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  1. mxgsfmdpx

    Bay Area Shops

    What do you mean by overhauled? Are you doing a factory suspension or something aftermarket?
  2. mxgsfmdpx

    Tire stretching input

    Tire stretching input... Tell your kid that it's the stupidest thing ever and he needs to figure it out for himself if he wants to make his car look ridiculous. But seriously it's his car and if he likes it, who cares what anyone else thinks...
  3. mxgsfmdpx

    To buy or not to buy?

    Looks very clean, hard to tell from far away pics though. Also, hard to tell if there truly is "no rust" when they recently covered up all the metal with new paint. Looks like a clean Z though, and if it checks out up on the lift I think it is very well priced. Here in California if you find a rust free, clean, running Z in that shape you're going to pay closer to 10K. Just the market for them here right now.
  4. You, my friend, need to spend hours and hours and hours digging through this site. It's all there for you, so go find it! It's a fun swap, and many people have done it, and asked the exact same questions as you. Dive into the amazing amount of knowledge that is on this site and the answers you seek shall be found.
  5. mxgsfmdpx

    Z Parts for Sale

    Looking at the springs... What size wheels/tires did you have in that pic? Also, what struts did you combine them with? Thanks!
  6. mxgsfmdpx

    Is this gap normal??

    This is what I did as well haha!
  7. mxgsfmdpx

    Is this gap normal??

    Not normal at all. Take them back off and try again, or take the approach that most of us do with that kind of frustrating stuff, don't let it bother you anymore lol.
  8. mxgsfmdpx

    Trying to Donate...

    Is PayPal really the only option for donating to this site? I am in a legal dispute with them and will never use their "service" again... Is there any way I can donate via debit or credit card? Thanks!
  9. http://www.arizonazcar.com/parkingcaliper.html
  10. mxgsfmdpx

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Awesome! Thanks.
  11. mxgsfmdpx

    Where Can I Buy Watanabe RS Wheels?

    I had the same issue. Didn't want to wait 4 months for CCW to make me some custom Classics. Went with the Rota knock offs and I'm very happy with them... For now
  12. mxgsfmdpx

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Are those actual CCW classics? What size and specs? Car looks awesome!
  13. mxgsfmdpx

    New Wheels!!! :-)

    Thank you! I was surprised that more guys weren't running these on our cars. I think I saw a ridiculously clean yellow Z running them a few years ago, but other than that, haven't seen em. Thanks again for the kind words :D
  14. mxgsfmdpx

    My Speedhut gauge install

    I think on page 2 of this thread he mentioned they are regular blue and that he thought cobalt blue would be too dark. But double check...