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  1. Low compression!!!

    I'm used to seeing higher numbers, but as many have said if they are all the same and the car is not burning oil, coolant, etc, then not much to worry about. If you are on the fence of going 2jz and you need a reason, this really isn't a great one, but I have seen worse (I did mine because of a bad relay and leaking rear main seal).
  2. Megasquirt Relay Board with Bosch 044 fuse blowing

    What we have so far.... "My fuel system is Tank>>Fram G3 fuel filter>>Carter Fuel Pump (wired to my EZ Wiring kit, no relay, 14 gauge wire)>>External Surge Tank with submerged Bosch 044 (Wired to the MS Relay Board)>> Engine>> External Surge Tank>> Tank." What we really need to know: Flow: Stock tank > hose (size) > Fram G3 fuel filter > hose (size) > Carter Fuel pump > hose (size) > external surge tank (model, link, picture) > inlet mechanism (sock, fitting, sump) > bosch 044 pump > hose (3/16) > fuel rail in (fitting size) > fuel rail > fuel rail out (fitting size) > hose (size) > aeromotive fpr inlet (fitting size) > aeromotive fpr > aeromotive outlet (fitting size) > hose (size) > surge tank > hose (size) > fuel tank. Vent: Then we need to know the vent situation. The surge tank should have a vent, and the fuel tank should have a vent. Then the electrical. What Hud brings up is interesting. If the bosch 044 pump is blowing the fuse and not working and your fuel rail is only showing 10psi, you might be seeing the carter pump pushing fuel. The problem with that then is the surge tank is not doing what it should be doing if you are generating pressure that means you are filling up the surge and pushing fuel past the bosch pump which shouldn't happen, it should just be returning to the fuel tank.
  3. Blasting vs. sanding (rust repair)

    That area actually sees a fair bit of water. I would definitely do more than body filler. You have it out, why not weld the holes shut or patch it up? Then you could seem seal it afterwards.
  4. Megasquirt Relay Board with Bosch 044 fuse blowing

    Yea without pictures/video/audio this is rough. Looking it up an 044 pump will push 4LPM. Depending on the surge tank size and design that might be too much. I've seen kits in the past where people used oil filters as surge tanks. While it works you could empty it before it started refilling to capacity if you weren't careful. Also without seeing the surge tank setup one can only guess how it is pulling fuel. I've seen some pneumatic pump designs where the suction is so strong and the tank material so weak that it pulled the bottom of the tank towards the pump inlet and cut off flow. When you shut the pump off it would relax. Took forever to find out what was going on.
  5. Megasquirt Relay Board with Bosch 044 fuse blowing

    Echoing above, what's the carter fuel pump rated to? Do you have a fuel return back to your fuel tank once the surge tank fills? Can you hear it trickling back? Do you have a vent line back to the tank or to atmosphere? If the bosch pump pulls more then the carter pump you are going to have an imbalance in pressures if you have a sealed system for the most part. What kind of lines are you running? Have you checked the fuel filter? I know bosch pumps don't like a fine filter in front of them. Some people even suggest running without one for pump longevity. The check valve would keep fuel in the initial startup, but once the car is running if it continues to make 10psi then you have another problem somewhere. This is where video or pictures are worth a lot more. Are you running the bosch pump dry? Do you have a sock on the pump? Is it cavitating? Without the pictures and information this discussion really fair to try and have.
  6. Low compression!!!

    You can disconnect the fuel by just pulling the feed line off the mechanical fuel pump. It is alright sometimes it takes a while to reason through things. I believe the link lines up at TDC. Looking at it at another point would not be the most helpful. The crank gear I imagine spins at double the speed of the cam gear. So it will move depending on which part of the 4 stroke cycle you are on. What lowrider says is also what I was told. Compression can be a bit lower then expected, but as long as they are even that is better then if you had high compression with one outlier. Granted when your compression gets really low you have to consider there may be something systematically wrong. In this case a cold engine with the throttle shut may be the culprit.
  7. Nissan S30 Fairlady Z Japan market

    Completely the wrong place. This is not an announcement. This is a price check request. There is a buy sell trade section with a sub category for price check which you are asking for.
  8. Low compression!!!

    Assuming off the bat that your gauge is good.... Any tell tale signs? White smoke out the back, hydro carbons in the coolant, blue smoke out the tail pipe? You can isolate it to see if it is a problem with the head or rings. Run it again and drop a little bit of oil in the spark plug hole, a small amount like a cap full. If the compression shoots up, then you know it is a problem with the rings. Did you gap them correctly would be the question that comes up. If the compression stays the same, then the problem is most likely above the piston so either a leaking head gasket (some MLS head gaskets are notoriously hard to get a good seal) or the head it self (valves not closing all the way from carbon buildup, incorrect valve lash, incorrect valve stem height).
  9. Megasquirt Relay Board with Bosch 044 fuse blowing

    That makes a bit more sense. I appreciate a good margin as much as the next guy. I was just curious if the theoretical peak hp was really double the real world hp expectations of a pump. I mean Real St builds some really high hp JZ motors so I was curious if their recommendation was off or no one bothers to actually convert to inline.
  10. Megasquirt Relay Board with Bosch 044 fuse blowing

    I was running my bosch 044 through a nitrous relay box. They have higher rated amps and relays, cheaper, and more sanitary, so I can't comment on the actual relay board. I did run 12 gauge on mine, just because I had it. Over 20 amps still seems really high. Real street did a test that said with boost an 044 pump should flow enough for 800hp in theory. People usually say if you try to break 600 you want dual. One guy got 700ish I believe in application on a single 044 pretty well documented as well. http://realstreetperformance.com/Fuel-Pump-Comparison-Test.html Curious why it is only good for 450hp? I understand with E85 the fuel usage increases so makes sense, but in gas tests it seems the 044 should be good if it is fed through the appropriate sized lines (3/8 is what many people suggested, AN6).
  11. L.E.D hazard bulb issue...plz help!?

    If you don't mind. The picture I found online says to use two per bulb for 1157 bulbs which the indicators are, but if it works with just one that would be a savings.
  12. Blasting vs. sanding (rust repair)

    It really is just designed so that you don't pull in water into the car with the fresh air. If you really want you can match up to whatever heater/blower you plan on running, but yea a box section is way easier to work with then trying to use use sheet metal and spot weld.
  13. Blasting vs. sanding (rust repair)

    Oh man you are going all out. V-fib did the same repair. His had actual holes. I roughed out the shape for him and put in the curves and suggested he go out and grab a box section for the vent chimney. He welded it in.
  14. L.E.D hazard bulb issue...plz help!?

    I guess I will explore that option. I'm pretty sure it all worked with the old bulbs and old flasher. I was excited for the new flasher as they don't take nearly as long to flash. In the instructions it says two load resistors per bulb, given 4 bulbs, does that mean 8 load resistors required?
  15. Shims for R200V Differential Build

    It really depends on what you plan with it. Is top speed your game? Cruising? Autocross? Might be worth doing the numbers to see what would work well. The T56 has a really low number for 6th gear of 0.5, probably one of the reasons the cars got decent gas mileage. Engine Speed (RPM) MPH 4.08 Gear MPH 4.375 Gear MPH 4.636 Gear 8000 RPM 280.00 MPH 261.12 MPH 246.42 MPH 7500 RPM 262.50 MPH 244.80 MPH 231.02 MPH 7000 RPM 245.00 MPH 228.48 MPH 215.62 MPH 6500 RPM 227.50 MPH 212.16 MPH 200.22 MPH 6000 RPM 210.00 MPH 195.84 MPH 184.81 MPH 5500 RPM 192.50 MPH 179.52 MPH 169.41 MPH 5000 RPM 175.00 MPH 163.20 MPH 154.01 MPH 4500 RPM 157.50 MPH 146.88 MPH 138.61 MPH 4000 RPM 140.00 MPH 130.56 MPH 123.21 MPH 3500 RPM 122.50 MPH 114.24 MPH 107.81 MPH 3000 RPM 105.00 MPH 97.92 MPH 92.41 MPH 2500 RPM 87.50 MPH 81.60 MPH 77.01 MPH 2000 RPM 70.00 MPH 65.28 MPH 61.60 MPH 1500 RPM 52.50 MPH 48.96 MPH 46.20 MPH 1000 RPM 35.00 MPH 32.64 MPH 30.80 MPH That is the chart a calculator spit out on me for 6th gear with the different final drives. 70mph in 6th at 2k rpm sounds heavenly for cruising with the 4.08. Up to you to run the numbers to see if the speed/gears are right for the application. Not sure what to say regarding the spacers. I was told certain parts were NLA and I found them on eBay, or going direct to a dealership and talking to the parts guy he helped find the diagram and pulled up the list for some small parts. A differential shop might have an old shim kit they can use. https://www.z1motorsports.com/rear-differential/nissan/oem-rear-differential-shim-p-6146.html shows a couple side spacers in stock. I know some of the drifter guys used to save the shims from differentials they broke so they had stacks of shims to play with. If you get desperate you could pull a JY diff of any of that era and have the thicker spacer machined down? Might be worth doing the measurement and figuring out exactly what you need?