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  1. darbedare92

    finished the paint

    Alubeam Silver from 2013 SLS Benz
  2. darbedare92

    After sandblasting

    getting ready for new paint. Not sure what color to go with.
  3. Getting ready for paint

  4. darbedare92

    Radiator Opinioins

    I took my radiator out cause I'm planning to the similar setup. I notice if I tilt the radiator by 35 digress I can have more room for the intake, but I wonder if it would effect my cooling. would that make my car not to cool down properly?
  5. darbedare92

    engine bay, Radiator

    just few pictures to look at to get a better idea of my radiator setup.
  6. darbedare92

    Radiator Opinioins

    Do you have a picture from the finish product of the (Over-the-Radiator (OTR) cold air intake)
  7. darbedare92

    LS1 Long Tube Headers

    did you order it? I want to order one too but I want to know if you made one with that kit
  8. ( LS1 ) How much it will cost me ?

    1. Cable


      5.3 swaps with 4L60e transmissions usually cost about 4k installed at my shop. Turnaround is around a week.

    2. 280Z76LS2


      you will be happy with that engine lol...


  9. Ok, now I want to go with LS1 engine :)