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  1. Big lot of parts for sale

    Do 280z horn buttons fit on a 240z steering wheel? Or do those fit on a 240z? If so ill purchase one. Thanks. Frankist
  2. Have any of you purchased these arms through ebay before. ebay link The arms seem relatively cheap. Id like to know hands on experience if anyone has purchased these arms before. Im not looking into getting these but are a option for a friends project car and would like to the quality of the helm joints and so on. Thanks again. Frankist
  3. How to Drive Big Willow

    I find big willow one of the more relaxing and fun tracks to drive on. Fun video, it was a good watch. Thanks!
  4. Post pics of your z's here!!

    Doesn't hit at all, the rear fenders are rolled though. And i have plenty of space between the wheel and shock.
  5. Post pics of your z's here!!

    Yeah, they're 15x8 +0, wrapped in 225/45/15, so far that is as low as it can go because of the oil pan, it currently sits about an inch off the ground. Its hitting the box dots on the road, so its going up a tad bit. Currently thinking about extending my control arms in the front to gain more negative camber but it may be too much work(Trial and error)to get the right negative camber, might save for T3 lower front and rear control arms along with the tension rods. I like your setup, wish i could go lower but with the motor i have in, its not possible to go any lower. =\
  6. Post pics of your z's here!!

    Was getting new tires put on that day. =)
  7. Post pics of your z's here!!

    Looks totally different. Planning on going lower comicartist? Would love to see a good side shot of this. Looking good!
  8. I did weld on the camber plates up top that i got from a member here. I should be able to take pictures this weekend of how it all worked out on my car. Ill recheck as well to see if the mounts that are supplied with the coilovers for the front will fit over the stock strut, it should, but ill recheck.
  9. I would personally go with stance to answer your question. Ive driven on megan's and stances both on a s13 and I prefer the stances. Not saying the megan's wont work, I just liked how the stances rode compared to the megans. The strut length on the stances should make it go pretty low as well, how low do you plan on lowering your car? Frankist
  10. I just got my super sports in this weekend. So far so good, I honestly dont love them as much as my old tien super drifts/he's coilovers i previously had on my old s13. Different car I know. Overall the car feels more solid with these on. I used the adapter tubes i purchased as a group buy here on hybridz for stance coilovers. On my s30, 1973 240z I had to modify the adapter tubes because for some reason they were way too long. The adapter tubes were then sectioned to about 6 1/2 inches total in the rear, and the front I decided not to modify just yet. When you do get around to installing these, if you plan on getting the super sports, I would recommend using the front brackets that come with the super sport from stance. They are now made from steel and should fit over the stock strut, being steel you should be able to weld these right on in, do this if you want to go low. My car as of now isn't as low as I want it to be, but Ill eventually section my strut adapters again once i get the right tires I want on my car. Let me know if you have any other questions. Where are you getting the stance coilovers if you dont mind me asking? Thats a pretty good price, I ended up paying a total of 1200 shipped from the east coast to west for the super sport plus(which includes the helper spring in the rear). Frankist
  11. Just recently got this done on my car a last night, and it was quite some work. Its looking pretty good adam. Are you still able to turn the wheel without it running into the fender up front? Oh and nistune is still working great for me by the way, 4 years running!
  12. ka24de into 240z swap completed with turbo

    I think subtledriver said alot of man hours in his first post. With the cradle/mount installed with the engine by vildini motorsports(great place to get it installed). It took me a total of three whole days(estimating) to get mine running, Ka-t and all. It was a great experience, but i do miss the sound of the l24, all i hear now is an open wastegate. Subtledriver looks pretty well sorted out. Cant wait to see the next project.