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  1. Hello, i’m having an rb25det neo and a haltech put into my Datsun. The car has been at Wireworks performance (fort worth, tx) since january 4th. Back in May i was told it would take a little longer because a tech screwed some work up and it had to be corrected. No big deal, i can wait a little. i’ve been trying to get updates, and it’s hard to get a hold of the shop. Last time i tried to visit, they were closed during the week for some reason. Last i heard it was “very close to being done”... in August. Now it’s September and i can’t get a hold of him (doesnt answer calls or texts). i’m planning on calling the police or speaking with a lawyer, which is not something i want to do, but i cant get a hold of him and he has my car. I have no clue what’s going on. What do you all recommend i do? It’s safe to say this shop won’t get any more work from me, which is unfortunate as i heard great things about them. But they have 5,000 dollars of mine and my car.
  2. What to do when shop has had car 9 months?

    Update: I have a conference with a lawyer tomorrow, but I was able to get a hold of the owner through facebook. He’s saying two weeks for it to be done. But i’ve heard this before back in May, so we’ll see.
  3. What to do when shop has had car 9 months?

    Yeah, going to consult a lawyer today. I spoke to the police and they tole me to call them and go up there with them. Sucks im going through all of this trouble.
  4. I've wanted to do either a V6 or straight 4 swap for a while now, to put the engine fully behind the crossmember, and save a little weight. I also like the idea of having tons of room to work on it and plenty of room for a large electric fan (probably a taurus one). I've been considering both the SR20DET and KA24DE-T.. and the results I have found from them have been interesting. I've read claims that the KA24 shares the same valvetrain / head design as the RB26DETT, although I didn't see any real source or information to back this up. However, what I have seen is dyno sheets with KA24DE-T's making the same HP or more, with tons more torque than the SR20DET. Yet.. the SR20DET is 2x the cost, there must be something I'm missing. Any input? I'd love to see constructive discussion on both of them.
  5. I'm either looking for an independent mechanic or shop to help me finish my LT1 240z, if anyone is looking for some work or knows of a place, let me know.
  6. 1971 240z LT1 Project (TX)

    With a heavy heart, I'm putting my Z up for sale. I'm in no rush to sell it, but I just don't have the time or resources to work on it. Currently has a 0 miles rebuilt LT1 with Y body heads. I have the alternator, front accessory bracket, a couple of water pumps. Differential is a 4.11 r200. Suspension is tokico hps and tokico lowering springs. It comes with a rebuilt wiring harness done by another Hybridz member and it looks very good, new connects, and setup for an electric fan. Has new aluminum ebay radiator, and new hayden tranny cooler. Come with new 02 sensors. The transmission is a 0 miles rebuilt 4l60e with a 2600 rpm stall. It has a B&M Pro Stick Shifter with appropriate shift gate and linkage. The wheels are 17x9 in the front and 17x9.5 in the rear rota RBrs. It has miata seats, and comes with speedhut gauges (not installed). It comes with ceramic coated block hugger headers. It comes with a MSA full dash cover. It has a Dave's push start button, not fully installed. It comes with MSA seat belts (not installed) There is one small rust spot on the passenger frame rail. I'm located in North Texas and asking 5,000. I would entertain offers for trades.
  7. 1971 240z LT1 Project (TX)

    sale pending.
  8. 1971 240z LT1 Project (TX)

    It's been a long journey, but It's time to be realistic with myself. I hope it brings joy to whoever gets it next.
  9. Eh. Interested in a LT1 project 240z?
  10. BLOZ UP

    ls1 ls1 ls1
  11. Theres currently two (that I know of) z car clubs in the DFW area, Cowtown Z and Z Car Club of Texas but they are all in dallas and cowtown is in the fort worth area. I've been contemplating starting a Z club for the area north of Dallas. Personally in my family we have five z cars (71 240z, 81 280zx, 82 280zx, 2x 83 280zx), we live in Lake Dallas and would be looking to have members from Denton to Carrollton. I'm not really sure of the Z car population in these areas, but if you live around there let me know.
  12. Interest for a Z car club north of Dallas, TX?

    Dramier.. I think I've seen your Z off of hickory?
  13. Any custom mechanics or custom shops in DFW?

    I'll shoot Johns Car an email.
  14. Any custom mechanics or custom shops in DFW?

    Interesting reply from Steve: " Hi , Thanks for the contact ,however I'm true to the Z car and never install American made engines in them .I do have a customer that has a Series 1 car also with a LT1 ( he bought it done ),and when I talked to some friends about tuning it , they All turned their noses up on this engine ! In fact if your not using a LS type engine they think your wasting your time . I don't now much about the LT engines ,but from what I heard ,I wouldn't even want a Vet with one . Sorry but my scope of knowledge is 6 cylinder inline and v-6 stuff .Since I have made over 500 hp with a L series engine ,I never saw a need for engine swaps . Sorry ,but I also don't know anybody that could help you do a sanitary or clean install either . Good Luck , Steve"
  15. Any custom mechanics or custom shops in DFW?

    Im shooting Steve an email as well.
  16. Any custom mechanics or custom shops in DFW?

    I just shot Alamo an email. We'll see how it goes.
  17. Any custom mechanics or custom shops in DFW?

    God thats so depressing to write out.
  18. Any custom mechanics or custom shops in DFW?

    List off the top of my head: Front accessory drive Mount radiator Mount tranny cooler Run tranny lines Install gauges Install engine wiring harness Driveshaft fab Install headers Then i need flares.
  19. For sale are my very little used 15x7 Konig Rewinds. They have 225/50/15 Kumho Ecsta tires with at least 85% tread left. 600 OBO. Edit: Now willing to ship.
  20. BLOZ UP

    Feel faster?
  21. Also, I would be willing to trade these for some labor on my v8 Z.
  22. LS harnesses set up for stand alone

    Just wanted to say that I went ahead with this and the end product looks great. Very professional presentation and everything is clearly labeled, on top of that dealing with him was great and he kept an open line of communication with the progress.
  23. If I can find a big enough box, enough bubble and support stuff I have no problem boxing them.