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  1. jc052685


    Recently built a R33 GTR with the -5s. Tomei cams, Tomei turbo headers and Tomei down pipes. Car made 486whp on 13psi. Will be looking for 575-600whp with new injectors.
  2. jc052685


    Yep, saw that too. I change my oil often so I am not worried about it.
  3. jc052685

    ***STOLEN ATVs NW Houston***

    Got the arctic cat running today. About to go out for a little ride.
  4. jc052685

    ***STOLEN ATVs NW Houston***

    Memorial Chase How is your build coming texas30O?
  5. jc052685

    ***STOLEN ATVs NW Houston***

    I know! I still can't believe I got them back. Would you believe that for the last 3yrs they have been in the back of my brothers neighborhood!?!
  6. jc052685

    ***STOLEN ATVs NW Houston***

    He drove past a truck pulling the arctic cat on a trailer. Got them to pull over, you can guess the rest lol.
  7. jc052685

    ***STOLEN ATVs NW Houston***

    Hey guys! Guess what my brother found today!
  8. Looks good Yasin! Good thing you know someone with a grab bag of R200s laying around, lol.
  9. Had to stop here due to a slipping clutch...
  10. Kameari*** Thanks Jeff 832-892-1782
  11. jc052685

    RB25 at the Drag Strip

    Yup, tends to happen with boost. 3100 ish with me in it.
  12. jc052685

    RB25 at the Drag Strip

    About 18psi