me know what you have. Burton 920-585-0776
  8. Wanted, Upgraded Disc brake parts for an S30. Hats and caliper brackets or complete set-up front and rear. Any parts considered. Let me know what you have. I have lots of wilwood style calipers and rotors I would like to use if possible. Burton 920-585-0776
  9. Wanted Z-parts for Bonneville

    Really need a pair of BZ 3099 Tokico's if someone has a pair. Should have posted this first. Thanks
  10. Box full of NOS Datsun Parts. Parts LOT. Cheap!

    I just posted a list of things I am looking for on the wanted page for our Bonneville car. If you can take a look and see if you would have anything there let me know. Thanks Burton
  11. Wanted Z-parts for Bonneville

    Looking for the following things for our upcoming Bonneville record attempt: 1) rearend 280ZX 79 MT,4 Spd,4 Seater (3.364) (R200) 2) rearend 280ZX 81-83 Turbo - all (3.545) (R200) 3) 280Z front suspension complete with spindles and hubs 4) Performance brake set up. I have some stock car stuff (rotors and calipers) I am looking for the "Aluminum hats" to bolt the stock car rotor to the stock hubs. And upgraded brake stuff considered. 5) 280Z hood 6) Adjustable Tokico Illuminas for front. New or used. Anyone that can help with these parts let me know. Thanks Burton Brown 920-585-0776
  12. L28 / stroker longblock ?

    Jimmy, I can also vouch for Dave Rebello as well. He is the one responsible for us going 172mph at Bonneville with an L6. We are the current Bonneville record holder in F/GT. If you go to www.rebelloracing.com you will see our car/video as well as several others that use Daves engines. I did all of my work with Dave and his guys over the phone, I live 2000+ miles away and was extremely happy with how everything went right down to the shipping. If you need to discuss anything at all contact me through www.victorymotorsports.org and I will help all I can. You absolutely will not regret getting an engine from Rebello. Burton Brown
  13. To All, I am looking for a good, accurate solidworks model of a 240Z with and without a g-nose. Prefer to have the full undercarriage as well if possible. We currently hold the F/GT record at Bonneville at 172MPH and change. We are putting together an E engine (4.2L) to run at ECTA Bonneville (hopefully El-mirage) in 2013 and hope to run 190 plus as that is the record now, but our thoughts are at breaking 200mph. We have started out with a 4.5DD engine. Dave Rebello and his guys are working away at it. Horsepower desired +610HP. If anyone knows of someone who can help in this area I am working with someone currently who can do the flow simulation to show how the car will act at speed plus what happens when you pull the chute.......keeping the car on the ground is a big plus. Would share the results with whomever can help! Thanks Burton Brown www.victorymotorsports.org Fremont WI. 920-585-0776 SKYPE# 920-779-1169
  14. WTB VK45 5 or 6 speed manual trans

    350 or 370 with adapter will seem to work
  15. Transmission gear ratios

    Looking for help finding a chart for gear ratios in the 350-370Z 6 speed transmissions. We will use a VK45DD and want to couple it to one of these transmissions. Thanks Burton